Journal of Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine Category: Medicine Type: Mini Review

Sexual Abuse, Syphilis, Anthropophagy, and Mythomaniac Biosyndrome in Religious, Political, and Other Groups

Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa1*
1 Centro de Prevención y Tratamiento de la Violencia Sexual e Intrafamiliar, Mexico

*Corresponding Author(s):
Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa
Centro De Prevención Y Tratamiento De La Violencia Sexual E Intrafamiliar, Mexico

Received Date: Sep 18, 2023
Accepted Date: Sep 29, 2023
Published Date: Oct 06, 2023


In addition to biomatter, the human body includes a bioenergeme (personal component of organized bioenergemal energy; BEG) and also a possible third virtual (temporary, potential) component as well or biointerfaceme. From my experience regarding bioenergemal communication (BELC, relative to the BEG) practice with BEGs that are either at the BEL universe (where the BEGs arrive after the body biocollapses, dies) or at the biomaterial (BML) universe (space-time), it is possible to biocommunicate with human BEGs regarding topics of mutual interest. Of course, any BEG can establish BELC from the BEL universe to any BEG at the BML universe and vice versa or between themselves there or here. In the biodialogue that we establish through any relaxation validated technique, the bioimage of a BEG would be a living and acting virtual biointerfaceme, just like the rest of bioimages that are formed during it or in dreams. 

Through bioenergemal communication, we establish interaction with human BEGs that arrive at the BEL universe after people biocollapse (die). This BEL information does not intend to ratify or rectify the official version of these facts; it only presents the bioinformation that some BEGs shared with us. All invited BEGs agreed that their names and comments could be published.


Biomaterial universe; Bioenergemal universes; Bioenergemal communication; Bioenergeme; Biocommunication; Deifying biosyndrome; Hero myth; Illegitimacy biosyndrome; Neuromindego; Religious figures


BML: Biomaterial

BEL: Bioenergemal

BEG: Bioenergeme

BELC: Bioenergemal Communication

BIOCOM: Biocommunication

NMEGO: Neuromindego

Religious’ BEGs

Biblical Adam originally was from a community other than Eve’s. Eve’s community rejected her relationship with Adam and alienated them. He was raped as a child by his father. Cain was raped by Adam as a child, according to Eve, because “he wanted to know what it felt like and because he believed he was not his son.”1 Cain raped Abel because he was the favorite of Adam. We proposed that the so-called ‘original sin’, then, refers to the sexual abuse of infants, boys and girls; Eve and Adam agreed [1]. Abraham was raped as a child by his father, and the latter by his grandfather and the latter by his great-grandfather. Abraham raped his son Ishmael, he wanted to move away, but Hagar, his mother, pressured him to go with his father to sexually abuse him. Isaac, son of Sarah, was also raped by Abraham. Isaac protested and ran, Abraham chased him and, in despair, Isaac yelled at his father “better kill me”, which made Abraham stop. Later, the social myth arises that Abraham wanted to sacrifice his son Isaac according to this to demonstrate his loyalty to Yahweh. -Moses was raped as a kid by his stepfather. The social myth of the basket of reeds floating on the Nile, and in which it was allegedly abandoned as a baby, tries to cover up this sexual abuse [1]. David was raped as a child by his father, not accepted as a son, as his mother was engaged in the sex trade and she was raped by his father and brothers and was about to biocollapse due to an abortion. This scared her father and brothers and they stopped bothering her. David assured that Goliath did not exist: “It was a story created to enhance my image and that of my community.”1 David declared that he had been a moneylender and “usurer of unpayable debts” and those who did not pay him were murdered [1]. In general, the hero myth seeks to disguise this background (mainly sexual abuse at infancy) and vindicate the person affected. The heroine myth has the same purpose, as Joan of Arc, who was raped as a youngster by her father and a paternal uncle, and by other men [see below] [1]. 

Jesus was raped as a toddler by his mother and by Joseph, his stepfather. As a child, Mary carried Jesus with the priests of the temple to be sexually abused in exchange for a payment she received. Mary was raped as a child by her father, and it endured for many years. It is likely that Jesus’s father was her own maternal grandfather. Since he was a teenager, pressured and seduced by her, Jesus began to have sexual intercourse with Mary. In addition, he argued with the temple’s priests and reproached them for raping him, and with Mary for having “spoiled my life” -he assured. She had three daughters and the youngest’s BEG accepted that Jesus may have been her father. In addition, the three daughters were raped as children by Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Judas, Paul, and others. They gathered to get drunk and consume “hallucinogenic mushrooms”, while they got excited watching those who raped minors or who had sex with each other. The clique formed a night gang to rob, assault and murder civilians, and steal their belongings. They then consumed flesh of their victims. Mary, Jesus, Judas and others assured to have presented during adulthood genital chancres [1]. -Magdalene was raped as a child by her mother’s clients dedicated to “pleasing men.” Magdalene later devoted herself to the same. Magdalene’s mother was also raped as a child. -One more spuriousness: Judas Thaddeus did not exist and does not exist as BEG.1 John the Baptist and Judas Thaddeus are social myths created by Jesus to redeem himself: “Because they didn’t listen to us, doctor.”1 The deity myth fulfils a similar -but more exaggerated- function as the hero myth [1]. The deity myth may be seen as the ancient version of the hero myth [see below] [1]. 

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha was raped as a child by Brahmin priests. His family did not belong to royalty, they were part of the palace’s servants, of the ‘untouchables’. All the stories attributed to him already existed as legends in the community, Buddha adapted and appropriated them [1]. Gautama commanded a gang to rob and kill to get money. Then they ate the meat of their victims [1]. In the BEL universe, Jesus and Buddha have become allies to parasitize dreams and influence the neuromindego (brain, thoughts and ego; NMEGO) of people -especially with economic and/or political power- they seek to influence-parasitize to continue spreading their -alleged- teachings on Earth [1]. -Tönpa Shenrab, a Tibetan monk of the Bön tradition, many centuries older than that of the Lamas, who also rejected him, is also credited with having belonged to the royalty of a monarchy. In a biocommunication of 12/19/2021, he denied that this was the case since there was no monarchy and explained that the intention of adding that antecedent to people, in this case to meditators, it is to enhance their position and indirectly invite prominent people to come to these practices. A simple manipulation, then. -Muhammad as a boy was harassed by women of the “harem” and by an exhibitionist priest uncle. Female BEGs spontaneously said that Muhammad “outraged women who didn’t have to.” He accepted it [1]. 

All fourteen recognized Lamas, including the Dalai Lama, were sexually abused as children by Tibetan monks from the same temple in which they were confined. In turn, all of them were rapists of the little ones that families left in the temples to become monks [1]. In the same bioexperience of 12/19/2021 we clarified the following. When a Lama biocollapses, the tradition is for the monks to look for and choose a child in whom his reincarnation has allegedly occurred to fill in. For this tradition to be fulfilled, the BEG of the newly biocollapsed Lama parasitizes from the BEL universe the NMEGO of the child, and of his parents, to make him answer questions about the properties and practices of the biocollapsed. Situation that, of course, the parents do not understand, nor do the monks who visit them. Even for religious reasons and economic convenience, the child’s parents let us say that they turn their backs and play along. -In another BELC, the Dalai Lama had already accepted that, as a child, before he was chosen as the one in whom the reincarnation of the Lama that preceded him had presumably occurred, his mother explained and taught him what he should answer to the monks who would come to visit them [1]. -In some communities in India that the resurrection occurs is a deeply rooted tradition and even necessary so that, for example, a widow is not rejected and/or expelled from her community. The BEG of a man who has already biocollapsed, husband and father, can from the BEL universe parasitize the NMEGO of a boy or girl from his community or from a neighboring community to induce the boy or girl to intuit responses related to the experiences or belongings of the biocollapsed husband. Parasitization that can remain during the entire BML existence of the minor, boy or girl. In this way, the husband continues to haunt the community and the widow can free herself from being disowned. The husband’s BEG can even parasitize an animal, such as a cow, a sacred animal in those places. Thus, the belief that the resurrection happens has become socially necessary. If the widow claims that her husband reincarnated in a cow, the woman can marry the cow. 

The stinking (unhygienic) and invader friars Bartolomé de las Casas, Francisco Javier Clavijero, Diego Durán, Bernardino de Sahagún, Juan de Zumárraga, and many others, are characterized by: 1. The five were raped during their childhood by a paternal figure and/or some other acquaintance. 2. The five were treated as illegitimate children, as their respective mother used to receive money for sex. 3. Each friar raped an average of sixty indigenous people, especially young women or girls and young men or boys. 4. Each had four to eight sons or daughters that they did not recognize and always despised. They were real Tartuffes. 5. They admitted that the writings they made regarding indigenous communities were made in a biased, false manner and denigrating them. They did the same with the letters and documents that Hernán Cortés (totally unable to do it by himself) sent to the court. 6. The five -and Hernán Cortés and Bernal Díaz- apologized to the indigenous communities whom they sexually assaulted and slandered; accepting themselves as genocidal and culturicidal [see conclusion 1; C-1] [1-3]. 

Heindrich Kramer, author of the book “The hammer of the witches” that led to the witch hunt and promoted the Inquisition, lived as a baby in a brothel with his mother and was raped by prostitutes and priests who came to the place, one of them presumably begot it. As a teenager (≈ year 1445) he suffered from syphilis and due to the intensity of the second outbreak he was hospitalized for a month [1-3]. John Paul II was raped as a boy by his father’s employees, a fact that made him “taciturn”; he devoted himself to eating and took refuge in religion. Being pope, Marcial Maciel raped him “a couple of times” in the Vatican [1-3].

