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Research Article
Association of Low Height with Low Weight Presented During Chemotherapy Treatment in Pediatric Patients in Remission of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
Jesús Alonso Gándara-Mireles, Ismael Lares-Asseff, Elio Aarón Reyes Espinoza, Javier G Blanco, Antonio Emilio González Font, Lourdes Patricia Córdova Hurtado, Verónica Loera Castañeda, Ignacio Villanueva Fierro, Leslie Patrón Romero, Horacio Almanza Reyes
Case Report
Acquired Fanconi Syndrome from Ifosfamide
Yela Jung, Omar S Darwish
Case Report
Macrophage Activation Syndrome - An unusual Complication of SLE
Sumit Kumar
Short Commentary
Geriatric Patients with COVID-19 Infection
Gala Serra Carlos, Vasquez Camacho Milagritos Margot, Alvarez Gomez Esther
Review Article
Approach to Treat Insomnia in Substance Use Disorder Population
Usman Riaz, Syed Ali Riaz
Research Article
Effect of Fermented Millet Flour Ibyer Supplemented with Ginger Powder on Hematological indices and Body Weight of Wister Albino Rats
Adakole Maria Eji, Ikya Julius Kwagh-hal, Girgih Abraham Terna, Ogori Akama Friday, Upev Vincent
Research Article
Improvement of Camel Milk Microbial Loads by Activation of Lactoperoxidase Enzyme System during Different Storage Temperature
HMI Mohamed, IEM El Zubeir
Research Article
Statistical Short-term Forecasting of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jurgen A Doornik, David F Hendry, Jennifer L Castle