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Child Sexual Abuse and Imprinting. The Fraud of Sigmund Freud and the Frommians too: Corrected and Enlarged Versión

Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa1*
1 Centro de Prevención y Tratamiento de la Violencia Sexual e Intrafamiliar, Mexico

*Corresponding Author(s):
Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa
Centro De Prevención Y Tratamiento De La Violencia Sexual E Intrafamiliar, Mexico

Received Date: Nov 13, 2023
Accepted Date: Nov 23, 2023
Published Date: Nov 30, 2023


I propose the examination of imprinting resulting from sexual abuse as a potential factor that may influence various outcomes, including homosexuality, stuttering, and autism in both men and women. It is suggested that imprinting originally triggered by sexual abuse might contribute to the development of these conditions. One possible sequence, among others, could involve the following: Sexual abuse imprinting (leading to imprinting of homosexuality) may be associated with imprinting of stuttering and autism in both men and women. These conditions, observed with an average ratio of four men to one woman, are known to be challenging to modify. These collective observations give rise to the imprinting syndrome of sexual abuse.


Autism; Biocommunication; Bioenergeme; Bioenergemal communication; Bioenerscience; Biointerfaceme; Biomatter; Biomaterial-biointerfacemal-bioenergemal universes; Homosexuality; Imprinting; Intuiscience; INTUILISH; Neuromindego; Religious figures; Sexual abuse; Stuttering; Tourette syndrome


BML: Biomaterial

BEL: Bioenergemal

BEG; Bioenergeme

BELC; Bioenergemal Communication

BIOCOM; Biocommunication, NMEGO, Neuromindego

UU: Unit Universe

Imprinting Syndrome of Child Sexual Abuse

Imprinting refers to an early stage in an animal's life, or a sensitive stage when it forms bonds and develops its own identity. Through sexual imprinting, young animals learn mate preferences at an early age by observing and learning to imitate their parents as role models, as is the case with humans and various other animal species. Natural sexual imprinting prevents consanguinity or mating with relatives, and avoids inbreeding or mating between close members of a community. A summary of surveys conducted in 2016 in several countries on heterosexuality and homosexuality in men and women concluded that, on average, 2% of men and 0.5% of women identify as exclusively homosexual, resulting in a ratio of 4:1 for men and women. Additionally, 0.5% of men and 0.5% of women identify as predominantly homosexual, 0.5% of men and 1% of women as bisexual, 4% of men and 10% of women as mostly heterosexual, and 93% of men and 88% of women recognized themselves as exclusively heterosexual [1]. This reflects the fact that 7% of men and 12% of women show variations in their sexual preferences. Homosexual variants occur in both sexes, and if preferred, they cannot easily modify a certain sexual preference. In a 1997 survey in the United States, 46% of gay or bisexual individuals had a history of childhood sexual abuse, whereas only 12% did not. This study affirms: “Given these findings, it appears that being sexually abused as a child may affect the propensity of adult men to fantasize about young men [2,3].” Sexual abuse is defined as any sexual activity involving a child who does not provide or cannot provide consent. It can be forced sexual contact or through threats, regardless of the age of those who participate, as well as any sexual contact between an adult (or an older boy or girl), either through deception or if the minor, boy or girl, understands the sexual nature of that activity. Under overcrowded conditions, instances of homosexual rape have been reported to occur with greater frequency, such as in boarding schools and prisons [4,5]. 

In children, sexual abuse can result in specific attachments and well-defined aversion. In addition, these children may perceive their sexual inclinations differently due to the absence of a consolidated heterosexual gender imprinting identity, which they may be unaware of and consider foreign to them [6]. This perception may result from aversive imprinting caused by the sexual abuse experience. Consequently, individuals may perceive their bodies as incongruent with their sexual preferences, leading to rejection of their own physicality. Such perceptions can persist into adolescence, adulthood, and old age, with individuals perceiving their homosexual orientation as unchangeable and normal. When the imprinting of the minor's gender identity was preserved and coexisted with the imprinting resulting from sexual abuse, such as instances of short duration or lower intensity (e.g., when it was a woman who groped the child's anus), then the assaulted person could present both heterosexual and homosexual impulses or bisexuality. Some young homosexuals may conceal their sexual preferences, even resorting to extreme measures like suicide if they fear exposure. Homosexuality in adults may often be accompanied by aggressive sexual impulses and harm to babies [7]. Homosexuality may attenuate or nullify reproduction, too [8]. 

Certain brain areas may be involved, including the inner face of the temporal lobes and a part of the limbic system. This system is a part of the brain involved in behavioral and emotional responses, especially when it comes to behaviors that we need to survive, such as feeding, reproducing, caring for our offspring, and fighting or flight responses. Additionally, the emotional register of experiences directs human existence involuntarily [9,10]. 

Some people, both men and women, often ask for a sufficiently clear and consistent explanation of the causes of homosexuality. However, the search was halted when in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. Ronald Bayer, author of what is considered the most explicit account of the 1973 decision, described what actually happened: “A furious egalitarianism that challenged every instance of authority had compelled psychiatric experts to negotiate the pathological status of homosexuality with homosexuals themselves. The result was not a conclusion based on an approximation of the scientific truth as dictated by reason, but was instead an action demanded by the ideological temper of the times [11].” They tried to normalize homosexuality and all they got was to normalize child sexual abuse, thereby leading to the affectation of any form of family nucleus. 

Of course, there have always been psychotherapeutic approaches to homosexuality, from the archaic psychoanalytic approach (which tries to help the person to make conscious the presumed unconscious causes), group psychotherapy (seeks improved general adjustment), to eclectic approaches like the Rational Emotive Therapy, or just psychotherapy; and, currently, from the criticized reconversion therapies (they seek to make the homosexual become heterosexual) to those that invite homosexuality to be seen only as a lifestyle choice [12]. All these psychotherapeutic approaches claim to be effective depending on the person in question. 

The imprinting of early sexual abuse may coincide with other sensitive stages of development, such as language learning [13]. It can interfere with language acquisition and impede the learning and expression of language. This interference can lead to acquired stuttering, which manifests as a result of panic and distress caused by the sexual abuse [14]. Therefore, I propose that sexual abuse may not only impact sexual preferences in men and women but also affect language learning and expression. Thus, stuttering, as a consequence of imprinting difficulties, becomes challenging to overcome [15]. On average, this condition affects four adult males for every female (4:1 ratio) [16]. This may reflect altered filial (familial) imprinting because the children, as I said, learn language primarily from their parents [17]. Limbic imprinting can persist because of the many fears and humiliations faced by these individuals [18]. Some medications that antagonize the neurotransmitter dopamine “are effective in reducing the severity of stuttering symptoms [16].” 

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that arises during the first two years of life and persists for the rest of life. It is characterized by a wide variety of communication disorders, including restricted motor skills, limited social interaction, distractibility, impulsiveness, passivity, learning difficulties, and self-absorption as if he/she was defeated. Autism traits are so varied that specialists speak of autism spectrum disorder. There is no cure for autism, and support consists of helping individuals acquire habits that allow them to adapt to their limitations or peculiarities, even with the help of medications. The typical frequency of autism in men and women is 4:1 or 3:1, respectively [19]. Simultaneous presentation of stuttering and autism has also been reported, as has sexual abuse in children with autism. 

Imprinting forms the biological basis that researchers statistically detect when studying homosexuality, acquired stuttering, and autism [12,16,19]. Tourette's Syndrome may be another more serious complication of childhood sexual abuse, which shares very similar symptoms with stuttering and autism, and also follows a 4:1 ratio for males and females. They occasionally behave in a sexopathic and or sociopathic way [16,20-22]. In Tourette's Syndrome, the imprinting of repeated sexual abuse can completely disorganize the personality. Without a doubt, child sexual abuse must be typified as one of the most serious crimes. If the exponential increase in the sexual abuse of children continues, the Western culture will end up destroying itself, just like those other cultures or institutions (religious, military, and many others) that maintain this same practice. 

Gender abuse is also relevant, and with results similar to sexual abuse, when, for example, the father and or the mother reject their baby because it is a girl or a boy. A similar response of rejection can be presented with stepchildren and even with adopted sons or daughters. In all these cases, parents or guardians usually respond with an impulsive aversive imprinting not only towards the sex of the babies but also against their existence since these boys and girls are usually very, very attacked [22]. 

This is how the relentless, stealthy, and hard-to-modify imprinting syndrome of child sexual abuse is integrated. Besides, it is important to acknowledge that the determination of truth and falsehood can sometimes be influenced by dominant societal groups, prioritizing subjective biases over research findings and consistent statistical data. Therefore, it is advisable to consider contrasting approaches and perspectives in the examination of these complex topics in themselves. 

In summary. The harmful concealment of the deceptive sexual culture in the West made an industry is evident [23].

Bioenergemal Research Work

For the BEL research there are three universes. Biomaterial (BML) or discontinuous space-time. Biointerfacemal (BIFL; maybe tetradimensional) that results from the immense openings that space-time presents and through which extraterrestrial flying saucers usually travel. And, bioenergemal (relative to the bioenergeme) to which the BEGs arrive after the body biocollapses (dies): and where they remain for indefinite BEL time or biotime; the BML timescale doesn’t appertain there. All three form what I have proposed to name as the Unit Universe (UU). Likewise, in addition to biomatter, the human body includes the BEG and a third virtual (temporary, potential) component or biointerfaceme. In BELC, that we establish through relaxation, the bioimage of a BEG is a living and acting virtual biointerfaceme, like the rest of the bioimages that are formed during it (perhaps through a BIFL process of the brain), which, as in dreams, at the end of BELC all virtual events vanish [24].

Through bioenergemal communication, we establish interaction with human BEGs that arrive at the BEL universe after people biocollapse (die). This BEL information does not intend to ratify or rectify the official version of these facts; it only presents the bioinformation that some BEGs shared with us.24 All invited BEGs agreed that their names and comments could be published.

