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Volume 5 & Issue 1

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) in the Elderly Over 75 Years: About a Rare Series in the Very Elderly Subjects

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Abrar-Ahmad ZULFIQAR1*, Amin TOUMI2, Nadir KADRI1, Jean DOUCET1, Zoubir DJERADA3, Jean-Loup PENNAFORTE4 and Emmanuel ANDRES5

Stem Cell Mobilization With and Without Plerixafor: A Comparative Analysis

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Maximilian Markus Fresen1*, Florian Lange1, Nicolaus Kröger2, Hans Salwender3, Nadezda Basara4, Michael von Bergwelt-Baildon1, Christof Scheid1, Michael Hallek1 and Kai Hübel1

Vitamin E Status and Total Body Water had no Effect on Pain Medication Usage in Children with Sickle Cell Anemia

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Ruth Williams-Hooker1*, Karen Ringwald-Smith2 and Michelle B Stockton1

Effects of Low-Molecular Heparin on Pregnant Women with Factor V Mutation (GA Genotype)

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Andrey Pavlovich Momot1*, Maria Gennadevna Nikolaeva2, Marina Sabirovna Zainulina3, Ksenia Andreevna Momot4 and Natalia Nikolaevna Yasafova4