Editorial Board

Editorial Board


A Edward Staehr  

Research Interest:

Agricultural Businesses; New Businesses; Retirement Planning; Marketing; Succession Planning; Estate Planning.

NY FarmNet

Bing-Huei Chen  

Research Interest:

Food coloring; Edible oil, food analysis, nano-health food; Chinese herbal medicine food poison; Nano technology

Department of Food Science
Fu Jen Catholic University

Ekaterini E Moschopoulou  

Research Interest:

Milk clotting enzymes; Cheese, yoghurt and ice cream technology; Application of modern technologies (high pressure, microfiltration) to milk and dairy products, milk heat treatment

Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition
Agricultural University of Athens

Pasquale Russo  

Research Interest:

Lactic Acid Bacteria, Food Microbiology; Food Safety; Biotechnology; Probiotics; Fermentation; Prebiotics; Antimicrobial activity.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Science of Agriculture, Food and Environment
University of Foggia

Rabab Mahmoud Hamdy Ahmed Madany  

Research Interest:

Microbiology; Food chemistry; Food science; Biochemistry; Immunology; Molecular biology; Public health; Protein chemistry; Nutrition and environmental pollution.

Associate Professor
Department Nutrition and Food
College of Home Economics, King Abdul-Aziz University
Saudi Arabia

Edwin Chow  

Research Interest:

Establish molecular-colloidal basis for the physicochemical and physiological properties of foods and their components, such as their texture, flavor, appearance, shelf-life, performance and nutrition.

Staff Scientist
Department of Food Technologies
Kemin Industries Inc

Mingruo Guo  

Research Interest:

Whey protein based natural nano materials; Functional foods design and development; Whey protein based microcapsulation of probiotics; Whey utilization and environmentally safe products; Pre- and probiotics; Milk-, soy, and oats-based functional foods; Component interactions in infant formula & nutritional products ; Chemistry and technology of cheese and fermented dairy products; Alternative treatments of milk and apple cider; Functional and nutritional properties of milk proteins; Goats milk chemistry and processing technology; Egg chemistry and processing; Buffalo and yak milk chemistry and processing.

Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences,The University of Vermont

Lilong Chai  

Research Interest:

Animal Environment Management; Animal Waste Management and Nutrient Cycling; Animal Welfare and Wellbeing.

Research Associate
Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Iowa State University

Jorn Hamann  

Research Interest:

Analysis and identification of inhibitory substances in milk; Analysis of pharmacologically active substances in milk and milk products; Biotechnology of mechanical milking and new infection risk of the bovine mammary gland; Milk quality (bact. status and composition) and mastitis; Prevention and therapy of bovine mastitis; Dairy management; dairy farming and milk production; Sustainable agriculture; Climate change and agriculture; Hunger control worldwide.

Institute of Food Quality and Safety
University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover

Laura Boyle  

Research Interest:

Dairy cow welfare in grass based systems of milk production; Risk factors for lameness in dairy cows in pasture based systems of milk production; Out-wintering systems for dairy cattle; Once a day milking of dairy cows ? implications for health, welfare and immune function; On-farm and abattoir assessments of pig health and welfare (and automation of same); Lameness in pigs (effects of management, housing, nutrition etc.); Management and housing (flooring, group composition etc.) effects on pig behaviour, health and welfare; Refinement of experimental housing conditions for farm animals used in research; Links between pig health and pig welfare and management of pigs to reduce the use of antibiotics.

Senior Research Officer
Pig Development Department
Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre Teagasc

Subrota Hati  

Research Interest:

Dairy; Microbiology; food science; Peptides; Biochemistry.

Assistant Professor
Department of Dairy Microbiology
Anand Agricultural University

Junichi Takahashi  

Research Interest:

Nutritional manipulation of rumen fermentation, with emphasis on methane emission from ruminants; Non-invasive near infrared laser analysis of animal energy metabolism; Nutritional prophylactics of nitrate-nitrite toxicity in Ruminant animals; Evaluation of nutritive value of conserved forages.

Professor Emeritus
Department of Animal and Food Hygiene
Obihiro University of Agriculture and veterinary Medicine

Tarikere Narasingappa Tulasidas  

Research Interest:

Dairy and food process engineering; Energy conservation and energy audit; Post harvest technology/Agri. processing and value addition.

Department of Dairy Engineering
Dairy Science College
Karnataka veterinary university

Romdhane Karoui  

Research Interest:

Quality control and authentication of food products (dairy products, fish and fish products, honey, cereal,?); Development of rapid analytical techniques (fluorescence and infrared) for food and food additives analyses; Food processing technologies; Rheology of food products.

Faculty of Science Jean-Perrin
Artois University