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Stress, the Cause of all Chronic Disease©

Andrew Hague1*
1 Professor of advanced medicine, President of CellSonic Limited, United arab emirates

*Corresponding Author(s):
Andrew Hague
Professor Of Advanced Medicine, President Of CellSonic Limited, United Arab Emirates

Received Date: Oct 19, 2023
Accepted Date: Nov 29, 2023
Published Date: Dec 06, 2023


Stress causes chronic disease. Although this is true, it is better to state that chronic disease is caused by the failure to avoid stress. Everyone suffers stress and some resist it better than others. It is emotional trauma. Chronic disease is not an infection or inherited. It is the mind failing to support the immune system. The mind controls the body.

Fortunately, in many cases, the damage can be reversed and the psychological equilibrium restored.

This article explains how this can be achieved.


Arthritis; Biophysics; Cancer; Chronic disease; Diabetes; Intuitive; Pain


Chronic disease never gets better which is why it is called chronic. Pharmaceuticals are used to delay it or make it tolerable but they are unable to cure because the disease is not caused by a chemical deficiency. CellSonic can have a success rate close to 100% on chronic disease. This happens in the first treatment and takes one or two minutes in the case of cancer. A CellSonic therapist usually books the patient for three sessions, the first for treatment and the other two to check. The voltage of the cancer cells is always lifted. The Islets Langerhans always start making insulin. Arthritis starts to go away. Maintaining the changed behaviour of the body cells is the key. If the mind lets the voltage fall, does not support the Islets, fails to remove the inflammation in the joints, then the chronic disease persists. About 3% of patients need emotional support. This is not the failure of CellSonic. It has done what drugs cannot do because it works on the electrical properties of cells. The mind has to be supported. This cannot be done by drugs and drugs must never be used for any psychological problem because they only shut off part of the brain. Surgery on the brain is ridiculous. The repair comes from conversation. Humans are gregarious, family-raised creatures affected by and dependent on others. The illness was caused by others and the healing will come from others. The fragility is in the mind, not the body.

The Root Cause

Before discussing the causes of stress, for that is the cause of chronic disease, it is important to clarify what does not cause these diseases because the blame has to be aimed at the root cause. Of course, nicotine causes lung cancer; thick tar is lethal. But what caused the addiction to nicotine? It is the chemicals of nicotine, just as alcohol causes alcoholism. Then what allowed the addiction to grab the victim and prevented letting go? The control is in the mind. Failure to correct the mind allows cancer cells to continue with a voltage of 10 mv until the patient dies. Healthy cells have a voltage of 75 mv. Cancer is a symptom. It is not genetic or caused by infection.

Spine Treatment

Most CellSonic therapists now treat the spine of every patient regardless of what was the patient’s main complaint. It has been observed that the spinal cord is linked to all the organs in the body and the CellSonic pulses send neurons into the brain. The patient feels much better within minutes of the treatment. The protocol is 1,000 pulses at energy level 4. This takes less than five minutes.

Stress affects everyone

Stress is now more prevalent than in our 80,000 years existence. Neanderthals were here for 300,000 years until we finished off those happy hunter gatherers. We evolved a clever mind, so clever that it struggles to help itself. Some people brush off criticisms, nasty messages, persistent nagging and all that makes the inner soul cry. Their immune system works as it should but most people succumb for there is now a majority suffering from chronic disease. During the day when billions of body cells are replicating, some are not exact copies of the predecessors and are different. These mutations are found at night by the immune system during a proper sleep and killed so that next morning the healthy person starts clean. If the sleep is not sound, the mutations grow and cause disease with low voltage and will migrate through the body. This is called metastasis. The issue is the sleep disturbance. Exhaustion causes sleep and although humans cope with challenges, persistent rejection of love, never ending fear, black clouds of depression and that person is then on the slippery slope to some chronic disease.

There is much discussion about what type of stress causes what disease. Some therapists are confident they see a pattern and they may be right. I do not yet see it and am eager for more feedback. Most discussion centres around cancer and applies also to other diseases. For example, one therapist tells me that she detects a sense of guilt amongst Parkinsons’ sufferers. This may be so and guilt may be an over simplification. Perhaps it is being meek with insufficient assertiveness. Whatever it is, detecting and stopping it before it develops is our job as doctors.

To understand the effects of stress, we should investigate those with chronic disease. Knowing that stress affects everyone means that we must also investigate those without chronic disease because they survived. It is naïve to believe that someone never suffered stress. Everyone does. Some cope better than others and it is that coping method which is the key to the cure. It is all to do with relationships, not germs or genetics. Acute disease is caused by germs. Chronic disease is caused by words.

Types of stress

  • Worrier, hypochondria

If nothing can be done, why worry? But some do and can’t stop worrying. After one expected crisis passes, they focus on the next. Are they trying to tell us how alert they are? What upsets them? News broadcasts delight in telling us how bad the world is. The worrying types are made worse.