Politicians’ BEGs

Benito Juárez was raped as a boy by various priests, including Antonio Salanueva, the same one who, in a fight between drunks, hit adult Benito J with a bottle that left the scar that he hid on his right temple. With Margarita Maza, his wife, and his daughters and sons, he was very jealous, abusive and rude [1-3]. Maximilian of Habsburg (Max) was raped as a kid by “an aunt” and by a “close man.” Max was infected with syphilis in Vienna at the age of 17 and for this reason he was exiled to the American Continent. Max was not shot at Cerro de las Campanas. Benito J clarified that: “There was a lot of international pressure and I couldn’t sustain my position.” Max agrees that he was killed from behind by a Mexican soldier (who claimed to have received that order from his bosses), surprising him in one of the gardens of the Castillo de Chapultepec. Ulysses S. Grant, then president of the United States, acknowledged having ordered two agents from the embassy of that country in Mexico, to feign friendship with Benito J and at the right time offer him a drink poisoned with a lethal dose of a cardiotonic. This substance could have caused the former president of Mexico to alter his heart rhythm to the extreme of heart arrest or burst. Grant accepted himself as genocidal and culturicidal, for which he offered his apologies to Mexico, Mexicans, and Benito Juárez and his family. Grant justified himself: “We already needed to disappear him [Benito Juárez] because he was creating a lot of effervescence and he was not letting us establish political agreements between Mexico and the United States as we wanted.” In agreement with Austria, it is probable that the poisoning of Benito J was revenge for what happened with Max [1]. 

Max adopted-kidnapped-raped, with the consent of each child's father, boys Agustin de Iturbide and Green, and Salvador de Iturbide and Marzán, who in turn had been raped by their respective father. Iturbide and Green's mother disagreed with this ‘adoption’ and fought, apparently without success, to get her son back. Concepción Leguizamo (a very beautiful indigenous woman), Julio Sedano and Max formed a sexual threesome. She became pregnant with Max, he exiled her to Querétaro so that his son would be born there. Max did not recognize him and decided to bear the name of his stepfather: Julio Sedano Leguizamo. Max agreed that he did so to prevent his son from making claims of inheritance or noble titles in Vienna. According to Concepción Sedano: “Max was ungrateful, an impostor, an unscrupulous being. Vividor [exploitative] and very, very hurt or affected.” Julio Sedano husband: “A son [Max] despised by his parents, of course he loses his meaning in life and that is why he showed himself to others arrogant and greedy.” Julio Sedano Leguizamo biocollapsed in Europe (France), possibly shot [1]. 

According to their BEGs, the Iberian monarchs, Isabel I -almost stuttering- and Fernando II, were raped in childhood; her, by an uncle; him, by his father and close friends. In turn, they sexually abused men and women in servitude. -Harry S. Truman: “The sexual abuse I suffered was very grotesque” from a Catholic priest, and he pretended to be ill so as not to attend mass. -Hirohito. As a child, Buddhist monks raped him. “The wrath of my father –he emphasized– stopped that abuse and he was punished for that... My father went to threaten and yell them, and he was imprisoned for a brief time.” -Adolf Hitler child was raped by his father and two paternal uncles. Later, he became a rapist of minors, boys and girls. -Servants raped Napoleon Bonaparte as a child. -Mao Zedong was raped at infancy by his father. He considers the so-called Chinese Cultural Revolution a protest against the rape he suffered [C-1] [1-3]. Regarding religions, Mao concluded affirming that, “Doctor, I know that I should show to be indignant at this mockery, nevertheless, in this moment feel a calmness because finally the truth is known and this is the important point.” -Benazir Bhutto was raped by her father from a very young age until she was four years old, “before I could tell my mother.” She considers the assassination of which she was subjected the result of an oversight due to overconfidence [1].

Military’s BEGs

Alexander the Great was raped as a child by his father, he did not recognize him as a son since his mother “discreetly” dedicated herself to “pleasing men.” A. the Great committed suicide with poisonous plants motivated by “my incongruity.” [1] -The stinking Spanish invader Hernán Cortés was raped in childhood by his stepfather and was treated as a stepson, as his mother traded with her body. Later he became a sexual predator of indigenous people, minors and adults, men and women. Likewise, the stinking invader Bernal Díaz del Castillo was raped at the seminary. About his book on the history of the Spanish invasion of Mexico, he accepted that the title by which it is known is apocryphal, he says the original title of it was: “New World scents and flavors.” Of the original manuscript, Bernal D wrote very little: “I did not write what I would have liked.” Even so, four friars censored and altered his brief writing and, in fact, they wrote 95% or more of the manuscript. The Spanish monarchy also contributed to modify and rewrite it. The title -and its content- was altered several times to the current one, even at a time much later than that of Bernal D [4]. Since before traveling to the American Continent, both had already presented syphilitic chancres. -Malintzin was raped by the Spanish invaders, who also raped toddlers of both sexes, causing them terrible incurable physical tears. Both women and babies were infected with syphilis by the invaders, a disease that the indigenous people were not aware of. The invaders used dogs to “have fun” killing indigenous people of all ages, and then eat them along with the dogs. Indigenous groups around the world are only used by others, their rights are denied and their property is stripped. So, without remedy, they will be able to extinguish them [1]. Chronic indigenous genocide and culturicide in the Americas must be formally stated and denounced [1-3]. 

No matter how much they try to cover up or justify, it is not admissible to forget the atrocities that the human -dressed as a religious, politician, military, businessman, teacher or writer- commits in any form of invasion, conflict or opportunity. Nor should we forget the sexual mutilation -trafficking and slavery- of girls and boys around the world; there are millions who suffer it and adults justify it with magical-religious arguments that are brutal and mendacious [1-3]. The “boyfriends of death”, commanded by Klaus Barbie, in the service of the dictator García Meza of Bolivia, dedicated themselves to riddling people and sexually abusing those who kidnapped and among themselves. All those officially involved in the attack on the Twin Towers of September 11, 2001, were raped as children. -Same with Osama bin Laden and partner. Osama was raped by his father and the partner by his maternal grandfather and a maternal uncle. Both were a couple and were also engaged in sexually abusing minors, boys and girls [1].

Others’ BEGs

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s father, deranged, raped his daughters and sons since they were minors. The father took Miguel de Cervantes as a boy to see him have sex with prostitutes. Later, Miguel de Cervantes raped his sisters and began to rule them. When he was in military campaign or in prison, he ate human flesh. He presented syphilitic chancres from 13 to 25 years of age. His father had syphilis since adolescent [1]. -Inés de Asbaje was raped as a child by her father, who did not recognize her as a daughter because her mother was engaged in sex service. She dislikes her name Juana “because it was intended for a male.”1 -Sigmund Freud as a child was raped by his stepfather, who didn’t accept him as a son because his mother was engaged in sex service. Later, he raped all his sons and daughters, including Anna, his long-time lover; he became sexually involved with the majority of male colleagues and close associates known to him [1]. At the age of 17, he was infected with syphilis; he also ate human meat “out of curiosity” [4]. In the aftermath of World War I, Sigmund Freud's cannibalism became frequent and coincided with the terminal stage of his existence [BELC 12/25/2022]. 

For more than a century, scientific anthropology seems to have behaved with misconduct and mismanagement because it has apparently been hiding, ignoring and destroying important finds of human skeletons of giants around the world. Jim Vieira and Hugh Newman wrote about the Smithsonian Institution role in this subject: “These reports leave a very intriguing legacy to our generation to ponder. The written word constitutes a powerful record of what came before us, and for the directors of one of the worlds [sic] leading institutions to ignore or deliberately suppress their own writings and research, as well as the hundreds of news reports, leaves us to conclude that their [misconducts] were forces gathering at national museum that signaled an end to the true legacy of ancient America” [5]. 

Vine Deloria wrote about scientists and anthropology: We “can have been taught that ‘scientists’ are always right, that they have no personal bias, and that they do not lie, three fictions that are impossible to defeat… Here is more evidence that science is simply a secular but very powerful religion” [6].

Ancient Medical Experiences with Syphilis and Examples

Claudius Galen of Pergamon (Greece, physician; 129-216) informed us that in his professional practice he treated cases of syphilis with chancres on the penis and involvement in the mouth, rash, hair loss, and damage to the ears and eyes. Predominantly among young people between 20 and 30 years of age "from the upper social classes," only they did not want it to be known because of the "discredit" it entailed. They were people who "went abroad" and were infected there. Hippocrates of Cos (Greece, physician; 460-370), also claimed to have treated possible cases of syphilis, but stated that it was a "rare" condition. Herodicus of Selimbria (Greece, physician, 5th century before our era, boe) and Avicenna (Iran, physician; 980-1037), were not precise enough in their comments [BELC 11/19/2022]. 

