Editorial Board

Blanca Hernandez Ledesma
Department of Bioactivity and Food Analysis
Institute of Food Science Research
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), SPAIN
Bogumil E Brycki
Associate Professor
Head of the Laboratory of the Microbiocides Chemistry
Adam Mickiewicz University In Poznan, POLAND
Alicia Camina
Department of Nutrition and Food Science
University Of Valladolid, SPAIN
Alireza Heidari
Department of Chemistry  
California South University, UNITED STATES
Adriana Nowak
Associate Professor
Department of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
Institute of Fermentation Technology and Microbiology
Lodz University Of Technology, POLAND
Burcin Ergene Oz
Research Assistant
Department of Pharmacognosy
Ankara University, TURKEY
Alvin Berger
Adjunct Professor
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
University Of Minnesota, UNITED STATES
Arab Karim
Department of Environment
Faculty of Sciences
University Of Boumerdes, ALGERIA
Ammar Mohammed Hamood AL Farga
Assistant Professor
Department of Food & Biological Engineering
School of Food & Biological Engineering
Jiangsu University, CHINA
Bhavesh L Jani
Assistant Professor
College of RE & EE
Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, INDIA
Jiaoyan Ren
College of Light Industry and Food Sciences
South China University Of Technology, CHINA
Quansheng Chen
Food and Biological Engineering
Jiangsu University, CHINA
Qunyu Gao
School of Light Industry and Food Sciences
South China University Of Technology, CHINA
Vaclav Vetvicka
Department of Pathology
University Of Louisville, UNITED STATES
Marina F De Escalada Pla
Adjunct Professor
Department of Industries
University Of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Yun Hwa Peggy Hsieh
Department of Nutrition Food and Exercise Sciences
Florida State University, UNITED STATES
Zhongxiang Fang
School of Public Health
Curtin University Of Technology, AUSTRALIA
Victor Costa Castro Alves
Department of Food and Experimental Nutrition
University Of São Paulo, BRAZIL
Teodora Popova
Associate Professor
Department of Ecology and Quality of Animal Production
Institute Of Animal Science, BULGARIA
David Randy Black
Associate Director
Department of public health
Purdue University, UNITED STATES
Karma James
Senior Food Scientist
Nutrition Innovation Center
Standard Process Inc, UNITED STATES
Charalampos Proestos
Assistant Professor in Food Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
National And Kapodistrian University Of Athens, GREECE
Pervin Basaran Akocak
Department of Food Engineering
Istanbul Technical University, TURKEY
Rafat A Siddiqui
Associate Professor
Director: Nutrition Science and Food Chemistry Laboratory
Director: Common Laboratory Facility, Agriculture Research Station
Virginia State University, UNITED STATES
Rohitashw Kumar
Srinagar (J&K)
National Institute Of Technology, INDIA
Pongsak Rattanachaikunsopon
Department of Biological Science
Faculty of Science
Ubon Ratchathani University, THAILAND
Suhas Machhindra Gaikwad
WED-2018 Jinan
Researcher At Europe, CHINA
Zuraini Mat Issa
Associate Professor
Department of Foodservice Management
Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management
UniversitI Teknologi MARA, MALAYSIA
Zoran M Pavlovic
Heruka Lifescience & Health Innovations, SERBIA
Sheta Mohamed Sheta
Inorganic Chemistry Department
National Research Centre, EGYPT
Youssef A Attia
Agriculture Department
Faculty of Meteorology
Environment and Arid Land Agriculture
King Abdulaziz University, SAUDI ARABIA
Fayaj L Pathan
Associate Professor
Department of Food Science and Technology
MIT College Of Food Technology, INDIA
Yen Chang Lin
Associate Professor
Graduate Institute of Biotechnology Cell Physiology and Biotechnology Lab
Chinese Culture University, CHINA
Fahim Aziz El Dein Mohamed Shaltout
Professor of Meat Hygiene
Department of Food Control
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Benha University, EGYPT
Meis Moukayed
Professor of Health and Life Sciences
School of Arts and Sciences (SOAS)
American University In Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Oluyinka Mary
Department of Microbiology
University Of Zululand, SOUTH AFRICA
Rania Ibrahim Mohammad Almoselhy
Technical Manager
Oils and Fats Laboratory Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI)
Agricultural Research Center (ARC), EGYPT
Delimaris Ioannis
Scientific Collaborator at the Center for Instruction, Research, and Technology (C.I.R.T.)
