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Healing with Sound – Osteoarthritis

Jennifer Warters1*
1 Consultant Clinician- Living Memory Research Trust, United kingdom

*Corresponding Author(s):
Jennifer Warters
Consultant Clinician- Living Memory Research Trust, United Kingdom

Received Date: Feb 28, 2024
Accepted Date: Mar 08, 2024
Published Date: Mar 15, 2024


This paper presents osteoarthritis from a medical and holistic perspective. An explanation of the ancient practice of healing with sound illustrates the positive impact on the anatomical structure of the Human Energy Field (HEF). Current scientific research using high frequency sound waves in tissue engineering demonstrates the principles of this ancient practice. A personal case study of sudden onset bilateral osteoarthritis of the thumbs provides evidential research demonstrating a healing response through Toning (vibrational healing through vocal sound) to alleviate pain and reduce deterioration.


Ancient practices; Bilateral osteoarthritis; Consciousness; Frequency; Healing; Human energy field osteoarthritis, Resonance; Self-healing; Sub atomic particles sound; Thumbs; Toning; Tissue engineering; Vibration; Voice

History of Healing With Sound

Sound can be harnessed as a creative, transformative force. This is the principle underpinning toning where a positive force field is generated through simple vocal techniques, now confirmed by medical research. 

The global tradition is historically recorded and mentioned in early spiritual texts. Ethnic groups had reverence for life and cherished their connection to nature, with sound used as a joyful expression of this connection. Sound was used in spiritual practice to restore the body’s natural resonance and to impact the environment in which they lived. 

Ancient cultures in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres were aware that sound travels through air, water, bodily tissue and organs. Sound was recognised as eliciting altered states of consciousness affecting and improving emotional responses, health and wellbeing. The ancient Greeks used music and vocal sound to cure mental disorders, Pythagoras’ followers used songs of praise and lyrical poetry for their healing properties. Australian aborigines were known to have used the didgeridoo as a healing tool and singing bowls were used in Himalayan spiritual healing ceremonies.


If we follow the principle that matter vibrates at a specific frequency and resonance influences sub atomic particles, we can harness this energy to regenerate and restore function. The goal is to rebuild tissue by triggering the self-healing mechanism of the body to promote a healing response. Toning provides a means of creative expression, a powerful method of using the voice in an intentional and focused way. Toning releases tension and anxiety through the use of specific sound syllables. The structured toning process encourages the cells of the body to vibrate at their optimal frequencies.

Rainbow Chakra Toning System

Each chakra tone has a unique function and resonates within a specific chakra (energy centre) of the body, which in turn corresponds to a specific colour frequency and a specific anatomical area. The vocal tone spectrum creates a rainbow of colour and sound to strengthen and balance the electro magnetic field, the envelope of subtle energy which nourishes the physical body. There are eight tones, one for each major chakra with two tones for the base chakra [1]. 

Toning with focused intention promotes physical and psychological healing. It is a radical approach to harmonising vibrational frequencies within the physical body and the energy field. Healing takes place at the subatomic level. Toning, breaks up the molecular structure of matter dispersing the energetic blocks which impede flow 

Toning alters the movement of a cell from centrifugal (to fly outwards) to a centripetal flow (clockwise) that counteracts the centrifugal force and prevents the ‘flying out’ movement to keep the cell moving with a uniform speed along a circular path or direction [2].


From a medical perspective osteoarthritis is the most common degenerative musculoskeletal disorder, generally affecting one or more joints. In simple terms, it is the chemical breakdown of cartilage between two bone ends, which causes the muscles to atrophy; the misalignment is associated with a significant decline in function. The loss of articular cartilage is no longer thought to be the primary change in this debilitating condition for there are cellular changes combined with other bio mechanical stresses, including body position, physical exertions, forces, and motions. The musculoskeletal mechanics of osteoarthritis result in faulty movement patterns. Most chronic bone and joint or ligament and tendon problems of the foot, ankle or lower extremity, originate from a biomechanical abnormality at the point where chemical energy is transformed into mechanical energy. This results in a failure to maintain homeostasis which weakens the collagen network, resulting in cartilage softening. 

In 2019, 528 million people worldwide were living with osteoarthritis, an increase of 113% since 1990. About 73% of people suffering from this condition are older than 55 years and 60% are female. According to statistics, osteoarthritis can’t be reversed but progression can be halted. The main symptom is pain and this tends to be worse with movement at the end of the day, it is also common to feel stiff after rest. The pain is described as dull, achy and throbbing. It can be relieved with rest, however, overtime, the pain tends to be more frequent and can be a constant dull ache. Standard medical advice to halt progression is to avoid high impact activity and to stay a healthy weight. Inflammation can be reduced by eating anti-inflammatory foods, leafy greens and colourful vegetables.

Sound - Current Medical Research

Pain perception can be affected by emotions and current research shows that sound can affect the perception of pain. Sound alleviates acute pain by activating the parasympathetic nervous system which regulates internal balance and homeostasis. Low intensity sound reduces the activity of the neurones, the cells responsible for receiving sensory input from the external world. 

Within the scientific community, there have been considerable sonic advances in tissue engineering using high frequency sound waves to encourage bone growth. The RMIT unit in Melbourne University have used sound waves to help bone growth where cells have been lost to cancer and degenerative disease by turning stem cells into bone cells. High frequency sound waves generate a pressure which impacts the stem cells which are very responsive to physical force. By applying the right amount of pressure in the right place, a change in the growth process is triggered, the force exerted by these high frequency sound waves causing the stem cell to turn into bone. In some cases, researchers shot sound waves at tissue cells 10 minutes each day over the course of 5 days to stimulate bone growth. Such methods of using sound waves did not require any bone inducing drugs and were easy to apply to the stem cells. However, the use of complicated and expensive equipment proved unviable preventing widespread clinical application. Evidence now shows that stem cells in the body respond as much to physical sensations as to biochemical signals. Further research demonstrates that vocal sound helps us to tolerate pain [3]. There is an emotional release when we are in pain and instead of using words, we make a sound. Expressing our pain vocally in this way, helps to dissolve some of the stress and assists our ability to tolerate the pain we are experiencing.