Sigmund Freud

Bioenergemal [BEL] Communication [BELC] carried out on July 24, 2010, on this date Sigmund Freud made the following comment: "Doctor, sexual abuse continues to be an important axis to explain abuses, exterminations, the uselessness of the NMEGO [brain, thoughts and ego] and other atrocities, it seems that deworming is important for humanity and bioenergemity [set of bioenergemes (BEGs) at the BEL universe]. Well, it seems that if the BEG [personal component of organized BEL energy] is so affected, it is also because there has been a NMEGO and a BEG weakened. And I mean those who have been victims of all these outrages, carried out by the Tartuffes, inquisitors and criminals. In that sense, an endless story is also made and, at the same time, it shows how BEL energy supports everyone who wants to survive.” These affirmations were the result of the active and spontaneous participation that Freud used to have during the BEL communications with different BEGs. But he was so confident and insistent that he overflowed with flattery towards me, which finally led me to question him [24]. This situation is similar to what had happened to us with Jesus [25].

Cuauhtlatoatzin (Juan Diego)

In the BELC that we carried out on May 16, 2010, the date on which Cuauhtlatoatzin (Juan Diego), after telling us about the incidents and humiliations he suffered to force him to declare the apparitions of the now known Virgin of Guadeloupe as true, he added: "Now I also ask all the people of Mexico to trust Cuauhtlatoatzin, that we have been deceived by the invaders and their accomplices... That you listen to your BEG that will lead you to know the explanation to all those crude tales, through all the BEL research you carry out, doctor. Thank you also for your intuitions and this collective biovectorization because it makes BELC more authentic and intense [24,25].” When his turn came after the participation of other invited BEGs, Freud ventured the following statement: “Master, Dr. Cuevas, I liked Cuauhtlatoatzin's participation. He spoke very clearly for all [sic]. On the other hand, the history of humanity is reduced in sexual abuse, which is why the NMEGO can become parasitized, sick and even crazy; and the sicker it is, the more parasitized it is and vulnerable to the influences of Mary and Jesus. This is how humanity stands.” Freud was so overwhelmed after months of engaging with his laudatory comments that I felt overwhelmed and decided to ask him some personal questions [24]. 

Extra bioexperience of August 28, 2010. After questioning various biblical figures, Sigmund Freud spontaneously commented: “Doctor, finally the waters opened and what was already written was clarified, being a legitimate part of a lie that is now explained as a reality that is part of the deification biosyndrome.” –Being a legitimate part of an illegitimacy... Hasty, he pointed out: –Indeed, doctor... Doctor, clarity is not in the water, but in discovering what is hidden in the depths. –Intuitive depth of the BEG and, rather, intuitive clarification of the BEG… Obviously uneasy he added: –Yes, I agree, doctor. Congratulations, doctor, a hug. –Was it uncomfortable for you that we questioned the patriarchs and prophets? –Yes doctor. –Was it uncomfortable because you are Jewish and/or because perhaps you were also sexually abused as a child? –For both reasons, doctor. –Were you sexually abused as a child? –Yes doctor. –Who sexually abused you? –My father. I was three to four years old until I was nine years old. –What stopped the sexual abuse? –I myself refused. I had to threaten the family, my parents because they denied it. –Did your half-brothers sexually abuse you too or not? –Yes, one, the older one also sexually abused me. –In cahoots with your father? –Surely, doctor. –Did this history of sexual abuse that you experienced influence, at times, the way you made your comments? –With all due respect, doctor, I have always thought that you have explained the situations in the BEL investigation very well and if my comment seemed different, I apologize. It seems to me that the explanation about sexual abuse, the biosyndrome of the harassed that you have shared with us, has been very important to me. That's why I kept silent [sic]. –How did the sexual abuse you suffered influence your writings and the focus of your professional practice? –It was decisive; in my rehearsals I always kept in mind the experience that I lived. For this reason, in sessions with patients, I turned my back on them. –You did not write, but you did write about the sexual abuse you experienced. Your writings are like a NMEGO autobiography. –Indeed, that's how I understand it now, doctor. –The history of sexual abuse that you suffered would explain, at least in part, why you fainted when you were questioned with some insistence and annoyance. Was it like this? –That's right [sic], doctor. –Did you sexually abuse minors, adolescents or adults, men or women? –Yes, doctor, I sexually abused men and women, adolescents, young people and adults. –Did you sexually abuse girls or boys? –No, doctor. –Then he rectifies... What do you bioenerscientiates [intuits] of the seemingly irrepressible tendency of some of your colleagues to oppose your writings? –Possibly it happens that some have a history of sexual abuse. –Do you want to add anything else? –I thank you, doctor, for freeing me. I reiterate my apologies and I also thank you for sharing your insights with everyone. –You don't have to apologize, I agree that you have been sincere, as you have now shown; an affectionate hug for you. With this conciliatory attitude, Freud wanted to end the questioning, but it was already too late and he exposed himself for more than two years, from May 2, 2008 to August 28, 2010. For example, when on May 28, in 2010 we biocommunicated with Sophocles, without inviting Freud he began to want to intervene with a comment after each Sophocles participation. This made me affirm my decision to question him, I was still hesitating, but the insistence of his comments hindered the flow of the interviews [24].

Joke-Dream-Social Myth

In the extra bioexperience of January 7, 2011, in the presence of the BEGs of Mircea Eliade, Claude Levi-Strauss and Sigmund Freud, I commented on the following background. A few years ago –in 1980, precisely– I published an article about dreams-myths and examples that illustrate them [26-30]. Today, we will try to justify the category of jokes-social-myths. Pepito's jokes, of which we have already spoken on another occasion, are an example of jokes-social-myths [31-33]. But, in this case, recently we learned of a different variety of joke-social-myth or, rather, joke-dream-social-myth. –A lady tells her husband that she had a dream in which she saw him giving her a beautiful necklace of expensive diamonds. She asks him, how do you understand the dream? –Smiling, the husband answers: wait until your birthday arrives. –Finally, the long-awaited birthday of the wife arrives and the husband gives her a small finely wrapped rectangular gift. She, nervous and intrigued, carefully opens it and, to her bewilderment, discovers that it is nothing less than a book entitled: How to interpret your dreams. –Mircea Eliade: Indeed, doctor, it is also diversifying because society has become more complex in this way. It is the most intelligent and biocreative way of being able to express how society has become interested in what it considers to be the most important thing at that moment. Finally, it returns again to the elemental of the human. Being able to stand as self-sufficient, a desire from early childhood. That the same society forces either for reasons of advertising and consumption or for reasons of another nature, including sexual abuse. Money and power are venerated, then. Surely there are many more examples of this type to be able to explain the origin of ideas so parasitic that they justify one another and that is why they become myths. –Claude Levi-Strauss: The joke-dream-social-myth you told us was very good, doctor. It seems very healthy to me that there is this way of being able to reveal what is happening in a society that has been adapting more to the individual than to the collective. That is, without being able to establish a bioempathy. It is the most obvious way in which parasitic ideas are built in order to divide society. In the joke-myth we could add that this book was a pocket book. Which means that, in society, both power, appearance, economy, pose, as well as knowledge or science, is becoming reduced, incomplete, insufficient. This elementary way of transmitting existence is what keeps societies and cultures as a myth. –Sigmund Freud: That joke-dream-social-myth was excellent. It seems to me that it exposes in an exemplary way the style of couple relationship that society has fostered. And how it predisposes her to choose and determine how she has to proceed. This is how the parasitic ideas of NMEGO are justified [24]. 

Second part of the bioexperience of May 20, 2011. We invite the BEGs of Karl Popper (philosopher; 1902-1994), Hans Eysenck (psychologist; 1916-1997) and Peter J. Swales (historian, has revealed the identity of some of Freud's patients) [30]. I continued with the questioning. Sigmund Freud, any wrong statement I make, you let me know. What do you say of having affirmed that the boy has an incestuous attachment to the mother and that he rivals the father, to what you called the 'Oedipus complex' [34,35], and that one of your colleagues [Jung] extended it to girls with the 'complex of Electra'? “Now I realize, doctor, that such a statement was an aberration, the only thing I made evident was the personal situation… That is, I was only talking about myself.” What effect do you suppose these statements have had on humanity? “It is evident that it has been… that they have had a very destructive effect because that is how many have justified themselves for the sexual abuse that they have committed towards their sons and daughters, and, in turn, the anger that the children have expressed [sic] towards their parents. This situation is not clarified, rather it is complicated and the violence [sic] between them increases.” Are you saying that you sexually abused your sons and or daughters? "That's right, doctor, that's implied." Have you sexually abused your sons and daughters? "That's right, doctor." Including Anne? "Yes, doctor, Anne included." ... Martha Bernays, Sigmund's wife, [BELC 12/21/2014] acknowledged having learned of Sigmund's sexual abuse of his sons and daughters and considered that his response was "inadequate... Because perhaps I should have been irascible and yelled at him everything that he deserved and I didn't do it… I should have expressed my dissatisfaction.” However, Sigmund refused to dialogue and had her threatened to biocollapse [kill her]. For Anne, their daughter: “It is the classic response [sic] of a victimized woman [Martha]. That she is only related to a man who allows herself to be seduced and wants or supposes to take advantage of an apparent well-being that could provide her [24].” 

Anne claimed to have protested Sigmund's sexual abuse: "On occasion, but I didn't get much." Did you agree? “Yes, in part, doctor… but I never released him because there was an implicit agreement that one [sic] did not transgress as long as he did not. It was an understanding that things happened that way.” The agreement was that: "I did not violate, let's say, the rules or family rules and he did not violate my rules, he did not attack me or prevent me." … He benefited and so did you, didn't you act the same as your mother? "So it was, doctor, now that you tell me." Was it comfortable for you too? “That's how I justified myself” [BELC 1/25/2015] … Were you afraid of him? "I think it was mutual, doctor." Sigmund accepted what was stated by Martha and Anne. “With Martha –he affirmed– it was to be correcting and disqualifying her. And with Anne it was that we mutually pleased each other.” In privacy? "No, doctor, in the profession." It is important for Anne that these data be made known: “And that finally it also becomes clear to humanity that the words of Sigis [Sigismund's nickname, Freud's real name] are not the solution to problems and human understanding,” Anne asserted [24]. 