Alexander the Great (Greece, military; 356-323 boe) had an outbreak of syphilis with "rash, ulcer on the penis, and mild inflammation of the genitals." When asked if he had a second outbreak, he said: "Fortunately not, doctor." He assured that there was only one stage in which there were frequent infections among his army, “but it was the only time,” he said. Gaius Mario (Rome, consul; 157-86 boe), admitted having presented sores on his penis at around 50 years of age, with "a high fever for about three days and I was unconscious and for two weeks of not being able to get up I had to be in repose." He had no news that similar cases have occurred in his army or among the civilian population. Gaius Cassius Longinus (Judea, military; 50-105) presented an ulcer on his penis when he "would have been about 25 years old" and a second outbreak "at around 30 or 35 years old." Accompanied by “inflammation of the genitals that has become chronic.” He was not aware of the appearance of the disease in his army or in the civilian population. Julius Caesar (emperor; 100-44 boe), he "would have been about 25 years old" when he had penile chancres and a second outbreak when he "would have been about 50 years old." The genital condition was accompanied by “skin spots, muscle stiffness, and it affected my voice. There was a time when I couldn't speak and then everything gradually recovered. This was the first time. The second time it was mild, just a fever.” He considered that this condition "yes there was a season when it was common, there were even casualties," both in the army and in the population of Rome. Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal, navigator, genocide and culturicide, accepted that we present him this way; 1480-1521) denied having had a syphilitic infection, but learned that approximately half of the crew did have this disorder. Francisco Pizarro (Spain, navigator, genocide and culturicide, accepted that we present him in this way; 1478-1541) admitted that, on one occasion, around the age of 20, he presented ulcers on his penis and five or ten years later, perhaps he presented a second outbreak that consisted of "a high fever and I didn't know why." In addition to chronic inflammation of the genitals. He assured that of the crew "about three quarters came to have these symptoms." It made us intuit that in the civilian population of Spain it was a common condition [BELC 11/19/2022].

The Degenerate and Destructive Thieves of the Knowledge and Ideas of Others

BELCs 07/09,12,15/2022. The article on Genetic steady-state [7] was originally incomprehensible to the reviewers of a journal and, in 1972, I had to publish it in Spanish in another journal and recently in English [8]. Alberto Huberman Wajsman (biochemist), Antonio Velázquez Arellano (geneticist) and Rubén Lisker Yurkowitzky (hematologist), 50 years later, recognized their wrongdoing and accepted that by then "the article was too complex" and the only thing that occurred to them, before admitting their incompetence, was to reject it for publication. All three of them apologized profusely to me on this occasion, 2022. But this is just the latest link in several other of their outrages. While in the USA doing postgraduate studies, on one occasion, as a surprise, Rubén Lisker came to visit and wanted to talk with me. We met at the place where he stayed and I found him picking at his feet, which were conspicuous by the repulsive infection of chronic ringworm up to the ankle in both feet (athlete's foot), with onychomycosis in the ten toes thicken and crumbled at the edge raised by the nail bed of the ten nails and blackening them giving a repulsive spectacle of chronic neglect that provoked disgust. Suddenly he asked me what helps you? "My brain," I told him. What brought you to the US? “I had an insight,” I replied. Finally specified, who recommended you? I told him that the director of a hospital, different from the place where he worked, and Rubén answered; "Oh okay." He was satisfied, the only thing missing was for him to say "it's good that the director doesn't support you" from the place where he worked... That's why he went to visit me... They were very nervous, I didn't know why, but that's how they were... Rubén stated: "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." What bothered you Rubén? "My life. All my life, all my existence.” Disastrous! "Yes, doctor, like my feet." 

At that time, I also received a letter from Salvador Armendares Sagrera (pediatrician) inviting me to work in his laboratory when I returned to Mexico. When this happened, I went to visit him and he offered me the necessary facilities. I submitted a research project (effect of malnutrition on the structure of chromosomes) that I intuited and elaborated, and shortly after it turned out that there was no such employment option for me. That's how sewer mice are, they can't be trusted. I left in search of another place to work and later, without my knowing it, it turned out that, together with Fabio Salamanca (geneticist), they carried out the study of my project and published it. At the same time, Harry Eldon Sutton (geneticist) was coordinating a congress on human genetics to be held in the USA and he sent me an invitation to present some work. I sent him a summary on the association of human acrocentric chromosomes and he did not reply. I wrote to him again and he never replied. But soon after, his friend, Marjorie Shaw (geneticist), published my study as her own. So, in this BELC I told Salvador that according to this he hated the Nazis and I asked him how he and the other seven had behaved, and Salvador commented that "like Nazis." After their self-qualification, then, I called them the Nazi beggar thieves of other people's knowledge who feed on residues, on crumbs, on leftovers. The main four (Salvador, Fabio, Marjorie and Eldon) agreed to this appointment and, surprised at how well I knew about their heists, apologized to me profusely. Being perplexed in their bewilderment.

By then, I was already giving courses for the general public on scientific and medical topics, of course, including human genetics, which aroused a lot of interest among people. As a result, my work became well known, since the regular audience that attended was large. I found out that the two children that Antonio Velázquez adopted in the USA −to show off− complained that their stepfather Antonio not only paid them no attention in Mexico, but also most likely sexually abused them when they were little. On the other hand, two of Salvador Armendares' mistresses came to my office complaining of marital violence and that one of them was even forced by her lover to have an abortion under penalty of losing her job if she didn't and because, furthermore, surely “The child is not mine,” Salvador snapped insistently at his lover. Also, from Salvador, at that time I received several very aggressive and threatening phone calls. I always summoned his minions to meet to confront them personally, but they never showed up. Salvador Armendares and Fabio Salamanca recognized these facts and also, crestfallen, offered extensive apologies. I asked Salvador Armendares what he was offered and he replied: "Nothing, doctor, excuse me." He accepted that it was he too who sent me anonymous envelopes alluding to genetic activities without mentioning any person. Salvador AS, according to this, you hated the Nazis, and Ruben and you and the others behaved as such, right? Salvador AS, Rubén L, Antonio VA, Alberto H, Marjorie S, Eldon S, Fabio S, they all affirmed: “Yes, doctor, of course.” 

Fernando Martínez Cortés (physician), at the time director of a hospital, also participated in this criminal work, who became an accomplice of the Nazi beggar thieves of other people's knowledge and supported any illicit action proposed by them. Fernando Martínez admitted having been raped as a child by a maternal uncle and that his main personal problem was “dissatisfaction with my appearance,” he assured. He admitted having had sexual relations with Raoul Fournier Villada (gastroenterologist) to obtain, first, the leadership of one of the hospital wards and later also to obtain the management of the hospital itself. All of them admitted having been abusers of women and, Rubén, Salvador and Fernando, of minors as well, both boys and girls. 

What do you mean about what you the Nazi beggar thieves of other people's knowledge did? Rubén Lisker, “Doctor, I offer you an apology for so much atrocity and so many nonsenses that I had.” Antonio Velázquez, “Well, doctor, I'm sorry, I had all these impulses and outbursts that led to nothing but more frustration. I offer you, apologies.” Alberto Huberman: “Doctor, I regret what I did and I rue it; I apologize." Salvador Armendares, “Well, I'm just sorry for having done that and fortunately it didn't go on to greater affectations. I apologize to you, doctor” What resentment do you have? “Because of my physical appearance and my troubled family life.” Fabio Salamanca: "I want to tell you that I'm sorry for what I did and I'm sorry I did it." Marjorie Shaw, “Yes doctor, an apology first and foremost and thank you for having invited me [sic].” Eldon Sutton, "Well, what you say is true and I'm sorry I did it, excuse me, doctor." Fernando Martínez Cortés, "Well, I'm sorry for what I did and I apologize to you, doctor." 

I later deduced that the initial reason they had for being so destructive and aggressive was the article I published in Nature on the random segregation of chromatids (chromosomes) in human diploid (of the body) cells in vitro [9]. And that I have decided to spread the knowledge within my reach to all audiences and that has attracted so much attention, it turned out to be too much for his cracked egomania. I asked the six of them how mediocre they have always considered themselves and their response was: Salvador Armendares: "Very mediocre." Antonio Velázquez: "Yes, very much, doctor." Rubén Lisker: “Very much, doctor.” Marjorie Shaw: "Totally, doctor, thanks for the invitation" [sic]. Eldon Sutton: "Yes, very much, doctor." Alberto Huberman: "Yes, doctor, that's how I've been." Fernando Martínez Cortés: "I always tried to hide my mediocrity, without success, in my office I cried and several times I thought about suicide." 

BELC 07/27/2022. Ruy Pérez-Tamayo (pathologist) before the clinical sessions used to disappear the erroneous biopsy results reported by the Pathology Unit he directed. He also used to improperly take private biopsies to be studied in the public hospital laboratory. He also had a habit of seducing his students. He was also a voyeur because, together with two of his relatives, they went to a whorehouse to observe sexual relations "of all kinds" through a hole. In contrast, he coordinated a seminar on bioethics and also published a book on this subject. He acknowledged that his behavior was “totally reprehensible, inconsistent, and corrupt”. Ruy PT, do you remember what you said to me when I left your course in 1960 and switched to another professor? Surprised, he commented: "It had never happened to me that a student dropped out of my course." All this mess in Mexico and the US for having allowed me to publish an original article and I suppose that any of them would have liked to have published it [9]. For example, I gave José Rubio (psychiatrist) a reprint of the article and shortly after he told me that “I lost it…” as a child. Right José R? "Yes doctor." The BEL research has had a similar effect here and at the BELU, I guess… Ludwig Wittgenstein, is it now clear to you how the BEL research came about? "Yes doctor." How about that? “I find the whole process that you have carried out in the BEL investigation surprising.” 

