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Obligations for Authors

  • An author's essential commitment is to present a compact, faultless record of the research performed, and an objective discussion of its significance.
  • An author may as well refer to those publications that have been persuasive in deciding the way of the reported work and that will rapidly direct the onlooker to the initial work fundamental for comprehension of the present investigation. Confidential data, which includes conversations, discussions with third parties or correspondence, ought not be utilized or reported as a part of the author's work without explicit authorization from the investigator with whom the data began. Information obtained during the course of confidential services, like refereeing manuscripts or grant provisions, should be dealt similarly.
  • Manuscript portraying the same research to more than one journal of primary publication is not acceptable.
  • To secure the integrity of authorship, people who have contributed to the research should be listed as authors. Fictitious names should not be listed as authors or co-authors. The corresponding author should authenticate that all the authors listed should accept the final version of the paper for publication.
  • Plagiarism is not acceptable.