Sigmund, what do you intuit from having stated that the boy presents 'castration fear' and that the girl 'envy the penis' [36]? “It is also a very stupid statement. That fear only appears if the child is made to feel that way. And that thought in the girl occurs if it is so induced. They are stupid ideas that parasitize and lead to homosexuality.” Were you talking about yourself one more time? "I was talking about myself again, doctor." What effect do you suppose these statements have had on humanity? "In the same way they have been used to justify 'preferences' and hide the sexual damage that has been committed." What do you bioenerscientiate [do you intuit] from having affirmed that 'infantile sexuality' is 'perverse polymorphous' [37]? “It is an affirmation that points out and denigrates the infant, male or female, and that does not lead to any clarification or contribution.” Do you mean yourself? “It is another piece of evidence that discovers my person at that moment.” What effect do you suppose these statements have had on humanity? "Of disorientation, of justification and, in the best of cases, so that these affirmations are disqualified as part of the 'rubbish thoughts and junk knowledge'." We have applied this charactheme or expression on several occasions during the BEL investigation… What would you say now about everything you wrote? "No doubt, doctor, everything I wrote is saturated with 'rubbish thoughts and junk knowledge'." What did you feel towards your father and towards your half-brother? "I felt anger..." Said more authentically... "I felt rejection... hatred towards them." Were you treated as an illegitimate child? "Yes, doctor, I was treated as an illegitimate child." For what cause or reason? "Because that's how I was seen as..., because for my father... I wasn't seen as his son." Does this point in particular disturb you? "Yes, too, doctor." 

Was your mother lover of your father? "Your intuition is correct, doctor." What did your mother work? “She was a prostitute, she worked in prostitution.” Did you have sex with your mother? "Yes, doctor, my mother and I had sex." Did you biocollapse [kill] a family member? "I wanted to biocollapse my father, but I lacked the courage to do it." Did it bother you that we have questioned the Biblical patriarchs and prophets? “Yes, doctor, your intuition is correct. That questioning would undoubtedly lead to this questioning finally, because you, doctor, question for an authentic search for BEL research. In order to have a clear argument, the most supported possible to answer millenary questions and give explanations of so many parasites that have given rise to 'rubbish thoughts and junk knowledge'. I realize that your... the way of questioning that you use is, has been and will be very respectful." Why did it bother you? “I accept that I was afraid of being questioned also for the statements that I made at the time.” And why didn't you say it? “Because, as you may have noticed, doctor, I conduct myself by hiding and trying to deceive in order to feel less uncomfortable with myself. However, I realize that my arrogance makes me appear inauthentic and out of reality [sic]. Deceit and lies are for oneself. Others may actually have another, more appropriate point of view [24].”

Sigmund Freud's Patients

We approach the BEGs of the patients that were published as clinical cases by Sigmund, and the BEG of Peter Swales. Sigmund, did you change the clinical data and, in particular, the outcome of the treatment in the patients, men and women, whose medical history you disclosed? "It did happen, doctor, that I made those modifications so that everything coincided with what I had written." What other aspect of the interaction with your patients would you like to comment on? "Yes, doctor, the sexual approach [sic] that there was with some of those who were patients." You mean they were male patients? "Yes, doctor, too." That is, were they also female patients? "Also." Peter Swales, do you want to comment on what you've heard from Sigmund? “Doctor, thank you for inviting me and commenting on it. More than what Sigmund expresses in his own words, I intuit that this questioning was indeed necessary for Sigmund's BEG to feel liberated. Sigmund cannot express that his BEG made him fall into contradiction, not to show it, but to free him from the same web of lies that he woven." The BEGs of Sigmund's patients, what do you want to add. “Doctor, it is very unfortunate to know now that Sigmund has lived through such chaotic situations. As complicated as some of us. But, above all, that his NMEGO made him keep his distance and judge us and, in many cases, disorient us. Sometimes more aggressive than sexual abuse in adulthood were his words or interpretations, his seductions and rejections. It is then reprehensible that his pseudo-professional behavior has influenced our lives. Thank you, doctor, for the BEL explanation that we can now receive thanks to BEL communications and research [24].”

Sigmund Freud's Colleagues

We approach the BEGs of Wilhelm Fliess (otolaryngologist; 1858-1928), Joseph Breuer (physician; 1842-1926) and Wilhelm Reich (psychoanalyst; 1897-1987), the three contemporaries of Freud. Sigmund, what aspect of the interaction with your disciples or close colleagues would you like to comment on? "Yes, doctor, I would like to comment that I also had sexual relations with colleagues and some relatives." With any of the ones I mentioned? "Yes, doctor, with all of them." Wilhelm Fliess, Joseph Breuer and Wilhelm Reich, would you like to comment? They decided the order to answer. –W. Reich: “Doctor, madness can now be understood as turning away from a reality that is difficult to bear, similar to what happens in those who have experienced sexual abuse. In both it is concealed, as you have very well made evident in the deification biosyndrome, and hence the search for a BEL explanation that the BEG cannot adequately interpret under these conditions.” –Wilhelm Fliess: "Doctor, in effect the search to understand the effects that sexual abuse has on humans has become so parasitized that it has made this experience a constant and that is also why rapists and homosexuals [sic] are now considered as 'victims'.” –Joseph Breuer: “Thank you, doctor, it seems very important to me to be able to show that a sexual theory proposed by Sigmund is now being questioned not from the NMEGO, but from the tri-shared existence. Well, that makes it possible to explain not a case, but humanity, and to be able to argue how humans are and have found themselves, so disoriented and so out of touch with reality [24].”

Sigmund Freud's Phobias

Sigmund accepted that he suffered from phobias, such as aggression, but was reserved when discussing this issue. Did your phobia go away? "No, doctor, it never went away." –W. Reich, Joseph B. and W. Fliess: "Sigmund had many phobias, such as heights, people, animals, such as spiders, snakes, insects in general, cockroaches, moths... Dogs, elephants…” Sigmund, you changed your name Sigismund Shelomoh to Sigmund, by which you are known, did you thus deny your existence? "Yes, doctor, that's how I denied my existence." Would you have preferred not to have been born? “Your intuition is correct, doctor, I would have preferred not to have been born.” Did you ever try to biocollapse [suicide]? "Yes, doctor, I tried to biocollapse on more than one occasion, mainly with drugs... Maybe it was about five times and of these attempts, three more real or more formal" [BELC 11/10/2014] ... What drug? “Coke…, morphine.” When you say 'coke', what do you mean? "Cocaine." In fact, it was with tobacco, another drug, that you finally managed to interrupt your BML existence. “That was my intention, doctor, I never wanted to quit smoking.” So, you also wrote your 'bible', but this is a 'psychobible'. "I agree, doctor." You, like Mao, also shouted your protest to the world and, of course, it was heard, although it was not understood and continues not to be understood that the person you were talking about was precisely yourself. "In effect, doctor, as I already said, I was referring to a study that deals with myself and therefore completely invalid and false to generalize to humanity." How honest have you been since you wrote your books? "Totally dishonest, doctor." And now during your intervention and participation in the BELCs, how have you behaved? “Yes, doctor, I also accept that I have behaved in the BELCs in a dishonest and disrespectful manner with you and with everyone present. It remains for me to apologize for that, and thank you for allowing me to make amends for the first time." Do you consider there should be untouchable topics in BEL research? “Of course not, doctor. As you have shown us, it is clear to me that the BEL investigation has the purpose of clarifying age-old questions and giving explanations that until now humans had not been able to give because they found themselves so parasitized, prejudiced, and with little honesty, as is my case." Is it recommendable that we continue with the cultural mythomania of the terrestrial human? “No, doctor, it is not recommended to continue with cultural mythomania. It is the worst damage that humans have received in the entire history of humanity.” Sigmund, are you also a Tartuffe, and then Sigmundtuffe? “There is no doubt that I am also a Tartuffe and a Sigmundtuffe [24].”

Psychosexual Development of the Male

BELC extra of clarifying questions carried out on June 3, 2011 with some of the guests from the two previous bioexperiences, together with the bioassembly. We also invite the BEGs of Karl G. Jung (psychiatrist; 1875-1961), Otto Rank (psychoanalyst; 1884-1939) and Alfred Ernest Jones (psychoanalyst; 1879-1958) [24]. Sigmund, what do you say about having led to suppose a feminine disposition in men and a masculine disposition in women, and that the sexual encounter between a couple occurs as if there were ‘four’ people participating [38]? “Doctor, I'm very sorry to have said those phrases that is [sic]... that only exhibit homosexuality... my homosexuality and the homosexuality of other men and women. And since the history of humanity, homosexuals have existed because of the abuses and sexual abuse that have been carried out on boys and girls, without measuring the consequences of those abuses.” Are you alluding to yourself again? “Yes, doctor, I was talking about myself again, apparently trying to explain the same thing that was happening in other people. When in reality they were my own conflicts.” … Are you suggesting that homosexuality or cross-dressing, among others, can be understood as examples of double or multiple personalities? “Yes, doctor, in my words there is that possibility” [BELC 2018] … What effect do you suppose these statements have had on humanity? "A devastating effect, doctor, because they have used this phrase to suggest that all homosexuals, men and women, can thus cover up their own existential difficulties and conflicts." What do you say about having affirmed that the stages of 'psychosexual development' of the male child are 'oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital' [17]? “Doctor, this only misplaced an aspect that had nothing to do with the sexual. The only thing that led is that these senses or organs were located in this way to divert attention from this being discovered as a problem that someone who is really in other circumstances can present, as would be depression, anguish, even abandonment or sexual abuse. Actually, as I intuit from your BEG [sic], doctor, in the adult all the skin of the body can be adequately sexually stimulated [sic]. That is to say, in children there are no specific stages as I described them.” That says my BEG, but what do you say? "Yes, doctor, that what I published is another stupidity." … Are you assigning brain functions to the skin? "No, no way, doctor." It is one thing for the skin to respond to non-specific stimuli in a similar way –whether they come from objects, plants, animals or humans– and quite another for the NMEGO to allow, seek or desire these cutaneous stimuli, don't you agree? “My statements are silly and superficial, doctor” [BELC 12/14/2017] … What justification did you have for having omitted the 'psychosexual development' of the girls [39]? “Surely you have already intuited why, doctor,” all BEGs present prefer to hear from yourself, “and this has to do with my own existential conflict. And there is also a very wrong contradiction within the very description of the development of any person. I also assure that I omitted the issue of girls due to negligence and disdain for women.” What effect do you suppose these statements and omissions have had on humanity? “The effect has been very unfortunate because it has deviated [from reality] and these same approaches have been contradicted and a pseudo-ideology has been generated in this regard and men and women have been placed apparently in the same circumstance and with the contradiction of being opposites, in constant conflict. But as opposites or rivals in conflict in terms of their behavior." Do you have a phobia of horses? "Yes doctor." So, the clinical case that you describe of a child with a phobia of horses refers to you. "Yes, doctor, so you can understand why I published that 'clinical case'." Was it on what you didn't want to comment on last time? "Indeed, doctor, in addition, I also had a phobia of dogs." Were any of your brothers or sisters fathered by you? "No, doctor." Amalia, mother of Sigmund, were any of your sons or daughters conceived by Sigmund? "No, doctor." Sigmund, did you sexually abuse your brothers and/or sisters? “Yes, doctor, I sexually abused all my sisters and all my brothers to some degree.” What do you feel towards women? “Anger and rejection, doctor, on some occasions, even disgust [24].” Sigmund, did you, like Heindrich Kramer, also try to whorify all, most or as many women as you could? "Yes, doctor, it is the appropriate term for my behavior." Did you also, like many other Tartuffes, try in the same way to whorify everyone, the majority or as many men as you could? "Yes, doctor, that happened from considering those who trusted or approached me like this and I seduced them." Are you misogynistic? "Yes, doctor, I admit myself as a misogynist." Are you a misandrist? "Yes, doctor, I also admit myself as such." What do you feel towards yourself? "I feel the same contempt for myself as for others because pride is also cruel to oneself." That is, the contempt you feel towards others only reflects the contempt you felt and feel towards yourself... is that what you tried to express? "Yes, doctor, that is what I tried to express and explain." According to the intuitional study of your work, the 'psychobiblical' autobiography that you wrote, you hated yourself and you hate yourself, then. "Yes, doctor, that's right, I hated myself and I hate myself." Did you biocollapse someone, family or not? "Yes, that's how it was." We invited the BEGs of whom Sigmund has caused their biocollapse... Sigmund's patients, men and women, made us intuit that: "He gave us suggestions... To induce us to threaten our BML existence or our relatives." Sigmund, what do you say about what your patients say? "Yes, doctor, indeed, there was a couple of my mother, I did not attack him directly, but I did pay someone to biocollapse [kill] him." Were you the intellectual author of some homicides? "Yes doctor." Of how many? “A ten, about ten cases [24].”