BELC 09/10/2022. Ruy Pérez Tamayo, did you have sexual intercourse with the director of the Faculty of Medicine? “No, doctor, we were always very good friends. And we got along well and we didn't want to." And with some of your female students did you have sexual intercourse? “With some of the students.” Did you coordinate a bioethics seminar and also wrote about it? Contradictory, true? “Definitely inauthentic.” Did you hide the biopsy reports when they didn't report the patient's pathology? "Yes doctor." What do you say about that behavior? "Yes, doctor, totally reprehensible." How many students did you have who left your Pathology course and moved to another group? "You were the first." Antonio Velázquez, you studied bioethics, right? “Yes doctor.” Contradictory, don't you say so? "Absolutely, doctor." 

BELC 10/02,04/2022. We invite the BEGs of Gaius Marius, Publius Cornelius Scipio and Hannibal, what do you say of those vociferous deceived thieves who steal the ideas of others and who hide behind a hypocritical repentance at the time of confrontation? Gaius Marius: "Doctor, these guys are disgusting and unwise. They deserve social contempt." Publius Cornelius Scipio: “Unfortunately they have lived a difficult life and more by allowing themselves that kind of outbursts, abuses and they are the waste of their own difficulties and of an existence that was already wasted. And well, doctor, they are the greatest weight of a growing society. They must receive disgrace and permanent public marking.” Hannibal: “They are crap and a ballast for society. Their punishment must be the ignominious sentence of those who deserve nothing more than repudiation.” 

BELC 12/25/2022. Ruy Pérez Tamayo, the private biopsies, in which laboratory did you study them? “In the laboratories of public hospitals.” Is it allowed? "No, doctor, it's not allowed." That's why you had problems at the Institute of Nutrition, right? "Right, doctor." Besides, you charged them, right? "Yes doctor." What do you say about that practice? "Well, I shouldn't have, doctor." You were a friend of the Nazis Salvador Armendares Sagrera and Rubén Lisker, right? "Right, doctor." Did you behave like them? "No, doctor, I wouldn't have looked for them." 

BELC 02/26/2023. Ruy PT, you used to argue with non-existent investigations to refute colleagues like the pathologist Rojas and after someone pointed out the lie you said 'what an asshole'... did you act like that? "Well, yes, I do, doctor." And what do you say about that way of acting, Ruy? "Well, with little commitment." We invited Esther and Judas. Did Ruy have sexual intercourse with male students? Esther and judas: “Yes, with two or three students.” So, did you have sexual intercourse with the one who was director of the Faculty of Medicine? "Yes, doctor, there were some approaches." Ruy, what do you say about not having left one of your students as Head of Pathology? "Well, it seems to me that it was inappropriate doctor." Did you used to be a traitor? "Yes, doctor, sometimes I was." 

BELC 02/26/2023. Ruy PT, you left an upstart in Pathology to cover up the irregularities that were there, right? "Yes, doctor, that's how events happened." Were you sexually abused as a child? "Yes doctor." Who abused? “A woman who took care of us, who acted as a nanny, as an assistant.” How old were you? "Year and a half." During how long time? “About a year because she had to leave.” What kind of abuse was she committing? "She played and caressed the genitals." Hence your orgies in the US of everyone against everyone? "Yes, yes, doctor." Hence the photos of foreign characters that always accompanied you on your desk, right? " Well, yes, doctor, it was like overestimated" [sic]. Anything else Esther and Judas? "That even the woman hurt him in the anus." Was it like that Ruy? "Yes, doctor, and she liked to see my penis get erect." 

EXTRA BELC 04/03/2023. We invite Esther and Judas to intuit from the invited BEGs any omissions or falsehoods. Ruy Pérez Tamayo, did you have sexual intercourse with the Nazi Salvador Armendares Sagrera? "No, doctor." Esther and Judas: “There was no sexual intercourse. They had approaches, but they did not materialize in relationships, there was mutual interest, but there was a kind of rejection.” Did you have sexual intercourse with the Nazi Rubén Lisker? "With him yes." Did that 'canteen club' sound very suspicious Ruy and did you advertise it? "Yes doctor." Did they make a little train like Aniceto Aramoni, Fernando Narváez Manzano and Eduardo Zajur Dip? Right Aniceto? "Yes, doctor, that's right." The same happened between Ruy and the Nazis Salvador Armendares Sagrera and Ruben Lisker, did they make a little train? "Yes doctor." What do you say about it Nazi Salvador Armendares Sagrera? “Doctor, the timing and the relationship are very unfortunate.” And you giving yourself your purity baths? "Yes doctor." Were they justified? "Of course not, doctor." Nazi Rubén Lisker, what do you say about this? "All actions that bring complications and conflicts with them and unnecessary moments are unnecessary" [sic]. Fabio Salamanca and the Nazi Salvador Armendares Sagrega, did you have sexual intercourse? "No, doctor, I had nothing to do with him." Esther and Judas: "Yes, there was a sexual approach between them." Was Fabio Salamanca like that? "Yes, that's how it was doctor." What do you say about it? "That they were moments that would not have presented themselves if it were not for a need of the body." Are you a simple man? "Yes doctor." Did Salvador AS cash in on you in that exploitative way? "Yes, doctor, that way I had to pay some favors." Another little train? "Let's say yes doctor." Were you sexually abused as a child Nazi Salvador Armendares Sagrega? "Yes, doctor, they did abuse me when I was one year old." Who sexually abused you? “My father sexually abused me.” During how much time? "Possibly for a year, though it was occasionally." What stopped the sexual abuse? “He became convinced that I was his son.” Did he think you weren't? "Apparently yes, doctor." What did your mother do? “She was a housewife.” What made your father doubt that you were his son? "Well, I suppose because of his own insecurity." Did he abuse your sisters and brothers? "No." And why of you yes? "Well, possibly at that time he was much more insecure." Esther and Judas: "Yes, there was other sexual abuse by his father on other brothers and sisters." Nazi Rubén Lisker, were you sexually abused in childhood? "No, doctor." As a teenager? "A stranger as a teenager" In what place? "In a public bathroom." From a famous coffee shop? "Yes doctor." Have you suffered other similar abuses? “Abuses no, but similar ones yes, by [people] strangers” [sic]. Which is it? “A caretaker from the school where I went and another on one occasion when I went to a fair, a stranger sexually abused.” Have you abused minors? "No doctor." Esther and Judas: “Yes, doctor, boys.” Were you predisposed to being sexually abused? "Maybe yes, doctor." What set you up? "The sexual abuse of my father as a child." What age? “Two or three years old.” What stopped the abuse? “My father traveled frequently.” Has Nazi Salvador Armendares Sagrera abused minors? "No, doctor, I haven't done it" Esther and Judas: "Yes, it has, boys and girls." Fabio S, did someone sexually abuse you? "Well, now that I intuit it, yes doctor." Who? "Well, it was just friction." Who? "A paternal uncle." How old were you? "Three years." Esther and Judas: "Yes, doctor." How long did that grope last? “About 5 years.” What stopped the abuse? “He interrupted it when he went to study.” At what age did you resume your homosexual practices? “About 12 or 13 years old.” With who? “With co-workers” What job? “We reviewed files and had documents signed” Older than you? "Yes, although not adults." And what is the difference? "None, it's a stupid comment." 

Esther and Judas alert... Guillermo Soberón Acevedo, how much did you pay to be rector of UNAM in the first term? "100 thousand pesos, doctor." And for the second period how much did you pay? "The same." How much did you pay to be director of the Biomedical Research Institute? “75 thousand pesos.” And to be Secretary of Health? “150 thousand pesos.” The money was at UNAM, that's why you didn't accept being director of the National Institute of Nutrition, right? "That's right, doctor." You got the money from UNAM for your condom factory, was that the case? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." What do you say about all this looting Guillermo Soberón Acevedo? "This is how one can get advantages." Do you feel at a disadvantage? "Yes doctor." What made you feel at a disadvantage Guillermo S? “I wanted to have more financial resources.” What existential footprint or void did you have to fill? "Well, my social level..." We already helped you once... "Sexual abuse."

Nothing conforms them, nothing satisfies them, they show an uncontrollable greed for other people's money, for being recognized, for power... and in the end they continue to feel just as hollow and dissatisfied, and they live in anguish, ending up depressed, alcoholic, drugged, sexually promiscuous, clueless, dissatisfied, without explaining what is wrong with them... Right? Guillermo Soberón Acevedo, Enrique Graue, Ruy Pérez Tamayo, Nazi Salvador Armendares Sagrera, Nazi Rubén Lisker, Fabio Salamanca, Antonio Velázquez, Alberto Huberman, all answer: "Certainly, doctor." Guillermo Soberón Acevedo, did you have sexual intercourse with Miguel de la Madrid? "No, there weren’t." Esther and Judas: "There was not." There wasn't because you weren't invited, right? "That's right, doctor, there was no opportunity, but I would have wanted it." 

Alfredo Torres Larios, did you manage to detect a network of complicity between homosexuals at UNAM? "Yes, doctor, they are very well communicated." And what effect did it cause you? "Of disgust, anger, and also a certain reserve." Did you walk away from them? "Yes doctor." Did you realize what effect it had on you, could this also have influenced your decision to commit self biocollapse, suicide? "Although I didn't realize it, it's very likely that it influenced me." 

