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A Brief Introduction to Adventitious Shoot Regeneration in Plants

Wanmei Jin1*
1 Beijing academy of forestry and pomology sciences, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Beijing, China

*Corresponding Author(s):
Wanmei Jin
Beijing Academy Of Forestry And Pomology Sciences, Beijing Academy Of Agriculture And Forestry Sciences, Beijing, China
Tel:+86 62859105,

Received Date: Aug 09, 2020
Accepted Date: Aug 20, 2020
Published Date: Aug 27, 2020


The establishment of plant adventitious shoot regeneration systems mainly has two intentions. On the one hand, an adventitious shoot regeneration system provides technology of the rapid reproduction of plants. On the other hand, they are basis of gene function research in plants. Adventitious shoots regeneration of plants is affected by internal signals and external conditions. There were many factors that affect regeneration, including plant growth regulators, the duration of dark culture, different genotypes, and basal medium components. This article mainly reviews the plant growth regulators, the duration of dark culture, and the reinvigoration phenomenon during the shoot regeneration process. These help us better understand and carry out research on adventitious bud regeneration systems in plants.


Adventitious shoot regeneration; Dark culture; Plant growth regulators; Reinvigoration

Citation: Jin W, Yang Y, Wang H, Jing D and Li M (2020) A Brief Introduction to Adventitious Shoot Regeneration in Plants. J Cytol Tissue Biol 7: 028.

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