Freud's Pseudo-Biography

Ernest Jones, how reliable is the Sigmund biography you wrote? “In effect, doctor, it is unreliable because Sigmund is not questioned, it only describes a life that was not real [40].” So, the biography you wrote is part of the ‘psychobiblical’ autobiography written by Sigmund. "Yes, doctor, that biography is part of that 'psychobiblical' autobiography of Sigmund." Which ends up revealing its content because it is actually a neuromindegonal [of the NMEGO] autobiography that only requires study and intuitional interpretation to understand it. “Yes, all right, doctor, it can actually be understood as a neuromindegonal autobiography.” Sigmund, what do you say of Ernest's statement? "Yes, doctor, that's right, I agree with what Ernest said." Is your biography written by Ernest Jones part of the autobiographical 'psychobible' that you wrote? "Yes, doctor, it is part of that 'bible' that I wrote, of the autobiographical 'psychobiblical' that I wrote." Did you also have sex with Ernest Jones? "Yes doctor, your intuition is correct, I also had sex with Ernest Jones." Was it like that, Ernest? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." Sigmund, did you intend to use the BEL research for any personal purpose? "Yes, doctor... show off, doctor." Of showing off your limitations? "It's the only thing I've shown, doctor." Did you overestimate yourself now and have you always overestimated yourself? "Yes, doctor, that's how my behavior has been..." And it continues to be... "Yes, doctor, and now my biobehavior continues to be like that." You recognize yourself as a dysfunctional ignorant and you accept yourself as a bioenergeme-parasite. "Yes, doctor, in the face of all the evidence I recognize myself as a dysfunctional ignorant and I accept myself as a bioenergeme-parasite." I insist, are you also a Tartuffe? "It is the only thing I have proven to be, doctor, a Tartuffe." Do you want to add something else? "No, doctor [24]."

Pauline Silverstein

At the BELC on July 25, 2014, we addressed the BEG of Pauline Silverstein (she was a Freud's patient), who accepted having attempted against her BML existence because of: “My 'rubbish thoughts and junk knowledge,' doctor.” Like what kind? "Regarding existence in general, and my sad defeat in particular... Nothing is enough when there is an inner emptiness, doctor... I felt like a broken doll, harassed and abandoned." The event occurred: "After consulting with Freud." Did something happen in that consultation that you consider influenced your decision or something that didn't happen? “It was from that consultation that I felt with that existential emptiness. Now that I tell you about it, I realize that there was no reason to feel so empty, meaningless." How did Freud show you in that consultation? "He ignored me and although he was brief in his comments, they were aggressive and hurtful enough to have left me in that condition." Like what comment? "That my situation had no solution." How do you explain Freud's behavior to you now? "First I have to tell you that I got there because of a friend, a close friend of Freud's." Edward, your husband. "Yes doctor. Who spoke highly of him and I supposed that I was going to feel very good, but it was the opposite. And now that you ask me, no affinity was ever established with me because I was more of a hindrance, a... perhaps an enemy and I believed it." Were you an enemy of what or who? "From Freud." For what reason? "Because he never behaved with me as with Eduard." How did he behave with Eduard? "They were friends." Did they still hang out? "Sometimes, doctor, at least that's what I realized." Did you find out anything more about that relationship? “I realized that between them there was something more than a friendship, but he did not accept it.” What relationship was there between them? "Yes, they were more than friends, they probably behaved like a couple [24]." For agreeing with what Pauline made us intuit, Eduard Silverstein apologized to her. In the bioexperience of August 1, 2014, Sigmund ratified as true what was clarified by both Pauline and Eduard. Rubén Gallo [41] emphasized this tragic love triangle: "Doctor, I consider that it is one more piece of evidence that is surely known and describes Sigmund's real behavior [24]." 

Sigmund also admitted to having been the lover of his young sister-in-law, Minna Bernays –who ratified it– for “many years”, stressed Martha Bernays and described her husband as “very cynical” in trying to confuse the matter [BELC 08/28/2015] … Sigmund equally acknowledged having been and being angry with: “Homosexuals like my dad, my uncle, mainly, and some of their friends.” … This paternal uncle also sexually abused Sigmund, who stated about his sexuality: “That it is a homosexual state in which I have already remained and I could not feel satisfied with anything”24 [BELC 04/10/2015] [42,43].

Sigmund Freuds Colleagues

Karl G. Jung and Otto Rank, what do you intuit from what you have heard from Sigmund Freud? –Karl G Jung: “It is interesting above all to realize how BEL research and especially your BEG can intuit the key questions. On the other hand, it seems to me that it was necessary to question the sexual aspect in BEL research and relate it to the history of humanity. And, in doing so, doctor, in effect one cannot deny the amount of prejudice, outrages and violence in which the human being has incurred. It could not be left without clarifying that Sigmund also wrote the autobiographical 'psychobible'. Well, as he himself said, his followers understand it and for the same reason they are part of the same thing. We are part of the same... They are part of the same... the position of the researcher in BEL research is to break with all the prejudices, atavisms, values so proposed and defended by humanity itself. And by proposing a different vision, the BEG is considered and its importance as well. The BEL energy and the BEG appear in the BEL research with more real, authentic characteristics, which, as you have explained to us very well, can give rise to novel approaches regarding the many questions that humans have asked themselves up to now. Well, it remains for me to accept that the statements I made are incomplete and unsatisfactory to the extent that the existence of the BEG and its implications are not fairly stated.” –Otto Rank: “Yes, doctor, thank you for inviting me to comment and like Karl, BEL research is the one that opens our eyes or, in other words, biodialogues with the BEG, and we can thus learn to question the questionable, the parasitized and stammering of the dense words of the NMEGO. There is no doubt that speaking clearly enables not only transparency, but also understanding [BML] behavior and [BEL] biobehavior. In fact, the searches that we have incurred about the existence of the BEG, in my case, have not only been incomplete, but totally deviated from the real context. Making unsuccessful searches through the consumption of drugs or hallucinogens. When in reality it was very easy to establish BELC with the BEG itself and learn to recognize it to intuit it.” What do Karl Popper and Hans Eysenck say about what they have heard from Sigmund? –Karl Popper: “I am surprised, doctor, the fact that you can intuit the questions with such precision and encompass the different questions so that Sigmund could express the mythomania that he had reserved up to now; despite the fact that, ignoring existing arguments and evidence, he continued to lie. Until the moment that it is questioned, evidenced and has been able to express his behavior concisely.” –Hans Eysenck: “Doctor, thank you for inviting me, the BELC with Sigismund is still controversial at this time. And it is confirmed once again how the BML existence is similar to the BEL existence, and with this the tri-shared existence is reinforced and thus, at some point, as you have illustrated, that there is no difference. It is part of the very existence of that human, it is part of the existence of Sigismund, and that in any case it can be very similar to that of the other Tartuffes and, then, the biosyndromes of deification, and the sexual vexed and the vexator are confirmed. Thank you, doctor [24]."

BEGs Assembly

Any other BEG would like to make us intuit its comment? –Actors, artists, the union as a whole: Doctor, we are very happy. Biocreativity is a manifestation of the different forms of biovectorization. That's how it seems to us now when you question the different BEGs. This is how bioempathy can lead to revelations as important as this one, in which the Tartuffes have a more adequate concept of their behavior. The BELC, then, helps us to locate our tri-shared existence as it is and make of it a new artistic work, more attached to individual existence, to reality. On the other hand, how difficult it is for the Tartuffes who lived in such a deprived and deteriorated situation to accept that they evidently had aberrant behaviors and committed illicit acts. That explains why their need, their extravagance, to reflect a reality with appearances, deceit and banality. Congratulations, doctor. –The poets and writers, Alfonso Reyes, Octavio Paz, Jorge Luís Borges, Inés de Asbaje, and others: Doctor, it is very interesting how you relate the ‘bible’ of the Tartuffes that each religious has carried out, and the 'bible' of scientists like Sigmund or like the 'bible' of psychiatrists and the criteria of their DSM [44], plus whatever comes to mind, and the 'bible' of writers like Miguel de Cervantes, and the 'bible' of poets like that of Inés, the 'bible' of economists like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the 'bible' of politicians like Mao's Red Book, which in the end also show their blunders. That they are full of prejudices, shortcomings, etc., that the NMEGO lives and that, in turn, the BEG directs to be exposed as lies, deceit, tartufferies [24]. 