I invited some authors to answer the question: Should we spread knowledge or do we burn the Library of Alexandria again? The authors are Antonio Lazcano, René Drucker, Wolfang Pauli, Arthur C. Clarke, Steven Weinberg, David Bohm, Paul A. M. Dirac, Karl Schwarzschild, Luis Walter Álvarez, Carl Sagan, Galen. Of course, all agreed on the importance of spreading knowledge regardless of the “fools who oppose it.” They are the modern Pythagoreans, I told them, and, in the voice of Carl Sagan, they agreed that "It will always be better to spread knowledge, the modern Pythagoreans are inconsequential, and they know it." 

It was a time (it was the 80s of the last century) when university extension at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) either did not exist or was very limited. For my part, I helped draw attention to this important work. Stop hiding knowledge since all of it belongs to everyone, even though the Pythagoreans and their henchmen disagree. That is to say, the autochthonous Pythagoreans reappeared in their cenacle, and as happens with all copies, it rather functioned as a cenotaph for themselves and frankly very crappy. 

BELC 07/09/2022. For example, Guillermo Soberón Acevedo (biochemist) invited me to give a lecture about my research work and, in the end, Ruy Pérez Tamayo, one of the attendees, only managed to say that on the slides "I only saw chromosomes with multiple black dots.” That is, pale and perplexed, he understood nothing [9]. 

Peter Watson reminds us that Pope Innocent III insisted that “the corruption of the people derived from that of the clergy.” And that “Pope Adrian VI frankly confessed that corruption was so bad that ‘those steeped in’ it ‘could no longer perceive the stench of their own iniquities’” [10].               

We invite Mathew Walker, author of the excellent popular science book Why do we sleep? Mathew, does your book include the Bibliography and Analytical Index? "Yes, doctor." Do you know the Spanish edition? "Yes, doctor." Well, it does not include a Bibliography, or an Analytical Index, nor obviously the numerical calls in the text for the bibliography. How about that? "Yes, doctor, publishers limit the content a lot." Let's see what Miguel de Unamuno (philosopher) says. Miguel, do you recognize as yours the phrase? "Let them invent, then, and we will take advantage of their inventions." By 'them' Michael means the Anglo-Saxons. What do you opine about what you wrote in 1906 Miguel de Unamuno? “It is a truth that we raise because the truth, to show knowledge in the world, some take advantage of others.” Mathew Walker, the Spanish translation versus the English version in Spanish publishers results in: 1) The English version is generally a serious work, with a bibliography, analytical index and, if necessary, a glossary. 2) The translator into Spanish is not usually a specialist, they translate the technical terms as they are supposed to be translated and ignore the Spanish term that is applied. 3) The translation generally does not include the bibliography, nor the analytical index, nor the glossary if there is one, nor the numerical calls in the text for each bibliographic reference. 4) It is a way of drastically impoverishing the information and underestimating future readers of said translation, denying them the possibility of expanding the information on a certain topic. 5) These forces, at least for me, to acquire both editions, in English and in Spanish. 6) It is a concrete and common way of underestimating Spanish-speaking readers as incapable of wanting to delve into any topic that a book deals with or of dissuading them from doing so. Again, let the others investigate. Did you know this, Mathew Walker? "No, doctor, it's unfortunate that this happens." What do you say, Miguel de Unamuno? "Delay is confirmed in favor of ignorance." Has your comment influenced these limiting editorial attitudes or is it just a reflection of those attitudes? “It would seem to me that it is idiosyncrasy of some countries. In Spain that position predominates, they feel proud of it.” 

James V. Neel (geneticist), two clarifications. 1) You did not want me to present at a seminar the results of the research I was conducting, as requested by Marjorie Shaw, not by me. What stopped you? "Surely the conflict of not having done it myself." The strange thing was that, knowing that I worked 24/7, the following Saturday afternoon you appeared in the laboratory to see, in the photo-microscope, the slides that I had prepared. You went in, saw them and left, flustered and dismayed, without making any comment, contradictory, don't you agree? "Yes, doctor." 2) What were you supposed to find when karyotyping members of a tribe in Brazil? "Some anomaly that would justify its characteristics." What frustration that it was not? "Yes, doctor." What do you say of that assumption? "Too much ego." 

James V. Neel: Do you feel like you've done the BEL research too? "Yes, doctor, it is an important achievement, but it is not easy for any BEG to achieve it." What is the difficulty? "The NMEGO, doctor, the desire to stand out and the desire for recognition block the BEG." What do you opine of the BEL research and communication? “It is very important for all BEGs.” What does it give them? “It makes them be in biocommunication and mainly that they know how to understand the BEL universe and its context. I realize now how to biointeract with the BEG mainly. Not from a superficial plane but with greater depth, with the BEL depth.” Anything else James? "No, doctor, thank you." James. what do you opine of the Nazi beggar thieves of other people's knowledge? “Doctor, it seems to me that they have little credibility because their contributions are plagiarism, discredit or superficiality, so they do not know when the arguments are accurate. Their opinion is based on beliefs or, otherwise, they disavow each other. In fact, we could say that in them there is no knowledge but beliefs.” A meaningless existence, don't you agree? "Yes, doctor, it seems so to me." 

Robert Krouth (geneticist): What do you opine of the BEL research? "It is the best approach that has been made for the terrestrial and extraterrestrial humanities, and mainly to know the different universes from a BEL perspective." And what do you opine of BEL communication? “I like the possibility that there is a means for biocommunication with the different BEGs.” It was already needed, right? “Yes, to strengthen the BEG.” What do you opine of the Nazi beggar thieves of other people's knowledge? "That unfortunately their work is very destructive, since it affects any investigation, formal and innovative of course." Would you like us to comment on the verbal issue [severe stuttering]? "As you prefer." Very friendly. Did someone abuse you as a child? “Yes, there was touching” From whom? "From some as helpers, apparently they took care of us." How long did this harassment last? “Like until I was nine years old” What interrupted them? “That I no longer accepted it.” When you were younger, it scared you a lot... "Yes, doctor, it scared me." For the same reason or were there threats? "Well, the person was nice, but I was scared by their behavior when I started to get upset and they got angry." Did they threaten you? "No, doctor, the threat was not so explicit but they did manipulate it." How many were they? “Two, they were two women.” At what age did the harassment begin? "Like 5 years old." How long after the abuse did the speech problem begin? “The problem started around 7-8 years of age.” Did you block yourself from establishing a relationship? "Yes doctor." But you were a very good investigator. Congratulations. "Thank you, doctor." Any other comment? "At the moment, no." 

What do you opine of the Nazi beggar thieves of other people's knowledge? Esperanza García (physician): "They are unaware of the true value of information and research." Unexpected, don't you agree? "Yes, doctor, totally." Mario Gonzalez Ramos (physician): "Well, doctor, you name them right, because they cause the opposite effect when they distort and disheveled knowledge."

The Biosyndrome of Generalized Arrogance and Mythomania

Ints 10/05-10/2019. The biosyndrome of generalized pride and mythomania. 1) Pride is the main trait of human behavior. 2) Since the NMEGO does not accept errors or limitations, it gives rise to mythomania to cover up one and the other. 3) It relies on frequent and indiscriminate aggressiveness to impose its will (and break others) and abuses of all kinds. Mythomania itself is aggressive. 4) This leads the human being to incoherence, robbery, corruption, betrayal and complicit impunity. 5) Promoting the unbearable illegitimacy and existential inauthenticity, individual or collective. 6) It is accompanied by occasional flashes of coherence and truthfulness. Untrustworthy will-o'-the-wisps. 7) Hence, outstanding novelists have emerged in all latitudes and their works are highly celebrated by a public that feels justified in them and secretly identified. 8) Therefore, in every community or human group, large or small, these inevitable behavioral traits arise.

9) Every discipline or activity developed by humans carries within it the grotesque germ of petulance and mythomania. For example, it is the case of misleading and opportunistic history; of the convenient and servile politics stunned by power; of infatuated and incoherent religions; of philosophy with incomprehensible, elaborate and empty doctrines; conventional literature, with its back to the community and cumbersome language directed at the cenacle; the poetry of unintelligible verbiage; servile art before the powerful and with artfully mercantile aesthetic movements; intentionally confusing and inextricable languages; science at the service of obsolete paradigms; the obtuse and unnecessarily inscrutable mathematics; technology only available to the wealthy; the anthropology that serves to satisfy unconvincing, questionable and false postulates; archeology that seeks to verify theories proposed a priori and not realities; the painful paleontology that hides, denies, destroys, distorts, disqualifies, disguises, findings whose truths disqualify current and dubious theories, and that exhibit the deified and mythomaniac human; the always murky and stubbornly mercenary pharmaceuticals; the medicine of false diagnoses or of laboratory and cabinet studies with ad hoc or fabricated reports; the laws accommodating, concealing and complacent with any kind of power; the psychology of empty and meaningless theories; psychiatry of rigid diagnoses (DSMs) and prison treatments; the armies at the command of those who best contribute and overlap, and to repress dissent and, of course, the defenseless; the sports of arranged matches and with scheduled calendars to favor the arrogance and mythomania of certain teams and some nations; the family diluted and trapped in the dichotomy between the care of its young descendants and the rest of its members, and the satisfaction and unbridled and endless search for superfluous needs and fashions; the implacable journalism in the exercise of interested criticism and in the presence to receive the obolus of those who can reach the price; banking installed in overflowing and cannibalistic usury; the greedy and perverse business sector, complicit in the budget bickering; awards of any kind, tendentious and manipulated; the associations, societies, institutes, centers, academies, lyceums, cenacles of any kind that conceal mediocrity and false merits; philanthropy withered to avoid paying taxes; human rights to showcase the political rival or the undisciplined nation; institutionalized education, an enemy of knowledge, of advances and an implacable defender of the status quo; plagiarism reflection of moral degeneration, lack of intellectual ethics, unaccepted ignorance and unbridled arrogance and mythomania; the endemic corruption of all societies, from the signing of a commercial contract of minimal or great social relevance, to the maneuvers and manipulations to sell trinkets disguised as jewels or antiques of great value; the money that blinds and upsets the most resistant of the NMEGOs unhinged by power and the excessive and irrational display of force; and an endless etcetera. 