Metropolitan College, GREECE
Constantina Papoutsakis
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Natural Sciences  
University Of Maryland, UNITED STATES
Rabab Mahmoud Hamdy Ahmed Madany
Associate Professor
Department of Nutrition & Food  
King Abdul-Aziz University, SAUDI ARABIA
Xiaolei Shi
Assistant Professor
Department of Food Analysis  
Iowa State University, UNITED STATES
Muhammad Akram
Assistant Professor
Department of Eastern Medicine
Directorate of Medical Sciences
Faculty of Science and Technology  
Government College University, PAKISTAN
Chee Kong YAP
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Faculty of Science  
Universiti Putra Malaysia, MALAYSIA
Starr Seip
Adjunct Professor/RDN
Penn State University, UNITED STATES
Zhiping Yu
Assistant Professor
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
University Of North Florida, UNITED STATES
Chimene Castor
Assistant Professor
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Howard University, UNITED STATES
Daniel Fung
Food Science and Animal Sciences and Industry
Kansas State University, UNITED STATES
Zhenhua Liu
Assistant Professor
School of Public Health and Health Sciences
University Of Massachusetts, UNITED STATES
Jau Jiin Chen
Associate Professor
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Lamar University, UNITED STATES
Meijun Zhu
Assistant Professor
School of Food Science
Washington State University, UNITED STATES
Sara Chelland Campbell
Assistant Professor
Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies  
The State University Of New Jersey, UNITED STATES
Elizabeth Pogge
Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy-Glendale
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Midwestern University, UNITED STATES
Chengyan Yue
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Economics and Department of Horticultural Science
University Of Minnesota, UNITED STATES
Darryn S Willoughby
Associate Professor
Exercise/Nutritional Biochemistry and Molecular Physiology
Baylor University, UNITED STATES
Yenory Hernandez Garbanzo
Instructional Assistant Professor
Department of Nutrition and Food Science
Texas A And M University, UNITED STATES
Rie Tsutsumi
Assistant Professor
Division of Public Health and Applied Nutrition
University Of Tokushima, JAPAN
Samantha Logan
Secondary School Contract (Permanent) Teacher
Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences
The University Of Guelph, CANADA
Constantina Nasopoulou
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
University Of The Aegean, GREECE
Livia Garcia Ferreira
Adjunct professor
Department of Food Science
Federal University Of Minas Gerais, BRAZIL
Fernando Javier Rodriguez
Physical Education School
Human Motor Laboratory
Pontifical Catholic University Of Valparaíso, UNITED STATES
Luis Jose Aldamiz Echevar Azuara
Medical Doctor
Metabolism Unit
Cruces University Hospital, SPAIN
Luciana Azevedo
Associate Professor
Department of Nutrition
Federal University Of Alfenas, BRAZIL
Santino Orecchio
Department of Science and Technology Biological
Chemical and Pharmaceutical
University Of Palermo, ITALY
Isidro Vitoria Minana
Associate Professor
Unit of Nutrition and Metabolopathies
Universitat De Valencia, SPAIN
Denisa Kera
Assistant Professor
Department of Communications and New Media
National University Of Singapore, SINGAPORE
Santos Fandila A
Abbott Nutrition Discovery R&D (Abbott Nutrition)
Abbott Laboratories, SPAIN
Zhang RJ
College of Animal Science & Technology
China Agricultural University, CHINA

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