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Research Article
The Impact of Preeclampsia on Work-Related Psychosocial Aspects and Need for Recovery
Muijsers HEC,Maas AHEM,van Der Heijden OWH,Roeleveld N,Frings-Dresen MHW
Research Article
Destruction of Moth Bean (Vigna aconitifolia (jacq.) Marechal) Morphological Aspect and Biochemical Constituents during Dairy Effluent Irrigation
PV Siva Kumar,M Lenin
Short Commentary
Cell Therapy Moving in the Right Direction
Marcos Valadares,Rafael Dariolli,Estela Cruvinel,Diogo Biagi
Case Report
Fulminant Danon Disease in a Young Female Patient with a Novel LAMP2 Mutation
Alessandro Maolo,Boss Le,Michela Brambatti,Victor Escobedo,Ana Maria Manso,Marzia Rigolli,Matthew Taylor,Eric Adler
Short Review
How to Guarantee Fertility During and After Cancer Treatment?
Bruno Roberto Braga Azevedo,Alessandra Akemi Kawasaki,Audrey Tieko Tsunoda
Research Article
The Symptom and Frequency of the Patients with Multiple Myeloma in Osteoporotic Vertebral Body Fracture in the Elderly: A Case Control Study
Kengo Higuchi,Shinij Kumamoto,Hidefumi Honke,Masaaki Mawatari
Research Article
Reduced Proportion of CD39+ Treg Cells Correlates with the Development of Primary Biliary Cholangitis in Patients and a Murine Model
Yanping Gong,Jianzhong Xue,Zaixing Yang,Weidong Zhu,Fenying Lu,Chao Yan,Jie Gu,Tingwang Jiang
Research Article
From Core and Mantle to Primary Integrality - A Brief Introduction of the Fit and Snug States
Edwin Chau-Leung Yu