10) This biosyndrome forms a network of devastating social effects, both in those who actively participate in it, and in those who receive its effects in the role of passive sidekicks. Finally, we are all involved or they involve us, whether we like it or not. 11) The wasted BML existence of the human passes controlled by the sociopathic and even psychopathic NMEGO, when it could always be found, if it so decided, in predominant neurobioenergemal mode. 12) The biosyndrome of generalized arrogance and mythomania constitutes the main existential experience that influences and corrupts the NMEGO and that similarly affects the BEG. In the BML existence, this biosyndrome distorts, diverts and slows down the future of the three-shared existence; and in the BEL universe, the BEG carries with it wrong, pernicious and useless experiences and learning that disillusion and frustrate it, for having ignored it and rendered it useless in its development. Intuiting itself forever as dispossession and without remedy... [1]


  1. The sexual abuse at minors, adolescents, youngsters and adults, men and women, is a pandemic that flogs the whole humanity; and for whose origin and dissemination, apparently, the religions and the religious ones of all kinds, men and women, have played a predominant, active and permanent role from the origin itself of the religions. That is, the sexual abuse has remained for millenniums and it lacks the slightest serious semblance that this moral problem of religious, existential, social, political and economic health, being able to solve. 2. In the pandemic of the sexual abuse at minors, girls and boys, also could be colluded other well-known sectors of society, as the family, the religious, the politician, the economical-business one, the militia, the schooling and the working one. 3. The sexual abuse appears equally in all the social stratums, with independence of the grade of schooling, socioeconomic position, religious affiliations or absence of them, place of birth, sex and age of the abused and of the abusers, men and women, labor activity and sexual preferences. 4. The sexual abuse has also transformed into a resource of torture to break and humiliate wills, frighten persons, men or women, families or entire communities. Reflex of the abuse of power –of any nature– on behalf of whom they hold it on the subordinates, be age minors –girls or boys–, adolescents, adults or elders, men or women; and within any context, for example family, social, working, religious, military, school, etc. … Fear and anger are a big business, they use to encourage them the religions and sects, politicians, militia, police, criminals, power, the media and publicity, social networks, superstitions, sorcery and other [Int 03/02/2019]. 5. All the human groups in which persons of different sex or the same sex, men or women, are gathered or shut up have turned out to be propitious ambiences for this kind of abuses and sexual tortures. 6. It is known that, on having been born, the baby’s brain, boy or girl, has, at least, the double of neuronal activity than the adult’s brain. Hence, experiences like repeated abuses of all kinds, pertinacious religious indoctrination or the wide scale of favorable and unfavorable stimuli and experiences that a baby had received, are rapidly supported by neuronal and –presumably– neurobioenergemal connections that will give them permanence and predominance by imprinting [11] That is why inevitably, for example, the sexual abuses suffered at infancy could manifest in adult age by means of intense reactions of anger, revenge, destructiveness, nemesis and despair. a) Unmistakable track of the solid neuronal and bioenergemal imprinting and its consequences that these abusive experiences left; also, the frightened and guilty religious instruction will equally be difficult to modify or to forget. b) Likewise, the frequent favorable experiences that at infancy a baby had experienced will manifest as adult’s qualities supported by natural imprintings [11]. These two aspects are the neurobioenergemal base of the impulsive tendency to revictimization or the persons’ repetition of experiences –unfavorable or favorable–, as be the case. The existential stability or the existential conflicts, then, are neurobioenergemal interactions among the neuronal tendencies –or imprinting [11] connections– established in the NMEGO and the tendencies of the proper BEG. 7. The human NMEGO (i.e., brain, thoughts and ego together) still is very rudimentary, and the BEG endures the consequences on having suffered multiple ideological parasitizations in the form of rubbish thoughts and junk knowledge. 8. Illegitimacy results from not being recognized as a son or daughter, a propitious ground for the sexual abuse of boys or girls and its distorted imprintings left as aftermaths in them.11 Illegitimacy has brought consequently preferring being an illegitimate daughter or son than to have been sexually abused by the father, by the mother or by other persons. Illegitimacy at least can be mentioned, but the sexual abuse not even can be mentioned. Hence, illegitimacy, often, conceals the sexual abuse. 9. Religion is for the BEG’s fake knowledge, what the psychoanalysis is for the NMEGO’s fake knowledge. Jesus and Sigmund Freud suffered for the same precedents of sexual abuse, the two of them admitted to have been sexual bullies, both wrote their ‘bibles’, and damaged humanity with similar deceits and parasitizations. Additionally, both were treated as illegitimate sons. 10. Through the centuries and millennia, the human NMEGO has turned, especially its sexuality, into a trash can of all kinds; something similar happens in religions, politics, the military, laws, food, money, water and, in general, in all aspects of human existence on earth [Ints 02/20-25/2019]. If homosexuality arose mainly as a result of the imprinting left by the sexual abuse in childhood –or later–, existence with this sexual preference will tend to be equally violent, humiliating and destructive, with himsef/herself and with others, minors, adolescents or adults, men or women [11] [Int 05/11/2019]. 11. As for the sexual conduct, the human has been, is and will keep on being primitive and wild while he does not differentiate any person for his relief, and without the age, sex or kinship of the persons object of his desires do not slow down his erratic or atavistic impulses either. The indiscriminate sexual behavior is a faithful reflex, although not the only one, of the raw reality of the human beast. 12. It is urgent to evaluate what effects it has had on the war and criminal history –if there is any difference– of humanity –as well as on the physical and neuromindegonal health of its members– the sexual abuse that of girls and boys –and of women and men of all ages– has been carried out for millennia. And that it keeps on perpetrating not only with the same impunity and brutal irresponsibility, but every time with more frequency. Feigning its nonexistence, absently denying its aftereffects and covering up the abusers, men and women equally [1,5,11].
  2. The BEL research is a general result not only of the BML exogamy, but also, of the one that since years ago we named as BEL and cultural exogamy [2,4]. In addition, the entire terrestrial humanity is found parasitized by the cultural endogamy and the aftermath that this situation bears [2,4]. Consequently, the BEL research proposes an alternative of cultural exogamy widespread and extensive to the whole UU [1,2,4]. 14. The human existential innocence, naivety and ignorance have ended; if he allows it to himself, the next step will be that the human reaches his adulthood. 15. The idea of a deity has been and it is a necessary and enough justification to calm down the deified, spiteful and crazed NMEGO of the human beast. Nevertheless, this idea of the deity arose from the same NMEGO filled with pride. 16. In the BEL and BIFL –dreams, BELC– universes, BEL faculties can get lost as it happens in the BML universe. That was happening while the religious figures of all types, like dictators, had controlled the negligible terrestrial segment of the BEL universe, but from the beginning of the BEL research happened a change for the deparasitization of prejudices and for the gradual emergence of a different explanation and, based on what the BEGs of the BEL universe have made us intuit, more coherent. What yes turns out to be more difficult to attenuate is the bioego, ego of the BEG or BEL ego since, as we have stated, it can take years, centuries or millennia only to attenuate it. They are BEGs that do not end up taking on that they are already in the BEL universe and keep on answering as if they still were in the BML universe, in which they would like to find, they do not stop getting rid of the BML (e.g., the religious figures) attachments. Nevertheless, as well as to the NMEGO (brain) the BEL issues import little for it, to the BEG of the BEL universe the BML affairs (the body that left and other humans) are unimportant. ... The religious figures have not been any more than simple promoters, actors and witnesses of the dark history of the terrestrial human [Int 06/02/2019] [1,5]. 
  1. Humanity already lost the course and possibly the future too. 17.1 It is obvious that the NMEGO does not pay attention to the intuitions that permanently receives from its BEG (and from other BEGs). 17.2 The NMEGO exceeds the BEG. 17.3 The BEG respects the NMEGO and its impulsive and hasty decisions; but it always treats, by means of intuitions –presentiments, hunches, feelings– of prosecuting it and protecting it from itself and from others as it. 17.4 But, clearly the BEG cannot control, stabilize or prosecute the NMEGO as it is demonstrated by the world disaster in which humanity is and the uncontrollable deterioration of the planet, provoked by the abrupt, tyrant, stubborn and dogmatist human NMEGO. Together with the always latent fascist tendencies that accompany it [5]. For the developed countries, the age of every person for herself already began [Int 03/25/2019]. 17.5 In the BML universe, which the BELC between the BEG and NMEGO of the proper person often fails is because it is unilateral –only on behalf of the BEG– and depends on that the NMEGO pays attention to the intuitions that receives from the BEG that accompanies it, which happens very rarely, even being at risk of biocollapsing. Any way in the BML universe everything is influenced by the BEG and the BEL energy that shapes it [1]. 
  1. The series of BEL books that concludes with the present essay, demonstrates that the BEL communication between BEGs is perfectly possible in the whole UU [1,5]. 19. Intuilish would be, therefore, the origin of all the BML languages and forms of BELC of all the biotagonists of the UU and of all members of every biospecies of the same one, independently of the complexity, dimensions and biostructure of the same biospecies. Intuilish is the common language to all the biotagonists of the UU. Intuilish is the language biosource par excellence from which all other languages of the UU water; then, it is the only biofossil language. 20. Biofossils or BEL fossils also are some dreams, the internal BEL communication of every biotagonist and external between the biotagonists of the UU, intuitions, biomemory, biospace, biotime, electrons and atomic elements –and its subatomic components–. As well as the biomatter-energy, biointerfaceme, the BEG, the BEL energy or bioenergy, the triverse or UU –BMLU, BIFLU and BELU– and all its component biotagonists. Also, the internal biovectorization of every biotagonist or external between diverse biotagonists and the BEL language or biolanguage by means of which they biointeract and exchange BEL information, bioinformation or intuitions: the Intuilish. They also are biofossils or BEL fossils [2017]. 21. Bioenerscience –or intuitional knowledge; intuiscience or intuitional understanding– reflects the aptitude that the human BEG has of generating, presenting or expressing intuitions –for itself and for other BEGs– (intuitionability), to intuit from other BEGs and to practice Intuilish to keep on intuiting [2016]. A human without intuitions would be a robot. A robot lacks human intuitions [Int 02/25/2020] [1]. 
  1. The history of sexual abuse in childhood is usually found in the BEGs of the most destructive religious, military and political leaders with humanity and also with terrestrial nature [1-4] [Ints 05/21/2020]. 23. Does male homosexuality imply a world without women? Does female homosexuality imply a world without men? In both cases, it would be the most effective way for terrestrial humanity to disappear, as Jesus hopes and others like him [Ints 09-20-2020]. 24. Industrialized countries reward those who from non-industrialized countries criticize their own country [Int 05-12-2022] [1]. 

