Microbial Pathophysiology & Pathogenesis

HSOA Journal of Microbial Pathophysiology & Pathogenesis

Journal of Microbial pathophysiology & pathogenesis is an multidisciplinary international peer reviewed open access journal, which provides a platform for researchers and practitioners everywhere throughout the world to advertise, share and examine distinctive new issues and headways within the scope of the journal.

Microbial pathophysiology & pathogenesis represents upcoming field that characteristics the amalgamation of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of infectious diseases and it involves study of microbes including microscopic organisms, infections, parasites and protozoa, immunology identified with irresistible pathogens and host-pathogen collaboration.

The journal appropriates exceptional papers including not restricted to the following fields:


  • Identification, cloning and sequencing of relevant genes
  • Genetic studies
  • Systems biology related to infectious diseases
  • Targets for vaccine design (pre-clinical studies)
  • Viruses, prokaryotic organisms and protozoa
  • Microbiota
  • Pathogenesis
  • Virulence factors
  • Host susceptibility or resistance
  • Immune mechanisms

A worldwide representation on the editorial board will help propel the practice internationally and shed light on international advances in practice, instruction and research, with a single basic objective to study the host-pathogen collaborations at the molecular and cellular levels.