Do I worry about getting a puncture when going on a cycle ride? No, I expect to get a puncture and carry a spare tube and repair kit in the bag attached to the bike. I am prepared. The moto of the Boy Scouts is “Be Prepared”. They studied all that they might encounter and an expedition was enjoyable. The more encounters, the better. Worrying is an admission of not having planned or anticipated.

A special sub-species of worrier is the hypochondriac who doctors fear and dislike. Whatever they do for them, never works and draws in complaints. They need attention and get it until they become branded as a nuisance and when help is really needed, they don’t get it.

  • Addict

Addicts lack self-control. It is said they suffer a chemical change which commits them to their chosen poison but that does not explain the non-ingesting, behavioural addicts such as stalkers and gamblers. The drug takers bring with them criminals for whom killing and gang wars are standard business.

  • Depression

Depression is a state of mind into which many people fall and blame the cloudy weather or something but never themselves. What causes the pessimistic outlook is unclear. It can eventually lift and the glass appears half full instead of half empty. The usual medical answer is an anti-depressant drug which makes life tolerable by shutting off the part of the brain that permits depression. It also prevents happiness and causes permanent damage. This condemns the patient and their family but at least a pharmaceutical company profited.

  • Pessimism

The pessimist sees everything as useless, dangerous, a waste of time and effort and never has a suggestion of what could be better. Their approach is always negative. They condemn themselves to failure because they know no other route.

  • Victim

Victimisation seems inescapable for a person who blames their situation on someone earlier in their life. We had a case of a lady who had left her parental home at the age of seventeen after abuse and joined a travelling music group. That circus may have been the best time of her life and unfortunately it eventually broke up and she went from one failed relationship to another yet was always able to gather sympathy and financial support. Back then, we had not understood the diagnostics to help her. She needed an intuitive to burst her self-imposed pressure bubble and tell her that what happened forty years ago has ended. She never did get out of that bubble even though she realised she was trapped.

An intuitive can read the mind of another person. This is useful when trying to correct emotional trauma. The patient may not see that they are a victim. In confidential conversation with the intuitive, the history is discussed until it is accepted as past and no longer applicable. Modern medicine has dismissed mental insight and used addictive drugs instead to cause death and mayhem. Similarly, centuries of knowledge of herbal healing remedies were outlawed by corrupt politicians persuaded by money. They still are. The British are being killed by The 1939 Cancer Act. Much the same applies in other countries claiming to be civilised.

  • Grumbler

About sixty years ago, Dave and I went on a cycle tour of Norway with a friend who was studying at Oxford University. We had not booked accommodation in advance and just rode on until about 4 in the afternoon and then started to look for a hostel or B&B. This was too risky for our academic friend who moaned relentlessly that we would be stranded in the mountains in the dark. We always found somewhere. Difficult to do that nowadays with everything listed on the internet and everyone carrying smartphones.

If our companion cycled close behind us with the weather doing what Norwegian weather always does, raining, he got splashed by the spray from our back wheel and yelled out another torrent of complaint. We said then that whatever had got him into Oxford would not get him far later in life.

  • Panic

Watching panic causes panic. There is a sudden inability to problem solve and the only response is arm waving and screams. The inability in a person is their inadequacy and the panic response is a desperate call for help. All demands are always given in panic even if they only dropped some food on the floor.

  • Guilty

Usually, the sense of guilt has been implanted by nagging leaving the victim convinced of their wrong doing. They carry this sense and never talk about it which makes it difficult for a counsellor to help. One lady had been accused by her mother of making her birth painful. It is nonsense that the baby could deliberately cause that but 56 years later, having kept the sin to herself, she presented with liver cancer which we immediately cured. An intuitive present at the treatment told the lady about the accusation of the pain at birth and this lanced the myth. It was this case that convinced me of the usefulness of an intuitive because there would have been no other way of setting the lady’s mind straight.

  • Inheritor

We learn from failures and, as it turned out, the only way to have prevented failure in the case I am thinking about would have been to kidnap the patient. That was impractical. The man had been born with cancer. He had suffered surgery which never removes all the cancer cells. Those left had metastasized and he saw nothing for himself but a life of pain. By agreement with his mother, he was given a lethal injection, an overdose of morphine, I think. Apparently this was legal.

Cancer is not genetic so is not inherited as is the shape of a nose. The foetus senses the mother’s stress and becomes stressed. The stress can invade the baby after birth or in childhood. We have cases of children as young as eight with cancer. Usually, it takes ten years for clusters of cancer cells to grow big enough to press on nerves and cause pain so at what stage did the child’s immune system fail?

Ways To Remove Stress

  • Escape

A person in stress must get out. Usually, it is a relationship. Leaving may not be easy. It will affect others who are not to blame. Nevertheless, if the stress continues, the immune system fails to intercept mutant cells and chronic disease develops. Grinning and bearing it can be suicidal even though it takes years for the unhealthy cells to multiply. Divorce is now common compared to fifty years ago. Indeed, fewer couples are marrying knowing that relationships change and legal parasites only make matters worse.  The problem may not be at home but at work or in a club. In that case, escape is easier.

