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Retrospective Study
Outcome Measures for Post-Shoulder Injury Surgical Intervention Therapeutic Rehabilitation
Maupin C, Unruh SA, Akehi K, Bice M, Weed W, Malicky B
Short Comment
The Unclear Role of Lgr5+ Cells in Eutopic Endometrium of Women with Endometriosis
Júlia Vallvé-Juanico, Xavier Santamaría Costa
Research Article
Progressive Microcephaly, Spasticity and Development Delay: Novel SLC1A4 Variants in Two Portuguese Families and Literature Review
Joana Teixeira, Sofia Dória, Mariana Santos, Isabel Alonso, Miguel Leão
Research Article
Effects of Endogenous Bioregulators from Mammalian Blood Serum and Bone Tissue on Amphibian Limb Regeneration
David R Aguillon-Gutierrez, Mikhail S Krasnov, Olga V Burlakova, Elena Y Rybakova, Vladimir A Golichenkov, Victoria P Yamskovav
Case Report
Neoplastic Fever in a Cancer Patient: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Arshad Hussain Shah, Muzaffar UI Sultan Mattoo, Mustfa M AI Mubarak
Research Article
Analysis antioxidants of Traditional Chinese Medicine in herb YuanShen
Kai Wang, Xuan Wang, Bao Li, Dong Mei Liu
Case Report
Acute Appendicitis Presenting as Urinary Retention in a Pediatric Patient
Rahiya Rehman, Anam Bashir, Youmna Mousattat, Rose Ayoob
Research Article
Ethnobotanical Survey of Medicinal Plants in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State
Ighomuaye Oghenetega Treasure, ADJENE Josiah Obaghwarhievwo, Odigie Mike Osagie