Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders

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Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders is an international online peer reviewed open access journal with the ISSN 2381-201X. The Journal encompasses both clinical and medical research and is at the forefront to publish the standard excellence in diabetes and metabolic disorders. To prevent and cure diabetes, researchers with their cutting-edge research focus to develop new therapies to treat patients ensuring healthy lives besides educating and training next generation researchers.

This journal spans from the fundamental to advanced aspects of diabetes and metabolic disorders. Journal mainly stands to present the uniqueness alongside quality and visibility in publishing quality articles, with the support of diverse diabetes health care providers and endocrinologists as editors and reviewers. The published articles of the journal empower the current research and helps escalating better therapeutic opportunities. Editorial board members with their collaborative culture and creative spirit help flourish the journal.

Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders provide exceptional integrated healthcare experiences of diabetes health care providers, endocrinologists, researchers, scientists, physicians and experts. This published work is freely available for the readers. For the dissemination of this work, the journal is indexed in Google scholar, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS) and J-Gate and also a member of Crossref, ORCID and Publons. By accessing these articles, the scientists and researchers can advance their work. Accessing and downloading of the articles will increase the journal impact factor which is the calculating factor of the journal quality.

The wide arena of topics includes:

Metabolic Syndrome; Diabetes Mellitus; Diabetes Diet; Type 1 Diabetes; Type 2 Diabetes; Blood Sugar Levels; Gestational Diabetes; Prediabetes; Hypoglycemia; Hyperglycemia; Hyperlipidemia; Diabetic Ketoacidosis; Diabetes Management; Diabetes Complications; Obesity and Diabetes; Calcium Metabolism Disorders; Acid-base Imbalance; Metabolic Brain Diseases; Glucose Metabolism Disorders; Lipid Metabolism Disorders; Malabsorption Syndromes; Metabolic Syndrome X; Water-Electrolyte Imbalance; Inherited Metabolic Disorders; Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk; Diabetic Neuropathy; Daibetic Retinopathy; Diabetic Nephropathy; Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders; Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases; Diabetes and Vascular Disease; Diabetes Care and education; Diabetes Treatment; Pathogenesis of Diabetes; Therapies for Diabetic Complications; Neonatal Diabetes; Insulin Therapy

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