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Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Agronomy & Agricultural Sciences


Dear Colleagues,

Agronomy and Agricultural Science publish high quality research papers and reviews articles. It publishes original scientific work that covers all areas of Agronomy and Agricultural Science. This journal provides scholarly new developments in the field of Agricultural science. It is a cross-disciplinary peer reviewed open access journal.

In my view with a world population expected to grow in the coming years, there is an increased demand on food production. Therefore, a sustainable agriculture through better ecological approaches in pest (insect, diseases weeds etc.) management is the stimulus for further research in alternate pesticides. Sustainable alternatives to conventional pesticides promote high-yields while providing safer, healthier existences for farmers/growers in rural areas.

Since a few decades ago, biopesticides have emerged as a potential alternative to conventional pesticides. The growing interest in biopesticides also stems from rapid expansion of organic farming during the past decade and the consumers need to have year-round availability of high-quality food. Development of new novel biopesticides has continued to increase rapidly since mid-1990s.

Using environmentally friendly pest control practices help to reduce the use of conventional pesticides. Botanical alternatives affect only targeted pests, they are effective in small quantities, decompose quickly and provide residue free food and safe environment to live. Biopesticides are compatible with IPM, Biological Control and also with some conventional pesticides.

I would appreciate your outmost support for the inaugural issue of the Agronomy and Agricultural Science by choosing your original research manuscript/s to publish in this prestigious journal.

Thank you and look forward receiving your research papers for publication

Thank you.

Errol Hassan
Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Agronomy & Agricultural Sciences
Adjunct Associate Professor
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
The University of Queensland