We asked Inés de Asbaje, Miguel de Cervantes, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Mao Zedong if they agreed that we should include their work in the writers' commentary above, and their response was the following: –Miguel de Cervantes, Inés de Asbaje, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: Yes, doctor, we totally agree that it should be included that way. –Mao Zedong: Yes, doctor, please include it that way. –BEGs of Nobel laureates. Ruth distinguished Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Madame Curie, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Werner Heisenberg (physicist; 1901-1976), Octavio Paz and many more: Doctor, it would be lacking for us to say congratulations to the BEL research, congratulations to the BEL energy and your BEG, doctor, because you have helped us to understand that the Nobel Prize, which we received at some point, is the Prize for the tartuffery. Recognizing it not only frees us, but we also reject it as tendentious, for being disloyal to humanity, for being for the sole pleasure of the NMEGO and because in many cases it has led to the destruction of humanity. –Numerous former religious: Doctor, we want to express that we agree with what we have witnessed and thank you for your valuable intervention so that we can biocommunicate. We are part of the scam, we were deceived and we deceive, without considering ourselves or other possibilities. We joined the lie out of fear or conviction, and now that we are part of the bioenergemity community, we can say that by not agreeing to continue with this same deception, we break all relations with the Tartuffes, which is the healthiest thing for us. Because we do believe that BEL energy exists and that in any case that is the most appropriate for our BEG. All the bioenergemity thank you for helping us to locate ourselves. –BEGs of journalists, also those who work via satellite, in social, national, international, and similar networks: Doctor, it is an opportunity that we have at this moment to be able to express that our function as communicators is as vague and deficient as any other 'bible' already discussed. Well, we only report the superficiality of the events and do not go deeper, perhaps as we could do in many cases, if we were mainly guided by our BEG and our biointerfaceme. We are blocked in such a way that the NMEGO is disabled. This is how the BELC cannot be surpassed in any case, especially that which, of course with you, is well connected from BEG to BEG or from biointerfaceme to biointerfaceme, and their different relationships, connections and biointeractions. It may take time for the human NMEGO to recognize this and give itself the opportunity to experience, value and accept BELC and BEL research. However, doctor, what has already been said is written in the bioenergemity, in the biointerfacity and in the biomaterity. A hug from all with much appreciation. –Louis Pasteur: It is very pleasant to biocommunicate like this, there is no doubt that it is the best way to accept mistakes and their consequences. Unfortunately, the tartuffery causes blindness and uselessness to be able to behave differently. Indeed, doctor, we are all happy to acknowledge what BEL research has done so far and how the same thing seems to be being said. However, also confirmed over and over again, the effects of BEL research are deworming in the different universes, which is not a small thing, and this in turn increases the biointeraction between them. Which opens the door or window or opens the possibility of exploring new horizons. A hug, doctor. –Abdus Salam: Doctor, there is no doubt, BEL energy has characteristics that make all bioinformation flow, and although this has already been explained by you, it is still surprising. It strikes me how the 'bibles' have also been compared in the same way with the Nobel Prize winners who, in effect, have caused destruction to humanity from their origin. –Eloísa Montero de Horta: Doctor, this BELC makes us feel once again that the BEG was right… Although there were protests, doctor, and challenges to overcome… but finally someone revealed the bioinformation. What better than Dr. Cuevas' own intuition. –Lucy Jiménez: Doctor, it is important to have heard another revelation and that, however, seemed already certain, it is very important that it is the BEG itself who expresses the answer to the questioning and before the other BEGs witnesses to it. This makes us have confidence, certainty and responsibility for our own existence. It is interesting and pleasant the sensation that at this moment there is in all the bioenergemity. Possibly it is due, doctor, to the fact that, like any process, it needs a period of rest to reflect on it. The fact is that, despite the fact that the Tartuffes had already been questioned, and those that remain to be evidenced, the important thing is the effects that are already experienced by themselves, the deceptions cease to remain. They are also exposed, like a domino effect. –Albert Einstein: Doctor, in fact, there cannot necessarily be a change in the unit universe [UU] without there being a change in the BML, BIFL and BEL universes. The theories that exist about the universe are now being transformed and are also placed as nonsense due to lack of forcefulness and BEL and BIFL explanation. –Bertrand Russell: Doctor, now I place mathematics as a language in which they cover up and mislead the capacity for intuition that the BEG has by itself. In such a way that I also consider it necessary that if at first, they were part of the intuition, because they were not recognized as such, they have become part of the stuttering repetition of the NMEGO. This also nullifies the possibility of questioning in other areas of study. –Bhrikiam, an extraterrestrial man: Doctor, the deworming of the UU in each BELC has the effect that the BEGs of other civilizations can also establish a better BELC with the terrestrials, with other civilizations and with the UU. Deworming is also a way to debug the NMEGO and the UU. –Babies: Doctor, we were asleep. Asleep now is also biocommunicating with the unit universe that later makes us suppose we are ourselves. But it's not like that, doctor. We do not understand how, but for us it is different. And in this BELC we noticed, as if it were a dream, that there was a different path, there are new biospecies that share similarities. We haven't given them names, we just talked and they say 'we will biorremember each other when we biocommunicate because our BEGs already know each other'. It is the BEL capacity, doctor, that the BEG of a baby can also have or perhaps any BEG can have [24]. Peter Watson comments that Adolf Hitler knew he needed "a 'sacred text,' a bible," and that is why he wrote 'My Struggle' [45]. 

Everyone said goodbye very happy and, especially, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton spontaneously said goodbye to us, they were with the journalists. Barack had invited the BEGs of many world leaders. Our BEGs, Ruth's and mine, shared the joy of BEL energy, in which a very cohesive bioenvironment prevailed. My BEG commented: “It is a very calm, trustworthy, cohesive, more authentic bioenvironment [24].” 

At the end of the bioexperience, Ruth added that at all times it was a very calm BELC and that intuitions flowed easily.

Sigmund Freud's Message to Humanity

BELC of August 22, 2016. Sigmund Freud, did you present testicular inflammation at any time? –Yes, doctor … at about twenty-five years old. –Once or several times? –They went several times, doctor. –Suggestive of chronic infection. "It seemed so, doctor." –Did you procure your mother? –At some point it did happen that I procured her, doctor. –Who else procured her? –Some who were her partners. –Was it one of these procurers that you biocollapsed? –Yes, one of them, indeed, doctor. –How often did you have sexual relations with Martha? –For a time, a couple of years, it was very frequent, then there was separation between us. At my initiative, the sexual relationship between Martha and me was interrupted. –Did you father your sons and daughters? –Yes, doctor … everyone. –What do you want to say to the patients who have remained in Freudian or orthodox analytic treatment, some of them, men and women, for many –inexplicable and endless– years [42-44]? –Doctor, it now seems to me that it was unnecessary for them to carry out a 'Freudian analysis' so that his/her existential situation remained practically in the same condition. It definitely seems to me that denying patients other therapeutic clinical care alternatives is like drowning them in a glass of water and staying in the same situation; and it is unprofessional on the part of colleagues who do and have done so. In this way, patients are not listened to, nor are they given their place as people, but are placed only within a very superficial theoretical approach. I apologize to all of them for not being critical of my own 'theoretical and clinical proposals'. –What do you want to tell humanity? –Tell it that I am responsible for having misled the information regarding sexuality and in terms of 'psychosexual development' by not having questioned moralistic influences such as religion at the time, nor having exposed the situations of patients honestly, which shows that the 'contribution' I had was to the detriment of humanity. An attack on the stability and legitimacy that these issues may have and that could have been avoided if they had been treated honestly. Reiterate, then, that it is important that each one of the people can in any case be reconciled with their own BEG and be able, then, to know each other fully and without prejudice. To achieve this, there is the knowledge that BEL research provides, with sufficient and more than enough arguments, about what many of us who at some point we have been considered as 'researchers' and 'experts' have done and undone. Fake words that have led only to disorient and disqualify the existence of people. Without considering that people themselves also have the BEL capacity to intuit and correctly choose their existence. –Do you want to add anything else? –Yes, doctor, thank you, I apologize to all the BEGs present, and especially to you, thank you for helping my BEG [37-40]. 

Anne Freud admitted that Sigmund was her BML father, as he was of all her brothers and sisters. –What do you intuit about Sigmund, your father? –Well, doctor, it is difficult to give an opinion now knowing more about an unpleasant facet of my father. It seems to me that he is still such a BEG that his bioego has a hard time being more honest with himself. This has caused him that the effort he makes is in vain. Maybe he wanted to justify it, but it really seems to me that he is a human BEG that in his BML existence acted unfortunately in a self and heterodestructive way. –Do you want to add anything else? –Yes, doctor, thank you mainly to you and to all the BEGs present, for learning from the BEL research in each one of the BELCs. I like how you have taught us that silence describes the language of intuition [Intuilish] [24]. Silence opens the channel of the BELC. Thank you very much and congratulations, doctor [24]. 

Martha Bernays confirmed that all of her sons and daughters were fathered by Sigmund. How frequent were you and Sigmund having sex? –Well, as he commented, there were a couple of very pleasant years in this regard, later sexual relations were sporadic, surely when he had sexual interest or desire, and he could have even used the information from my hormonal cycle to have a sexual approach and to achieve the pregnancy. That's how sporadic sexual relations, intimacy, became, especially after Sigmund's forties. –Did you invite other people to have joint sexual relations? –Doctor, Sigmund proposed it, he even threatened to make it so and I must accept that it did happen until I definitely refused. –What sex, men and/or women? –It was men and women, doctor. –Do you want to add anything else? –Yes, doctor, congratulate you on the contribution of the BEL research and it seems to me that the BEG has the capacity to guide its existence, but it has not developed other capacities or characteristics that in the BEL research and in the BELCs we have learned that can be manifested. Like bio-observing, intuiting and perceiving or exploring, all of them seem very important to me because at some point in [BML] existence these capacities are inhibited and in the BEL universe they could help very well. Thank you very much, doctor, for listening to me [24]. 

