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Volume 2

Work-Related Burden on Physicians and Nurses Working in Neonatal Intensive Care Units: A Survey

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Hauser N, Natalucci G, Bucher HU, Klein SD and Fauchere JC*

Isolated Bloody Stools in the Moderate to Late Premature Infant. A Benign Process? Case Report and Survey

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Mariana C Baserga1*, Joanna Johnson2, Tracy Karp2 and Elizabeth O'Brien1

Continuously Tracking Growth of Preterm Infants from Birth to Two Years of Age

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William R Riddle*

Identifying Risk Factors Associated With Intrapartum Stillbirth and Neonatal Mortality in Rural Ghana

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Megan P Donohue1, Jessica L Top1 and Colleen A Kraft2*

Revisiting the Preterm Gastric Aspirate: Potential for Use as an Additional Predictor for Chorioamnionitis, Early-Onset Sepsis, and Complications of Inflammation

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Donna Heicher Conom* and Richard J Powers

Hypocomplementemic Urticarial Vasculitis in a Pediatric Patient

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Elif Dokmeci1*, Jenny E Camacho2 and Osman C Dokmeci3

Fetomaternal Hemorrhage: A Case of Atypical Presentation with Favourable Outcome

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Ana Catarina Monteiro Lacerda*, Joana Margarida Cabrita Extreia, Sofia Afonso Silva, Margarida Simao Rafael, Susana Alexandra Madeira Correia and Ana Rute Ferreira

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Outbreak Prevention by Screening Neonates with Respiratory Infection, Isolation and Applying Standard Infection Control Procedures

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Mehmet Mutlu1*, Ayhan Soğut2, Şebnem Kader1 and Yakup Aslan1

Interrelations between Serum N-Terminal Pro B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (Nt-Probnp) Levels and Early Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Echocardiographic Parameters in Obese Adolescents

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Mehmet Boyraz1, Ozgur Pirgon2*, Bumin Dundar3, Bedir Akyol4 and Nezaket Eren5

Anorectal Traumas in Children

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Gamedzi Komlatse Akakpo-Numado1*, Missoki Azanledji Boume1, Bahoura Balaka3, Komlan Adabra2, Komlan Anani Mihluedo-Agbolan1, Kokou Elom Marc Herve Santos1, Codjo Serge Metchihoungbe1 and Hubert Tekou1