BELC 05/26/2017. Jesus, 1) if the celibacy ended and the priests could marry the sexual abuses at children and adolescents would greatly diminish. “Yes, doctor, that would happen.” 2) In some extent also if there were priestesses. “Yes, certainly.” 3) And the heterosexual preferences would increase. “Yes, doctor, that would happen.” 4) That is why have not you eliminated the celibacy, nor accepted that there are priestesses in your religious business? “Your intuition is correct, doctor.” –Mary, do you agree? “Yes, I agree that this has been the intention” [Ints 05/09/2017] [1,5].

Luis González de Alba: Childhood, Sexual Abuse; Adulthood, Serial Killer

BELC 02/26/2023. An example. After an impertinent and frequent barrage of parasitations by the pathological BEG of Marcial Maciel's stepson, I had no choice but to question him. Luis González de Alba, ‘she’ called ‘herself’ the Rotten one. We invite Esther and Judas to intuit the BEG of MM's stepson. If you don't answer, we'll take Esther's and Judas' answers as yours, okay? "Yes doctor." How long were you admitted to a psychiatric hospital? "Maybe three years, doctor." Esther and Judas: "He showed better behavior and tricked them into releasing him." How many electric shocks did they apply to you? "I don't remember anymore, doctor, there were many, it was almost daily." How many insulin shocks did they give you? "I don't remember the exact number either, doctor, but it was approximately 20 or 30." How many have you intentionally infected with AIDS? “Several, doctor, about 20 people." We invite those affected, what do you want to say to the Rotten one? "Have the honesty with yourself to repent because your BEG looks very overwhelmed." How many infanticides did you commit? “Only a few were about 10, but their parents participated in it.” Are you an executioner? "Yes, doctor, that's what I am." How many ephebes did you murder? "About seven." For what reason? "Because they didn't give in to my sexual pretensions." We invite those affected, what do you want to say to the Rotten one? "That he be franker, that his memory improves because what he did is very unfortunate and that he can vindicate himself." 

Who raped you in childhood? “Several people, it was my father, it was a paternal uncle, a neighbor and a senior priest [sic], a priest. They abused in different ways.” Did you have religious delusions? "Yes doctor, yes I did." What was that delusion? "Well, the Exaggerated Jesus came closer and looked for me to forgive me." Exaggerated Jesus, that's how you did it? "Yes doctor." Is he your accomplice? "Yes doctor." For how long were you raped? “From two years to 10, 12 or 13 years of age.” In reality, did you continue to exercise without interruption the sexual function that was imposed on you? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." Did you practice prostitution in Mexico? "Yes doctor." And in Spain? "Well, I had the intention, but I didn't allow it." Were you involved in human trafficking? “Yes, doctor.” What people? "Youth, men and women." What destiny did you give them? "Well, then I would take them where no one would see them." Kidnapped? "Briefly, doctor, because otherwise I would give myself away." Did you extort families? "Yes, doctor, I did get to do it." We invite those affected, what do you want to say to the stepson of Marcial Maciel? "Doctor, thank you very much, we still feel very affected and we hope that he will reconsider." 

Were you involved in drug trafficking? "Yes doctor." What drugs? “Marihuana and cocaine.” Did you have your gang of criminal kidnappers and assassins? "I had some, yes doctor." How many? "Maybe around eight." What did your mother do? “She was dedicated to making food and cleaning houses.” Were you treated as an illegitimate child? "Yes, doctor, of course." What did your father used to say about your origin? "That I was not his son, doctor." Did you assault people in clubs or on the street? "Yes, doctor, yes I did." Were you a cannibal? "Yes, I once had to be." What forced you? "The one that there was nothing to eat." Did you prefer any region of the human body? "Yes, doctor, I don't remember, mainly from the southeast" [sic]. Silly, the body is divided into head, trunk and extremities, is that clear to you? "Yes doctor." What regions or segments of the body did you prefer to eat? “Mostly the hands and legs, only.” Exaggerated, is that the only segments he ate? "Mainly yes, but surely also the genitals and part of the trunk." What do you say, was it like that? "Yes, doctor, other parts of the body too." Were you a transvestite? "Yes, doctor, sometimes I was a transvestite." Is that how you prostitute yourself? "Yes, doctor, that's how I prostituted myself." Did you kill some of your clients? … Esther and Judas? "Yes, doctor, that was where it all ended, in a murder." Did you kill transvestite rivals? "Yes, doctor, it bothered me that they took clients from me." Were you a serial killer in Mexico City and in Guadalajara? "Yes doctor, also in Querétaro, State of Mexico and Puebla." Who were you murdering? “To young people, men or women.” By indiscriminate impulse? "On impulse, doctor." Murderous delusion too? … Esther: “Yes, doctor, generally at night he had calls, strong desires to biocollapse, to murder.” What do you say stepson of MM? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." Were you one of those who murdered homosexuals with a tie? "Yes doctor." Did you try to assassinate Francisco Avellaneda? "Yes too." Was it like that Francisco? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." And why didn't you say so, jerk? "Yes doctor, I should have said it." 

Have you ever been caught by authority? "Yes, but I was able to get away doctor." Through? "Bribes." Did they remove your male genitalia and make you a vagina? "Yes, doctor, they managed to transform me." From the previous question, he accentuated his inconsistencies... How intelligent do you consider yourself? "A lot." And in everything you have said, do you reflect your intelligence? "No, doctor, quite the opposite." How smart is it that you let yourself get infected with AIDS? "Very absurd, I should have been careful." How smart are you then? "Well, no doctor, nothing." What effect does someone who stands out have on you? "Well, a lot of conflict... It makes me angry and envious." How mediocre do you consider yourself? "Yes, doctor, a lot." How frustrated do you feel? “Greatly frustrated.” How bitter do you feel? "Very bitter, doctor." Did you also get syphilis and gonorrhea? "Yes, doctor, I was infected with syphilis and gonorrhea." 

Are you satisfied with the libels you published? "No, doctor." What quality do you consider what you wrote? "Very low, it has no significance or a good strategy or argument." Do you hate what you wrote? "Yes doctor." Do you hate people? "I've come to that, yes I already hate people too." That is to say, do you hate yourself? "Yes, sometimes I can't stand myself." Only sometimes nothing else? "Yes doctor [sic]." How sadistic are you? "Yes, doctor, I am very sadistic." And how masochistic? "A lot doctor, I'm very masochistic." Did you let yourself be infected with everything infectable and dangerous? "Right, doctor." Is that intelligence? "No doctor." Or what would you call it? … Esther and Judas: “Cowardice, stupidity.” What drugs did you take? “Cocaine, marihuana, fentanyl, heroin, opiates [sic], etc.” Were you satisfied being a psychologist? "Not at all, doctor, I hated that profession." What would you have liked to have studied? "I don't know, doctor." Nothing satisfied you nor does it satisfy you, right? "True." Did you spoil your existence? "Absolutely, doctor." Was your existence a waste? "Yes, it was a waste." How many defeats did you experience in your existence? … Esther and Judas: “He lived them permanently.” What was the first? "The rapes of my childhood." And the last one? "Permanent defeat." Are the achievements of others like defeats for you? "Yes doctor." Would you have preferred not to have been born? "Sure, doctor." So why did you wait so long to autobiocollapse? "Because the wounds were stronger" [sic]. What did you punish yourself for by infecting yourself with AIDS? "Because at that time I preferred to do it quickly" [sic]. How destructive are you? "A lot." Starting with yourself? "Yes doctor." Did you punish yourself by getting AIDS? "Yes doctor." Was it intentional? "Yes, it was intentional, doctor." 