Cuauhtlatoatzin, what can you tell us about when Sigmund said that he liked your participation, did you believe him? –No, doctor, I did not believe him and I respected his comment. Sigmund is still very elitist and convenient, and his bioego asks him to answer or say what he really represents for others, in contrast, he tries to say what he supposes is 'correct or correctly'. –There were protests from smuggling when we began to question it. –Yes, it was like that, doctor, at that moment of the BELC, Sigmund's BEG, in effect, manifested itself either through silence or through threats or through impersonation. However, it is interesting that your BEG, doctor, counteracts through your intuitions all these reactions or forms of protest. The result is that apparently everything is tangled and confused, but your questions help to point out, clarify and make evident how the human has found himself at one stage or another of his existence with Tartuffes and tartufferies. –Do you want to add anything else? –Thank you, doctor, it is an honor for me and I feel very satisfied now to be able to be part of bioenergemity and to be able to express that simplicity, humility, are reason enough to feel that way [satisfied] and that it is neither necessary nor create stories or be part of a fantasy, or receive prizes, etc. None of this is valid because it reflects that for the same reason the BEG is being cancelled. Thank you very much for everything, doctor [24]. 

Samuel Ramos, Santiago Ramírez, José Gregorio Lemercier and Rubén Gallo, what do you tell us about the biographical data that Sigmund has made us intuit in the last BELCs? –Samuel Ramos: Doctor, thank you for the invitation and it seems to me that the bioinformation that Sigmund has shared with us in these BELCs is for me partly disconcerting and very unfortunate due to the influence he has had on humanity. It is indescribable, it is incredible that a person who was recognized at the time, now has full knowledge of Sigmund in greater detail, because he himself has accepted it and, above all, because he used the patients not only as a deceit, but also betraying and abusing them. On the other hand, now I understand why Sigmund in his 'bible' takes up, like a good Tartuffe, some terms and accommodates the information according to what he had experienced. In reality, thus bio-observed there is no contribution as such since the language is the one that had been used until that moment. It's just that no one had taken the time to transcribe it and that's why he manipulates the patient's information to make everything fit his convenience. –Santiago Ramírez: Doctor, thank you very much for inviting me, it seems to me that those biographical data that Sigmund has provided and accepted that they have been the true ones, it seems to me that they would not have been obtained if it was not through the BELC procedure. Because despite the fact that his own supporters and colleagues have dabbled and investigated Sigmund, they had not been able to reach such biographical BEL information that helps us understand the reason for his interest in sexual matters. Why, for example, did he rule out other aspects such as hypnosis, such as social life, religion and culture from a critical and contributing approach? I agree with Samuel that Sigmund only takes the already known ideological terms and adapts them to his 'scientific bible'. To live in this double attitude towards his existence is to betray himself and that is what becomes evident in each one of the BELCs. –Sigmund also adheres to the biosyndrome of double bioidentity. –Santiago Ramírez: Undoubtedly, doctor, Sigmund is a good example. –José G. Lemercier: Thank you very much for inviting me and being able to express my opinion. Suddenly, bioinformation and questioning of Sigmund would seem exaggerated to corroborate and find out more about him, and what he did as a 'psychoanalyst' and related to his personal life. However, it seems to me that it is very important for humanity and for bioenergemity that these data are known, because it can be supposed to be wrong. However, in each of the BELCs it has been possible to confirm the attitude of deceit that Sigmund has had of his own existence BML and BEL. That is to say, like a good Tartuffe, trying to be someone else and not him. Exposing himself in his BML existence and remaining the same in his BEL existence. It is also interesting, doctor, how society or bioenergemity can remain silent in the face of evidence, therefore, it seems to me that the silence of society or bioenergemity like this is to accept what is being said. –Rubén Gallo: Doctor, thank you very much for inviting me, it is nice to know that existence continues and that the opinion can continue to be expressed, especially in this context in which Sigmund is questioned regarding the influence he has had on humanity and it is sad to hear from him that even knowing his situation, he could have had an unfavorable influence. Therefore, in these BELCs he is given the opportunity to correct that influence and give an explanation through what his personal BML existence was. In addition to the contribution that those who were close to him have also verified. It is not difficult, then, now to realize that many of his pupils also felt the 'right' to follow in his footsteps. This is how the third world or emerging societies have been parasitized. And, indeed, they have the right to know another version, the true version of events. Just as it has happened with the Tartuffes of each of the religions. The same has happened with the 'scientific' Tartuffes. It sounds disconcerting, but it's real [24]. 

–Samuel Ramos, Santiago Ramírez, José Gregorio Lemercier and Rubén Gallo. Do you want to add something else? –Samuel Ramos: Well, finally, doctor, it seems very important to me that bioinformation has finally been revealed in all these BELCs because it is becoming clear to all of us the number of 'bibles' that have been written for the benefit of some people or a group of people, for their personal benefit without having considered humanity. This deworming is very important so that the human NMEGO at some point manages to reconsider all these aspects related to Sigmund and other 'bibles' similar to his. –Santiago Ramírez: Thank you, doctor, because in effect in Mexico “scientific bibles” and foreign ideology have always been taken up again, invading us and we only take it back up without question and by doing so we are exposed. So, this questioning and this contribution to humanity has been very opportune, as have been other questions that you have made in the course of the BEL investigation. Doctor, thank you very much for the BELCs and for the BEL research. –José G. Lemercier and Rubén Gallo also thanked the BELC and the BEL investigation for the precision and detail with which these aspects of Sigmund's BML and BEL existence were clarified [24]. 

Other BEGs made us intuit their comments. –Ruth bio-observed that all the BEGs applauded and intuited that the applause was, or meant that: “We agree. It is a biovoice to unify acceptance of what happened in the BELCs.” –Babies: “Doctor, we clap with our feet and with our lips. With our feet we follow your steps so that the BEG will be heard guided by that BEL energy. And with the lips it is to say yes and it is to express the union, the congruence with oneself, with the BEG. The lips are also like clapping in unison, like a sound whose meaning is intuition, it is not a word, it is an intuition [24].” 

Ruth intuited that everyone was enthusiastic, and that the unit universe manifested its own BEL joy, as if saying it did so through silence and uniting with the babies’ BEGs [sic]. Our BEGs, Ruth's and mine, were very calm and in BEL harmony with the unit universe. My BEG commented: “Everything seems to indicate that this is a good time to close this stage of the BEL investigation and only return to the topic of sexual abuse in a collateral way to other BEL investigation projects [24].”

A Dream of Sigmund Freud

At the BELC on November 9, 2014, Sigmund Freud's BEG shared with us a dream he had in relation to a female Catholic figure. “I biomemory that on some occasion I was having sexual relations with a woman who suddenly appeared as herself and before that event I felt more than inhibited. It is a dream that I had in the last stage of my BML existence.” At first, he said that "with all my existential problems I never understood or allowed myself to understand those dreams." But now: "Maybe it has to do with the confrontation with myself, like a self-betrayal that they wanted me to feel that way." We add that he is using that female Catholic figure in his dream to cover up his homosexuality and his general repudiation of women since she meets both the condition of being a woman and the pretext, which he has not respected, that she is not Jewish. “Yes, doctor, I agree with you,” he confirmed [24].

The Frommians were Also Questioned

Aniceto Aramoni Shoucair was also raped in childhood by a paternal uncle, with periods in which “I was not recognized as a son.” He lived frequent cycles of acceleration and decay that he hid “always pretending” professional practice and concerns: “inauthentic”; real sexual preference: “hidden”, “his torment”, emphasized his wife; emotional balance: “feigned”. With his wife he was “very contemptuous, cruel and misogynist; or cordial” –she said. When she wanted to receive treatment -or to study-, even with suicidal fantasy, he refused “because they are going to change you.”24a On one occasion, he declared that Mexico, as if it were a person, is “very immature, fearful, dependent, childish and unproductive,” he ended up admitting that he was actually talking about himself saying: “Yes, doctor, I am convinced that when one criticizes Mexico, as in my case, one is only referring to oneself.” What do you say of that distortion? "It's unfortunate, doctor." Do you hate Mexico or do you hate yourself? “I hate myself! [46,47]” 

Aniceto Aramoni Shoucair, Fernando Narváez Manzano and Eduardo Zajur Dip accepted that they were sexually involved with each other and with their students and patients, men and women. Sexual abused of student-patients: Aniceto Aramoni abused Alejandro Córdova, Silvia Antón Tai, Javier Arteaga, Miguel Krasoievich, Roberto Amador and others. Fernando Narvaez abused María Zalce and others; Eduardo Zajur abused Susana Gojman and others. All the indicated BEGs accepted having had the mentioned sexual relations. 

Erich Fromm scratched a blackboard, erased it and it was left white: “So I’m going to forget about that stage.”47a Spontaneously, Erich Fromm accepted that he had encouraged his followers to be seen in accordance with the “deification biosyndrome.”24 In this same BELC, Erich Fromm's BEG made us intuit that he was not the object of sexual abuse in childhood, furthermore, confirmed by Freud's own BEG. Asking Fromm if he knew about Aniceto Aramoni's homosexuality, he commented: "I didn't want to find out [46]." 

BELC 11/19/2022. Aniceto A, did you have sexual relations with Javier Arteaga? “No, doctor, we had a great friendship” [sic]. Javier. It was like this? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." Did you seduce Aniceto? "It was mutual, doctor, but we didn't come to a relationship" [sic]. Groping, Javier? "We constantly went out and accompanied each other, we talked" [sic]. Quite an idyll... What failed you? You made very stupid comments against yourself. Javier: "I don't know, doctor." You got easily involved and started making a lot of stupid comments against yourself… What do you say about it? "A stupidity, I wanted to look good with Aniceto." One of your lovers was here complaining about your flexible sex orientation behavior, what do you say about it? “I sure did make those comments, but my self-criticism did fail me.” But I suppose that with other people it did not fail you... "Well, yes, doctor, that's how it was." Did you have relationships with both men and women? "Yes, doctor, men and women." But not with Aniceto? You don't even believe that... And what did Aniceto say? "He was probably telling me something, but I wasn't listening, doctor." But you guys went out very often, define yourself, what are you hiding? "That's what we agreed on..." To hide everything? That is the Aniceto style, manipulative, resentful, bitter and son of a bitch and you fell flat. "Yes doctor." 

