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Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Angiology & Vascular Surgery


I am a vascular surgeon linked to the University of São Paulo with two main research fields:

1. Interaction of cancer and its treatment in the peripheral vascular system

2. The study of metabolic, anatomical and behavioral aspects in peripheral vascular disease.

Although the primary vascular tumor is quite rare, there is much interaction between circulatory events, whether arterial, venous or lymphatic, and cancer, both the disease and its treatment. Innovative surgical techniques, advances in the treatment of cancer associated venous thrombo embolism, effect of the new anticancer therapies in the vascular system. An inexhaustible source of research!

I am also fascinated by the study of peripheral vascular disease, especially those affecting the arterial system. Much effort and resources are devoted to research on coronary disease, even though it is among the leading causes of death in the world. Despite the similarities regarding to etiology and associated risk factors, peripheral arterial disease has clinical features that require constant investigation, since much of the concepts formed in the coronary artery segment do not necessarily apply to the peripheral arteries.

Science shows us that each discovered path leads to several others to be explored.