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Case Report
The Effectiveness of 448 kHz Capacitive Resistive Monopoles Radio Frequency in Acute Ankle Sprain: A Case Report
Piponas K, Stasinopoulos D
Review Article
Quality of Life in Infertile People Forced to Suspend Assisted Reproductive Technology Treatment during the COVID-19 Global Health Emergency
Rocco Rago, Teresa Cocchiaro, Alessia Renzi, Meneghini Caterina, Gemma Paciotti, Alessandra Iorio Nisci, Deborah Aquilanti, Alessandra Gioia, Michele Carlo Schiavi, Michela Di Trani
Obesity - COVID-19 and Mechanical Ventilation of Intubated Patient
Dalamagka Maria
Research Article
Community Advocacy Program
Okogbaa J, Nonyel P
Review Article
Comparing Cone Beam Tomography Images with Periapical Radiographs to Diagnose Vertical Root Fractures
Hernandez E, Méndez C, Jimenez PM
Research Article
Are Patient’s Satisfied with Nurses’ Communication? A Cross Sectional Survey
Achrekar MS, Murthy V, Kannan S
Research Article
Assessment of Professional Empowerment among Midwifery Graduates in Chile
Lorena Binfa, Loreto Pantoja, Gabriel Cavada, Tomas Labarca, Elena Jorquera
Case Report
Aggressive Angiomyxoma of the Vulva in a Woman
Xiaojing Li, Siyu Cao, Liang Wang