BELC 12/25/2022. We invite the Judas and Jesus BEGs. In order not to write unconfirmed data, Aniceto, in any case, you abused Javier Arteaga, right? "Yes doctor." Is he the son you didn't have? "That's right, doctor." You sexually abused your stepson then, right? “Yes, doctor, I did sexually abuse him.” What do you say about it Javier? "It's unfortunate that one can't stop the [hormonal] drive." Judas, did this pair have sex? "Yes, doctor, they did." Jesus, did this pair have sex? "Yes, doctor, there was sexual intercourse between them." What do you say now mythomaniacs? Javier: "Doctor, it was crazy of me to do that." You were like a fool talking nonsense. "Yes doctor." Aniceto: "Well, I say about it that at some point you have to clarify the deceptions and assume the truth." 

María Zalce, did you have sexual relations with Fernando Narváez Manzano? "Yes, doctor, there was sexual relations with Narváez." Judas, did this pair have sex? "Yes, doctor, secretly sometimes they were seen." Jesus, did this pair have sex? "Yes doctor." F Narváez, were you sexually abused as a child? "No, doctor." Judas, was Narváez sexually abused as a child? "Yes doctor." F Narváez: “I am intuiting it.” Who abused? "A paternal uncle." During how much time? “Three years from 3 to 5 or 6 years old.” What stopped the abuse? “My mom found out.” Jesus, was Narváez sexually abused as a child? "Yes doctor." 

Eduardo Zajur Dip, were you the object of sexual abuse in childhood? "Yes doctor." Who abused? "It was my mom's nature" [sic]. At what age? “From two years to 6 years of age.” What interrupted it? “The sexual abuser no longer stayed.” What happened? "We never heard from him again." Was he your mother's lover? “No, but…” Judas, was Zajur sexually abused as a child? "Doctor, it was his paternal uncle." Was it like this Zajur? "Yes doctor, that's how it was." 

Then Aniceto Aramoni totally induced them, "Yes, doctor." Are you a professional seducer Aniceto? "Yes, doctor, I recognize myself as a professional seducer." Your office was a brothel at that time and the Institute of Psychoanalysis was a brothel too, Aniceto A. "Well, yes, doctor, it was... things happened that shouldn't be done, shouldn't happen." 

Aniceto A, we show your signature on the Innovative BEL Instrument, like the signature invites a graphological forensic analysis, out of mere curiosity, we invite the forensic graphologist, Patricia. What do you say about that signature of Aniceto A? “It is a signature that reveals who Aniceto A is. He was violated, assaulted, he feels guilty, he is aggressive, like with anxiety, and he is very attached to the family and rejects society. He has gone through moments of depression and surely lives those stages.” What do you say about it Aniceto, were you very hesitant to sign your signature? "True." Did you squash your identity like that? "Yes doctor." Is that fragment of a line a signature? "No, doctor, that's how I felt, fragmented." 

The psychoanalysis course taught by the Frommians is endorsed by the UNAM Faculty of Medicine, however, they did not process this diploma, they opted only to receive a diploma signed by Fromm, right, Aniceto, Narváez, Zajur, Rubio? "Yes doctor." They all answer the same... So, why do you have it endorsed by UNAM, better offer the course independently as other groups do... What do you say about it Aniceto A? “Totally agree, they are just poses.” Don't get ahead of yourself, you'll see what it means… Is it mere subservience to Fromm? "Yes doctor." Or is it part of your seductive attitude? "The two actions." And Aniceto criticizes Mexico and told us that his ethnic origin [Jewish] also made him uncomfortable. Would you have preferred not to have been born, Aniceto? "Yes, doctor, I would have preferred that." 

Silva participated in the interviews with candidates for the course and at that time he used to take out a 45-caliber pistol and place it on a stool, I suppose he did it to intimidate... I asked him if I could see it, and he was disconcerted... I picked her up, I took off the safety, it had a bullet in the chamber, I threw out the magazine that had two or three useful bullets, it was a loaded weapon and I left it in its place... Was it like that, Silva? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." Silva behaved like a Cerberus... Was it like that, Silva? "Yes, doctor, all right." Did that weapon represent you? "Yes, that would have to represent, my person." Surely, you were just a burned and expired cartridge, Silva... right? "Well yes doctor. I had no more resources." (These are weapons that the presidents of Mexico give to some army officers.) And then they go around making questionable use of those weapons. 

Fromm had an apartment in the Institute exclusively for him... The curious thing was its decoration, especially the soft white carpet and the red curtains, as if it were for a girl or a fifteen-year-old lady ... Aniceto A, did you participate in the decision to that decoration or was it another flexible-sex oriented who decided it? "Yes, I participated by accepting, proposing." What do you say about what you proposed? "At that time, it was accepted." You just showed off, true? "Yes doctor." 

BELC 12/25/2022. Out of discontent and frustration, how envious were you, Aniceto A and E Zajur? "Very much, doctor." You could tell, although you didn't realize it. It was obvious [45,47]. In 1973 I asked Erich Fromm his opinion about the low creativity in our environment, and stated: “Mexico is a young society; it will continue to progress gradually.” Roberto Amador, did you try to steal the book that Fromm dedicated to me? Roberto A: "Yes, doctor, I wanted to be like you." You would have asked me and I would have given it to you [46].

The Nobel Prize and Octavio Paz

Octavio Paz was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990, when Carlos Salinas de Gortari, president of Mexico, came to power with much questioning and therefore much in need of the support of those who gave him credibility. One of his repeated actions was to financially support some notorious intellectuals, among them Octavio Paz, who two years after the start of the Carlos Salinas government was awarded the Nobel Prize. 

When Octavio Paz biocollapsed in 1998, it was learned that he was depressed and that is how he was seen in the photos, as well as self-absorbed. In the same way, when in 2007 we biocommunicated for the first time with Octavio Paz, we found him isolated and depressed too. Since then, 16 years have passed during which it was not uncommon for him to participate and be enthusiastic. To the extent that on some occasion and without prior notice he introduced us to Inés de Asbaje, a renowned Mexican poetess from the 17th century. I did not like the sudden introduction, but I condescended because it was the illustrious poetess, whose BEG, because of the subject matter of her poetry, I had not planned to invite her. 

Well, with the passing of the years the intuition came to me as to whether Octavio Paz had maneuvered in some way to obtain the Nobel Prize, but I tried to forget the subject, until recently when I could no longer contain my intuition and decided to ask my doubt in a BELC, both with the BEG of Octavio Paz and with that of Carlos Salinas. 

BELC 07/09/2023. Esther and Judas very alert. We invited the BEG of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, during your six-year term, to have their support, did you financially support some intellectuals in Mexico? "Right, doctor." Did you also get them prizes? "Right, doctor." Even international? "Yes doctor." Like what prize? "Like the Nobel Peace Prize." Did you say Octavio Paz or Peace Prize? Nothing said... How much did it cost you? “Actually, it was in exchange for some signatures for the authorization to buy and sell materials that foreign companies wanted. It was enough to negotiate." Did you get any other international awards? "Yes, to a writer." What award was it? He stammers: "From a novel... of literature." This was for who? "For Octavio Paz." How much did it cost? “It was the negotiations that I told you about.” Was that the commitment with Octavio Paz to support you? "Yes doctor." Esther and Judas, do you confirm what has been said? "Yes doctor." Was it Octavio Paz like that? "Yes doctor." Is that why you never felt satisfied? "Yes doctor, that's how it was." It was because of that gift that Salinas gave you that you ended up depressed in your last days and we found you depressed when we first biocommunicated with you, agree? "Yes, doctor, that's how I was." What do you say about those actions Octavio Paz? "Which were very inadequate, doctor, and I am very sorry to have participated in that." Without any respect, you imposed Inés de Asbaje on us in the BELC. "Yes doctor." With which she exposed herself so that what did not have to be known about her would be known, right Inés de Asbaje? "Right, doctor." Is that how you always behaved and you continue to behave the same Octavio Paz? "Yes doctor." Do you like to add something else? "No, doctor, thank you very much." Inés de Asbaje: "No, doctor, not at the moment." 

The Nobel Prize committee that awarded Octavio Paz, what do you say about that fact? "Doctor, well, we also regret that a situation like this has occurred so handily, so conveniently." How often do they buy the prize? "Yes, doctor, it is frequent." The cost ranges between what amounts? "Well, it depends, it can range between one and two million dollars." Is that award a real distinction? "Not necessarily doctor." It's already totally corrupted, right? "Certain doctor." Anything else committee? "No, doctor." BELC 97/10/2023. Of the set of annual Nobel prizes, what average proportion of them are bought? “10 or it can reach 20 or 30%.” Sture Allén and Kjell Espmark, were you part of that committee for the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature and were you members of the Swedish Academy? "Yes doctor." Do you agree with us mentioning both of you? "Yes, doctor [48]."

Observations by Daniel Casio Villegas, José Revueltas and Octavio Paz

BELC 07/14/2023. We invite the BEG of Daniel Casio Villegas (historian, economist, sociologist, academic; 1898-1976). If you are so kind, Daniel, what do you say about the dealings between Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Octavio Paz? “Doctor, it is unfortunate that this type of commercial exchange exists in the professional field of international literature. It doesn't surprise me but disappoints me." So much the two participants as the others of the Nobel Prize group itself, right? “Right, doctor. It is outrageous that someone accepts this Prize not as recognition of a career but as a merchandise.” Daniel, what general conclusion do you draw from this matter? "Doctor, that free expression is of higher quality when it is to position itself in honesty, freedom and clarity of the facts, not in shady behaviors of those who deny creativity in humans because it is denying the BEL action of the same." Anything else you'd like to add? "No doctor, I appreciate your invitation." 

