Cell Biology & Cell Metabolism

HSOA Journal of Cell Biology & Cell Metabolism

Journal of Cell Biology & Cell Metabolism is an international peer reviewed open access journal, which provides a platform for researchers and practitioners all over the world to promote, share, and examine distinctive new issues and headways within the scope of the journal.

The discipline of Cell Biology & Cell Metabolism has a wide scope and the journal tries to cover almost every aspect of the structural unit of every form. Various central exposures have been planned to be published in the journal, including the first portrayals of different cell capacity and structures.

The journal appropriates remarkable papers including not constrained to the following fields:



  • Cell Biophysics
  • Cell Physiology
  • Cell Structure and Morphology
  • Cells Evolution
  • Cellular Immunology
  • Cytopathology
  • Membrane Biology
  • Stem Cell Biology

A worldwide representation on the editorial board will help propel the practice comprehensively and shed light on global developments in practice, education and research, with a single common goal: to consolidate ‘the key unit of life’ as a milestone of ceaseless research and learning for the generations to come.