Human Energy Field (HEF)

The orthodox, medical perspective takes a symptom focused approach whereas an holistic practitioner with an understanding of the subtle energy system works to restore wholeness. It has been scientifically proved that this magnetic field envelops, permeates and governs the human body. 

An explanation of the human energy field now supported by evidential research, gives a deeper understanding of the holistic perspective, demonstrating how programmed thoughts and emotional responses impact on physical health. Meridian channels, invisible to the naked eye disseminate light energy throughout the body via 7 main chakras or energy hubs, situated along the spine. Life is dependent on this energy, known in ancient cultures as chi or prana. Downloaded from a higher primary source, it operates in both the physical and nonphysical worlds, transmitted as stepped down frequencies to connect with matter. The vibrational electronic frequencies of thought patterns and emotional responses are distinct energetic fields which impact on physical health. Fear and control patterns affect energetic flow causing constriction of blood vessels, restricting oxygen supply to tissues and organs, thus compromising the immune system. Negative thoughts and  strong emotions influenced by life events can therefore change us physiologically (Figure 1).

 Figure 1: Human Energy Field

Belief System

Our response to experience forms our belief system influencing perception and behaviour. Science is now able to demonstrate how electrical frequencies correlating with thoughts and emotional responses, are emitted neurologically. The brain translates these emissions into biochemistry which informs the physical system by instructing the cells [4]. The biochemistry of fear is very different from the biochemistry of love. Negative response to experience i.e. fear, anger, resentment, uncertainty, intercepts the incoming energetic flow which in turn affects our physiological processes, compromising the immune system. Unless we are able to discard our old way of thinking and our emotional response to those thoughts, we will be caught in a loop of conditioned response and will continue to sleep walk and to run on old tracks. We are required to change negative attitude and beliefs because how we think affects our body chemistry and behaviour. 

In order to free ourselves from our limited perception, we must become vigilant, heighten our awareness and acknowledge patterns which no longer serve us. We have to believe that it is possible to change or we will be unable to summon the resources to do so. When we are in a safe state, we are able to access higher cortical function but if we are fearful, angry or uncertain, the function of these systems is disturbed, we become defensive and protective, compromising physiology.

Personal Case Study- Sudden Onset Osteoarthritis

  • Female – Age 63 at onset of symptoms
  • Practising Sound Therapist
  • Background in Speech and Language Therapy within National Health Trust in the north of England, coordinating and delivering area wide service to adults with learning disabilities and children with additional needs.
  • Post graduate training in Energy Alignment, The Academy of Spiritual Sciences. Specialist area Sound Therapy, links between memory, communication and consciousness.

Pre – Symptom History

Moving house –cleaning with strong chemicals

Did not protect hands with gloves. 

Emotional state 

  • Anxious, angry and resentful due to enforced relocation. 

Symptoms: Sudden onset 24 hours 

  • Both wrists aching
  • Hands red and hot
  • Bilateral thumbs appeared crooked 

Investigation: Attended A&E 

  • Symptoms dismissed
  • No medication offered 

Symptoms persisted: Self - Referral doctor Unusual presentation- 

  • Sudden onset/Marked distortion of both thumbs.
  • Pain free on examination
  • Surprised there were no other bone abnormalities i.e. ankles, distortion of spine and shoulders etc 


  • Referral for X-ray 

X-ray Result 

  • Confirmed arthritic abnormalities.
  • Both thumbs bending out at thumb joint.
  • Swelling on outside of both thumbs
  • Cartilage erosion 

Diagnosis: Osteo-Arthritis (Figure 2) 

 Figure 2: Photo of right and left thumb showing abnormalities.


Joint function 

  • Pain free
  • Able to carry out everyday activities
  • Articulation normal/thumb and finger pincer grip etc
  • Able to use computer keyboard 


To continue with personal sound therapy programme:

  • Prevent pain
  • Stabilise bone distortion in thumbs
  • Prevent further deterioration. 

Toning Programme 

  • Daily practice of system of 8 chakra tones .
  • Sequence of tones and correlating colours
  • Reviewed and changed at three month intervals. 

Follow up at 3 years 

Relocation/ New Doctor-

General check up – Good health 

Osteoarthritis Examination and Review 

  • Previous episode of inflammatory arthritis which had led to rapid destruction of the 1st metacarpal phalangeal joint and muscle wastage at base of each thumb 

Thumb Function Assessment 

  • Pain free on examination-
  • Bending thumbs back/intense pressure applied 


  • No medication offered – no pain
  • Continue vocal sound therapy 


  • Unique sudden onset of bilateral osteoarthritis
  • No record of similar case found


My choice to continue and sustain sound therapy stabilised the bone condition and muscle wastage and prevented further deterioration in both thumbs which continue to function normally. 

‘The trillion- dollar pharmaceutical industry puts its research money into the search for magic bullets in the form of chemicals because pills mean money. If energy healing could be made into tablet form, developing manufacturers would get interested quickly’ – Dr Bruce Lipton PhD, cell biologist, author and lecturer. 

Part 2 of this paper will document an exploration of the imprinted memory patterns which underpinned this condition, through past life therapy sessions. This offered a deeper understanding of the metaphysics of osteoarthritis and causative factors which led to the manifestation of symptoms.


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Citation: Warters J (2024) Healing with Sound – Osteoarthritis. J Altern Complement Integr Med 10: 471.

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