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Research Article
Application of Tongqiao Huoxue Decoction in the Treatment of Cerebrovascular Disease : A Review
Da-Yuan Zhong, Yi-Hui Deng
Research Article
Seroprevalence, Isolation and Associated Risk Factors of Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia at Bako Tibe and Ilu Galan Districts of West Shoa Zone, Western Ethiopia
Abdisa Fulasa, Ibsa Teshome, Abebe Olani Bulto, Matios Lakew, Biniam Tadesse, Teferi Benti, Mekdes Tamiru, Esayas Dessalegn
Research Article
The Effect of Providing Rehabilitation Technology Services through Vocational Rehabilitation in Persons with Amputation
J Chad Duncan, W Lee Childers, Joseph P Pete
Review Article
Evaluation of Energy Expenditure of Obese Subjects by Bioelectric Method
Ghouini A, Khelfat K
Review Article
Morphotype and Hypertension in Type 2 Diabetics
Ghouini A, Boukoufa A, Khelfat K
Case Report
The Effectiveness of 448 kHz Capacitive Resistive Monopoles Radio Frequency in Acute Ankle Sprain: A Case Report
Piponas K, Stasinopoulos D
Review Article
Quality of Life in Infertile People Forced to Suspend Assisted Reproductive Technology Treatment during the COVID-19 Global Health Emergency
Rocco Rago, Teresa Cocchiaro, Alessia Renzi, Meneghini Caterina, Gemma Paciotti, Alessandra Iorio Nisci, Deborah Aquilanti, Alessandra Gioia, Michele Carlo Schiavi, Michela Di Trani
Obesity - COVID-19 and Mechanical Ventilation of Intubated Patient
Dalamagka Maria