  • Know oneself

Having parted from an uncomfortable relationship, the person is alone, a circumstance in which they may never have been before. Most people grow up in a family, have friends at school and progress through university or jobs with others around them. To suddenly be alone is a shock but, I suggest, a necessary one because at last it is the opportunity to know oneself. You play your music at the volume you want. The dishes can be left unwashed because no one else sees them. Becoming selfish is the luxury. From this foundation, new relationships can form. You pick what you like and avoid what annoys.

  • Exercise

A very important stress reliever is exercise. It not only relaxes the mind, it helps the body clear out unwanted rubbish. There is no upper limit to exercise. One’s blood becomes different. It can attack cancer cells. Dreams which sort out memories become less threatening. Do not exercise in a way that the body is under strain. The objective is not to build muscles. Rather it is to keep the heart and lungs working at their best and relax the mind. Organise the journey to work and if cycling is feasible, do it every day and have pannier bags for shopping and carrying a rain cape. Car driving is unhealthy and public transport spreads germs.

  • Music

The therapeutic effects of music are widely extolled, transporting the mind. Walking, cycling and hiking is also a time journey with varying scenery as enchanting as music. You can be alone or in company. The daily grind to generate an income can be forgotten on the trail.

  • Replacement

Getting rid of a stressful problem can be done by replacing it with a different problem but one that is manageable. Set off cycling for the day fulminating about a problem that is forgotten when something happens which demands concentration. The back tyre blows out. It has to be fixed. Your hands get dirty. This was not planned. You are obsessed for half an hour or more and when eventually the tyre is repaired and you are on the road again you can gather your thoughts only to find that the idiot bank manager or insurance salesman really are unimportant.

  • Hobby

It is men who tend to have hobbies and women can have them too. A project takes the mind off drudgery. It may well have nothing to do with your career and only you know that way back in childhood you dreamed of driving a steam engine. Now you can make a small one and when it is finished, run it on a six inches wide track. Many a woman has a huge dolls house in the back room. She makes all the furniture and sews the clothing for the occupants. Time consuming and time well spent. Life is not for the treadmill.

  • Beauty

When you are faced with anger, complaints and impossible demands, it is easy to forget that we are surrounded by beauty. The news broadcasters who present the World Tonight are only presenting the sickening side of the world. Ignore their distortions. Out there are flowers, clouds in the sky forming delightful patterns, birds chirping songs and paths ready to explore.

For many years before CellSonic became part of my life, I was the leading judge at photography competitions at camera clubs. The pictures were always beautiful. Not news shots or taken through a microscope. This was capturing a landscape or portrait into a rectangle good enough to frame and hang on the wall to decorate the room for years to come. Even though I was not directly thinking medical back then, I do not recollect anyone having any medical issues. Their photographic hobby was focused on finding beauty and they did it wonderfully.

  • Accept the truth

Do not be deluded. The truth is important. Without it, you cannot make decisions. To find out later that what you believed was all wrong knocks the ground from under your feet. You do not have to be forever sceptical but never stop asking questions. Educated people are brainwashed. This is especially so in the medical sector where eight years at medical school leaves the student believing they know everything. The truth is that they know what the pharmaceutical industry wants them to prescribe and the notion that they can keep people healthy is nonsense. That is the point of this article, that chronic disease is only chronic because the medical profession has never been taught how to cure it because to do so deprives big pharma of profits. Half their profit comes from chemotherapy which has a 2% success rate on cancer.

As I write in August 2023, there is a case in England of a nurse having murdered babies. Her managers were warned by an alert doctor who was admonished and told to apologise to the murderer for the accusations. The managers refused to accept the truth. At last they look likely to be brought to face their mistakes and be accused of allowing the murders.

Many doctors are now understanding what CellSonic does but their hands are tied by managers who jump at the behest of drug makers. I have long since given up wasting time on the establishment. They are corrupt and for them the truth is not what their job is about; it is keeping up the impression that they are trying to improve. Charities beg for money to find a drug to cure cancer and much else and they never do because the problem is not chemical but their scam is permitted by the ignorant police.


There is no university in the world that knows how to cure chronic disease. Universities are the puppets of sponsors. Pharmaceutical companies exploit this greed and trade on the magic of the word university. However, the shine is fading and the scam is evident to anyone who follows the money. The regulators and politicians must wake up. The excess charged by pharmaceutical companies for drugs that do not work is a burden on the state. In Britain, for example, with 65 million people, the National Health Service is a monopoly supplier of medical services paid for by taxation. The NHS turnover is £130 billion a year. If they used CellSonic and applied the diagnose and cure plan of Sapiens Shield they would save £30 billion a year. Their staff could be paid more. Fewer hospital beds would be needed and local doctors’ surgeries could perform the six-monthly checks and corrections. An extension of this is that by finding the dysfunctional families, help is given to reduce crime because no person is born a criminal. Prisons and police are useless just as hospitals are unable to cure chronic disease. The solution is simple, natural, costs next to nothing and is already working. There is nothing to develop. It is all paid for. Read all about it [1].


Citation: Hague A (2023) Stress, the Cause of all Chronic Disease©. J Brain Neursci 7: 27.

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