BELC 07/15/2023. We invite the BEG of José Revueltas (writer and political activist; 1914-1976). José, what do you say about the dealings between Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Octavio Paz? “Doctor, it seems to me that it is a mockery for the Mexican people that two people with authority and apparently enlightened make a decision that compromises the honesty, intelligence and culture of Mexico. If such recognition is achieved through a commercial exchange, it would be better to ignore the apparent intellectuality of both.” So much the two participants as the others of the Nobel Prize group itself, right? “Right, doctor. The Nobel group also becomes part of the scam." José, what general conclusion do you draw from this matter? "Doctor, we know that this type of deception often occurs, prizes arise and then become corrupted, it would be better that the readers themselves give their point of view and the 'intellectuals' stop deceiving themselves and their respective peoples from whom they live and are inspired." Anything else you'd like to add? "I appreciate your invitation doctor, a hug." A hug also for you... 

BELC 07/16/2023. Octavio Paz, you led a group with elitist overtones, and you dismissed and ignored all the smart ones who wrote what you didn't like, was it like that? "Yes, doctor that's how it was." Who told you the following? “Couldn't I ask you for a little modesty, or if you like, temperance? Only recently have you believed that you are the custodians of Mexican culture, and that only you can speak on behalf of it." Who told that Octavio? "Doctor, it was not only one person, there were several who asked us for credibility before those of us who supported the letters." We are going to help you. Daniel Cosío Villegas, do you recognize that comment as yours? "Of course, doctor." Did you already remember Octavio? "Yes doctor, I already remembered." How do you suppose your BEG would have felt about the self-defeating, self-injurious or outrageous act that you committed against him? "Yes doctor, thanks for the question, because I feel very embarrassed by my behavior." Let's see what your BEG made your NMEGO write. You wrote a poem called Source, right? "Certain doctor." Do you remember the approximate date you wrote it? "No, doctor." Let's see, in verse 50 approximately you state: "I would not give life for my life: my true story is another." What do you say about what you wrote? "Doctor, it was in its avoidant moment." What was it avoidance of? “Of accepting a responsibility and a mistake that I had made.” The verse seems declaratory to me, a denunciation of what you did and of what that fact overwhelmed you, do you agree? "Yes, doctor, all right." So, the poem was written after 1990, right? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." What do you want to say to all those whose intellectual or professional development you unfairly hindered? "That they don't stop, that they continue the academic project." With this background, how would you rate your person now? "Well, not very charismatic, arrogant, indifferent to the situations of others." How empathic? "Very little, doctor." Do you like to add something else? "No, doctor, thank you very much for the invitation." We read the above and Octavio Paz agreed…

The Misdeeds of the Inquisition

The inquisition in Mexico came in 1569 and lasted for 293 years. And among those on trial there were some psychiatric patients who were not recognized as such, nor were the inquisitors interested in inviting a doctor to diagnose the state of health of these patients and on whom the inquisitorial trial fell just as relentlessly as it did on ordinary people. Especially when it came to women who were demanded by the lewd inquisitors to narrate all their sexual concerns “down to the smallest detail [49].” 

We invite the BEGs of María de la Natividad, Guillén de Lampart, Juan de Palafox, Gregorio de Ayllón and Ernestina Jiménez Olivares.

María de la Natividad, your alleged hallucinations were true intuitions, right? "I realize that's how they were doctor." How did terror prevail? "All the time." Do you want to say something to the inquisitors? "Thank you, doctor. That the torture they carried out was too much to know the truth.” Anything else? "No doctor." Guillén de Lampart, your alleged hallucinations were true intuitions, right? “Certain doctor. Thanks for sharing this idea.” How did terror prevail? "Yes, doctor, it was fundamental, it was a certain representation of that time." Do you want to say something to the inquisitors? “That their psychological management of knowing through fear was absurd.” Anything else? "No doctor."

Juan de Palafox, what about the intolerance imposed by the Inquisition at that time? "Their own fears and paranoia caused the whole series of tortures to the humans of that time." Intolerant of criticism? "Yes, doctor, before the truth that they tried not to accept with their poses, their arrogance and their excessive power." Were they acting as owners of the humans? "Yes doctor." Feeling like deities, right? "Right, doctor." Do you like to add something else? "No, doctor." Gregorio de Ayllón, what about the intolerance imposed by the Inquisition at that time? "Difficult to understand and difficult to reform given the pride and animal thinking of all those who exercised it." Intolerant of criticism? "Yes, doctor, very aggressive in the face of that possibility, because they felt perfect and with special privileges." Anything else? "No doctor."

Ernestina Jiménez Olivares, congratulations on your meticulous and sincere book, you didn't keep anything to yourself. What led you to study the outrageous facts of the Inquisition even against psychiatric patients? “Doctor, thank you very much for your words and invitation. It seems to me that it was being able to describe the suffering of psychiatric patients by the inquisitors in order to portray what humans are capable of, and that it is not very far from being an animal. Besides, doctor, at that time there was neither order nor control, there was only the fantasy of exercising power and superstition. Doctor, from what I have heard in biocommunications, I now realize that there is a lot of parasitism in psychiatric patients and that is why there is also a lot of conflict between the BEGs and the NMEGOs of those who live with these problems on a daily basis.” Do you notice the BEGs of those who were sanctioned still scared? "Of course, doctor." Was it taking possession of the assets of the accused what the inquisitors were really interested in? “Yes doctor, that power for them was fundamental. Everything that feeds their vanity” How did you manage to get the book published at the UNAM Faculty of Medicine, a book now almost impossible to obtain? “The authorities at the time convinced themselves to do it. Assuming to hide the past is like erasing the trace that invariably and without realizing the human has left in his own laws and in his own deeds." Do you want to add something else? "Thank you doctor, the invitation and the biocommunication with you was pleasant." Everyone is very well, very kind...


  • If homosexuality arose mainly as a result of sexual abuse in childhood –or later–, existence with this sexual preference will tend to be equally violent, vexatious and destructive, with the affected person herself and with others, minors, adolescents or adults, men or women [Ints 11/05/2019] [50].
  • In the BELC of March 5, 2023, Konrad Lorenz and Nikolaas Tinbergen added: “We know that in fact all imprinting is fundamental, therefore, the sexual should not have to be left aside and stop being so. This is how you learn to relate to yourself and others. Regarding the sexual imprint, we must go deeper as you did.”
  • Illegitimacy results from not being recognized as a son or daughter, propitious ground for the sexual abuse of boys or girls. Illegitimacy has resulted in the person preferring to be an illegitimate son or daughter than to be sexually abused by their father, mother or other people [31-33].
  • Religion is to the false knowledge of the BEG what ‘psychoanalysis' is to the false knowledge of the NMEGO. Jesus and Sigmund Freud suffered from the same history of sexual abuse, both admitted to having been sexual abusers, both wrote their 'bibles', and harmed humanity with similar deceptions and parasitism. Furthermore, the two were treated as illegitimate children [24-39].
  • Through the centuries and millennia, the human NMEGO has turned, especially its sexuality, into a can of all kinds of garbage; something similar happens in religions, politics, the military, laws, food, money, water and, in general, in all aspects of human existence on earth [Ints 02/20-5/2019].
  • The BEG or personal component of organized BEL energy, the bioenerscience or intuitional knowledge, the intuiscience or intuitional understanding, and the Intuilish or intuitional language form the best explanation that we have to explain and study the inner life of the human of which Plato he spoke. In contrast to the Aristotelian external life that science has dealt with extensively [Ints 11/26/2022] [51].
  • Thought, reasoning, imagination, internal monologue, dreams, inspiration, introspection, will, emotions, consciousness, luck, language, fantasies, non-verbal communication, culture are neurobioenergemal properties of the human, this is how we live it daily without realizing that the inner monologue is what shows us. The inner monologue is actually a dialogue between our NMEGO and our bioenergeme [Ints 11,12/11,01,04,06,11/2022].
  • Common sense is not intuition; it is an assumption [Int 12/02/2022] [51].
  • The wildest aspects of human physiology are the sexual-urinary function and the digestive tract, which, as we know, frequently intermingle until practically erasing the border between these functions, ignoring hygiene and favoring the appearance of various diseases and infections, for example, bacterial endocarditis, sepsis, local abscesses, or infections by various well-known bacterial or viral diseases. Without forgetting the commission of savage criminal acts such as sexual abuse of minors and adults, men and women, or voluntary or involuntary poisoning through the ingestion of substances toxic to health or even lethal compounds. The sexual-urinary, digestive and respiratory systems have always been used to torture people under any pretext. In none of the three extraterrestrial humanities [Agramic (real name; Ars), Silveries (Ps) and Transparents (Ts), we named them like that] of which we have data, their organism does not have digestive or respiratory systems, nor sexual or urinary organs. The equivalent of their digestive nutrients and elements that compensate for the lack of breathing are received through synthetic products that the surface (not skin) of their body absorbs, the union of the male and female "particles" for reproduction is transmitted by the male to the woman through the belly of both and gestation occurs in her for an average of three months until the birth of the baby (of the gender that the couple chose) also through the woman's abdominal wall [Ints 12/07,08/2022].
  • However, at the BELC on March 9, 2023 we finally clarified that the Ts are reproduced by totally mechanical means in cabins programmed for that purpose; the woman's pregnancy ceased to exist, there are no more families and the community forms the 'family' of the new member, man or woman, of the population. The Ars and Ps are in an intermediate stage, some women still choose pregnancy, but less and less, artificial means to reproduce are imposed on pregnancy [26] [Ints 05/22/2023].
  • For an accessible and up-to-date summary of the anatomical and physiological differences between the male and female brains, brain characteristics according to sexual preferences and the participation in these of genetic, gonadal (testicles and ovaries) and hormonal factors, see the references 43-44.
  • The Nobel Prize is completely corrupt.
  • In addition to being ignorant and lewd, the inquisitors were only interested in taking away their assets from the accused, regardless of whether they were healthy or not from the NMEGO.


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Citation: Cuevas-Sosa A (2023) Child Sexual Abuse and Imprinting. The Fraud of Sigmund Freud and the Frommians too: Corrected and Enlarged Versión. J Altern Complement Integr Med 9: 421.

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