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Boost Your Immune System with Negative Ions during the Pandemic

Maria Kuman1*
1 Holistic research institute, 1414, Knoxville, United states

*Corresponding Author(s):
Maria Kuman
Holistic Research Institute, 1414, Knoxville, United States
Tel:+1 8653094901,

Received Date: Dec 15, 2022
Accepted Date: Dec 26, 2022
Published Date: Dec 31, 2022


Years ago, I did research in Europe how negative ions influence our health and our immune system in particular. I found that high in the mountains there are a lot of negative ions in the air, which explains why people living in the mountains are healthier and live longer. I found that in the cities positive ions dominate in the air, which explains why people living in the cities are sick more and have a shorter lifespan. Now, when we have the Pandemic, I am asking myself: Why are the negative ions in the air so important? Have you heard about Krebs cycle? Hans Adolf Krebs was a German biochemist, who described the cycle of intake and release of energy in the cells. From the view point of chemistry, oxygen is consumed to produce energy from the glucose brake-down. From the viewpoint of physics, the energy cycle is consumption of electrons (from the negative electric charge of the active oxygen O-) and as side products protons are emitted (positive electric charges). 

Here is the explanation of it. The brain is 2% of the body weight, but consumes when not active 20% of the oxygen of the body and when active 40% of the oxygen of the body. The brain also consumes 60% of the glucose of the body. Since negative electric charges are consumed during the energy cycle and as side products protons are emitted, on the surface of the skull (where the active brain is) there are a lot of positive electric charges – the side product of the active oxygen consumption of the brain [1]. There are also a lot of positive electric charges in the middle of the back, where the bone marrow of the backbone is with active oxygen consumption [1]. Thus, while the surface of the body is negatively charged, the surface of the head and the backbone are positively charged because of the active oxygen consumption in the brain and the backbone merrow under the surface. 

Since negative ions stimulate the energy production, if we can supply enough negative ions, we will boost the energy cycle, i.e. each cell of the body will get more energy, including the white blood cells, which are the soldiers defending the body against invader-viruses. Thus, negative ions give to the cells-soldiers more energy to fight the invader-viruses, which means that negative ions boost the immune system of the body. Sources of negative ions are the salt lamps, which are made of monocrystal of salt with drilled hole in the middle and candle or small electrical lamp inside, which by heating the salt crystal makes it to emit negative ions. The Tao and Buddhist monks in Tibet noticed that these lamps make them healthier and clear their congestion, if they are on the way to get sick. 

Another source of negative ions is the hydrogen peroxide with its active negatively charged oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in water dissolves to 

H2O2 = H2O+ + O- 

The presence of active negatively charged O- explains why recent research in this field found the peroxide has antibacterial and antiviral effect.    

Recent research in this field found [2] that as a part of our normal immune response, our bodies produce some H2O2, which naturally degrade into 

H2O2 = H2O+ + O- 

Where O- is the active agent, which breaks the glucose and releases its energy in the cells, according to Krebs’ cycle. The released energy energizes the white blood cells, which are the soldiers defending the body against invader-germs and in this way boosts our immune system. Recent research in this field also found that the peroxide (H2O2) kills many strains of resistant-to-antibiotic bacteria [2]. This raises the question: Why do we still use antibiotics, which kill all the bacteria in the intestines bad and good, if we can use peroxide, which the body naturally produces, to boost our immune system? All the more that peroxide kills all the germs, i.e. bacteria and viruses. 

There is an herb Elecampane (described in my book “Delicious Herbal and Folk Remedies” [3]) that efficiently kills all kind of viruses and bacteria, but there is no research to tell us how this is done. It could be by boosting the immune system. Research is necessary to find out how this is done.


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Citation: Kuman M (2022) Boost Your Immune System with Negative Ions during the Pandemic. J Community Med Public Health Care 9: 121.

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