Have you poisoned someone? "Yes doctor, to close people, family, who had to biocollapse.” According to your delirium, should they biocollapse? "Yes doctor." With what poison? "With which I knew I was going to be able to eliminate it" [sic]. The one of your madness? "Yes doctor." To your father? "Not him, other people I met and they behaved very well" [sic]. Are you incoherent? "Yes doctor, too." How resentful do you feel? "To the extreme." How aggressive are you? “Very, very aggressive.” Are you coward? "Yes, doctor, very cowardly." How much hate do you feel for people and for humanity? "A lot." Do you hate yourself? "Yes doctor." How smart are you really, then? "No, I'm not, doctor." If you're not smart, what are you? "I am stupid." Are you egotistical? "Too much, doctor, my ego doesn't fit anywhere." What do you brag about, your miseries? "Of everything, everything I've done is a pittance." From the brothels you organized? "Yes, doctor, a lot." Do you feel afraid? "Sometimes, but I prefer not to think about it." Do you feel guilty? "No, it's fear." You're a psychotic psychopath, then, right? "Always, that's what they taught me." 

What do you say about the BELR? “That is very interesting because it discovers many things.” And what about the BELC? “It is also very important for the BEGs.” Are you on fire for both? "Of course, doctor, for both." Do you have something to say to your multiple affected? "Yes doctor. Everyone excuse my inappropriate behaviors." Michel Foucault, what do you say about this guy? No response… Ruth: “He seems surprised how you discover a whole profile of people and how they acted.” What do you say about this guy Michel? "Everything he was capable of doing and undoing, of destroying." Esther, what do you say about this guy? “Doctor, it is a very injured BEG and therefore very affected by the Exaggerated. Possibly that made him feel entitled to destroy others.” Judas, what do you say about this guy? "Doctor, he is also a BEG who has allowed himself to be influenced a lot and has stopped being himself because of so many atrocities he has committed." We invite those affected, what do you want to say to the stepson of Marcial Maciel? “We want to tell him that he is a cynic who had neither the willingness nor the courage to help other people.” 

EXTRA BELC 03/02/2023. Stepson of Marcial Maciel, what nickname did you give yourself after the genital surgery? “The Rotten one.” What psychiatric hospital were you admitted to? “In the San Rafael.” Did you receive feminizing hormonal treatment after the genital operation? "Yes doctor." Did you develop breasts? "Yes doctor." And how did you feel? "Very happy" [sic]. Did you ever get married? "No, doctor." Did you have a stable relationship? "Various, only momentary" [sic]. Did you adopt a son or daughter? "No, doctor." Esther and Judas: "He had a child close by, but not adopted." Did you abuse him? "Yeah." MM's stepson, was it? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was." Did you regret genital surgery? "I didn't regret it." How aggressive were you in that surgery with your body? “Absolutely, doctor” [sic]. Did your autobiocollapse start like that? "Yes doctor." 

Francisco Avellaneda, did Marcial Maciel's stepson infect you with AIDS? That wasn't your story… was it? "No, doctor. It was another subject." What city? “I was in Puebla.” You told us another invented story, you are an incorrigible mythomaniac, you had to be since you were a child, right? "Yes doctor." Your whole existence had to be a lie to make it more bearable, was it? "Right, doctor, that's how it was." 

BELC EXTRA 03/04/2023. Esther and Judas alert... the Rotten one, how old was your child spouse? "That boy was about 7 years old." Where did you kidnap him from? "From his house." Were they neglected in his home? "In a way yes, doctor." You got bored of him, I guess? "Yes doctor." How long? “About 8 months, almost a year.” And how did you disappear him? … Esther and Judas: “Doctor, he disappeared, leaving him in another place, it was after a year” Was it an inhabited place or not? … Esther and Judas: “In a public place.” The Rotten one, was it? "Yes doctor, that's how it was." In another city, I guess? "Yeah." How corny do you now find the other nickname you use of the Great Goddess? "Very corny, doctor." It seems the name of a pulquería from the course of certain neighborhoods of the cities of Mexico… [Pulque is a fermented sap, called mead, from a cactus called maguey. Pulquería is the outlet where they sell pulque.] 

EXTRA BELC 03/17/2023. In this BELC we clarified that he was not hospitalized at the expensive San Rafael Clinic in Mexico City, but located on the highway to Puebla, at the Dr. Samuel Ramírez Moreno Psychiatric Hospital. BELC 05/14/2023. On this occasion, he admitted that he fantasized about becoming pregnant and having an embryo implanted in his womb, without doing anything about it. The Rotten one is a very serious example of Tourette's Syndrome.


  1. Explanatory bioexperience of October 14, 2011. We were accompanied by the BEGs of the brothers Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859) Grimm (writers). What do Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm say about what they have heard in this and perhaps in other BELCs? –Jacob and Wilhelm G: Well, it seems to us, doctor, that everything speaks of legends and stories that have no end. They all seem to have the same principle and the interest in fantasy and unreason is central. It is as you have commented, doctor, letting go of a reality that is difficult to bear, but, at the same time, not totally. The contradictions are written and express not only the lies, but the fantasies that riddle the bodies of humanity. In a supposed heroism that often ends in deification. Therefore, they do not take responsibility, because they never had the opportunity to meet each other and have a worthy identity of their own and defend it with pride. The apparent civilization of the human has served to hide his true identity. That is why it is not difficult to describe the human in a fable, in a story, in which everything could have been, but it was not. That is, deception predominates, and it is deception that has built ‘civilizations’ and ‘cultures.’ You have also talked about twins and the importance of the BELC between them [4]. What we are alluding to at this time is that because of the BELC between each other, humans and biotagonists of other biospecies, we can assume that we are twins in this regard, same BEL function. Then, doctor, the NMEGO is also grouped with its similar ones, as in the biosyndromes of deification and illegitimacy. ?What do you intuit about the fact that we now speak, in general, of the human beast, rather than of the human ‘being’, a verb that by the way we have always omitted? ?Doctor, it seems to us that we are very fortunate that someone can show us a different point of view, consistent and that dignifies the human position. As, indeed, we agree with you that it is now described as a human beast, since it would be disrespectful to the animals that continue to be used as an element of comparison. On the contrary, precisely the NMEGO conceptualizes the term beast as someone who transforms into someone unknown, inhuman and difficult to control and even without control. The so-called reason, then, becomes an unattainable word for those who, in their role as human beasts, seek to possess what does not exist for them. Thank you for biocommunicating with you and reaffirming what you have been good enough to insist and that is making sense with the evidence. We mean that the human beast feeds mainly, both its NMEGO and its bioego, on everything that destroys the BEG and the biomatter due to its own rancor. –And they added. “Only to comment, doctor, that it is fortunate that the BELC not only flows in word-sounds, in word-graphs, in words-actions, but also in BEL word-sounds, BEL word-graphs, BEL word-actions, the latter form the intuitions that make the BELC an interesting experience for us because we have been getting to know it through the BEL investigation. Doctor, we want to know if the idea is clear in the sense of what is expressed and not to confuse.” We read this last part to see if it is the idea. “It is the idea, doctor, and out of respect for you and bioresearch, we asked the question.” –Then, the human is the beast, no other biospecies is, as the human beast has assumed.  ?Doctor, all of us agree with you. We were bio-observers of the different biospecies and now we understand that it was those other biospecies who made us intuit, through the BELC –now we understand it that way– who explained to us how the behavior of the human beast is. And so it is that we now realize that for the same reason we were able to write the stories and fables that we wrote.  ?With the idea of deity, the human beast has attempted to deny or at least cover up its bestiality and the bestialities it has committed, is committing and will continue to commit. Likewise, everything that the human beast does, the pompously called ‘culture’, has served the same purpose. –Your intuition seems very sharp and accurate to us and that would explain why the idea of the deity is also transformed in the different times and communities of the history of the human beast. Something similar happens with all the expressions of the so-called ‘culture’, with everything that the human beast does.  ? Mythology, for example Greek, could be understood as an eloquent and involuntary sample of bestial human behaviors. –We agree with you, doctor, and perhaps that is why it is a ‘culture’ that is attractive and that is taken up as a cultural and ideological contribution of human brutality. For the human beast, deification has not been enough, because in itself it is not capable of covering up what it has done against itself and what surrounds it [1]. 
  1. The intellectual −or of the ideas− plagiarism is committed by an intellectual perpetrator or abuser who steals, denies and eliminates, in whom he or she is the object of the intellectual abuse, the individual possibility of showing his or her aptitudes and of living the individual and collective BEL and BML experiences, according to his or her free will. It gives place to the intellectual plagiarist biosyndrome, either individual or collective −universal− [Ints 03/29/2011] [1,11-12].
  2. Imprintings play a fundamental role in perpetuating the consequences of sexual abuse and its aftermath, such as stuttering, autism, psychopathy, mythomania, egomania, and others [11,12].


I acknowledge Ruth A. López-Téllez for her clever assistance and permanent help.

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