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Yin-Yang -- a Method to Analyze the Universe, Nature and Human

Wutong Song1 and Hongxin Cao1*
1 Institute of basic theory of traditional chinese medicine, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China

*Corresponding Author(s):
Hongxin Cao
Institute Of Basic Theory Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Academy Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China

Received Date: Oct 10, 2022
Accepted Date: Oct 10, 2022
Published Date: Oct 17, 2022


Yin and Yang are concepts developed by the ancients who discovered the universe, nature and human life in order to explain them concretely. The concept of Yin and Yang is a method for human civilization to analyze the universe, nature and human life. Similar concepts, such as movement and stillness, existence and absence, and color and void, are not comparable to yin and yang in terms of connotation and application. The concepts of movement and stillness, color and void, and existence and absence describe the state of things at the time and illustrate the transformation of states in motion, but they are far less complete and comprehensive than the system of yin and yang. Yin and Yang cover specific content that can be used to illustrate objective changes in the reality of the world, and to summarize the conservation of matter and the law of energy conversion. Yin and yang are the root of mutual transformation and unity of opposites, revealing all the movements and changes of the universe, nature and human. The connotation of yin and yang can be elaborated in the following ways.

Yin and Yang Cover the Universe as a whole

Yin-Yang is a description of the fundamental factors that drive the development and change of all natural laws of the universe. The world is a material whole, and everything in the universe not only has the internal unity of yin and yang, but also the occurrence, development and changes are the result of the unity of yin and yang. Each planet has both entity and space, thus forming a whole where yin and yang coexist. Although the universe is infinite, it is just the repetition of planets and space, repeated to infinity. In other words, it is the countless repetitions of yin and yang that form the current state of the universe.

Exploring the origin of the universe through yin-yang and seeking the origin of human life, thus forming a holistic view of the natural life of the universe. Using the discovered law of the unity of yin and yang, it is possible to explain the evolution and development of all objective things. Yin and Yang cover the universe as a whole, and through the application of Yin and Yang, the exploration of life, nature, and the universe is facilitated. For example, energy conversion in physical movement, positive and negative regulation of human physiological mechanisms, natural circadian rhythm, etc.

Yin and Yang Illustrate the State of the Universe

Although the universe is vast and infinite, it is also a synthesis of two states as yin and yang. Yin and Yang are the constituent patterns of the universe. The state of the universe is changing all the time. Yin and Yang can be used to describe the state of the universe and the things it contains. The two opposing sides of yin and yang can transform in their opposite directions under certain conditions. Yin and Yang are the two inseparable stages of the whole process of development, with the extinction being the premise of transformation and transformation being the result of extinction. 

Yin and Yang in motion are relative. Yang substances lose momentum and transform into yin, while yin substances gain momentum and transform into yang. The transformation of yin and yang occurs every moment. For example, in the nuclear fusion reaction of a star, the process of releasing energy, that is, the process of changing from yang to yin, is also the embodiment of yin arising from yang. In the same way, the creation of yang from yin is also generated at all times, such as the absorption of matter and energy by a black hole, which is the process of changing from yin to yang. Then, the states of the universe, nature and human life are not fixed, but are constantly transforming into each other with the movement of yin and yang.

Yin and Yang Illustrate the Conservation of Matter

Yin and Yang have the same root and origin, transforming each other, and the two complement each other to form a whole, and the total amount of this whole will not change. The decrease of yin is the transformation of yin into yang when the accumulation of dynamic potential reaches certain conditions, not the complete disappearance of yin. Similarly, the decrease of yang is the transformation of yang into yin when yang loses momentum to a certain point, not the complete disappearance of yang. For example, the day and night cycle, when the time of day is shortened, then the time of night is naturally extended accordingly; the time of night is shortened, and the corresponding time of day is extended accordingly. 

Matter in the universe as a whole is not lost or created for no reason, but simply transformed from one form to another. The amount of a certain substance increases or decreases in a particular stage, but the amount of the substance of the universe as a whole is constant. This is the principle of "conservation of matter" in the universe, which is the mutual transformation of yin and yang. The discovery of this principle has shed much light on real-world research.

Yin and Yang Illustrate the Absolute of Movement

Researchers have explored the initial dynamics of the motion of matter in order to find the origin of the motion. The discovery that the motion of matter is not the result of external dynamics, but the result of the action of things themselves. The mutual movement, growth and transformation of yin and yang in natural things contribute to the process of formation, development and decay. All things in nature, from the large celestial universe to microscopic particles and human cell, are in constant motion in their own yin and yang. This uniform law is the absolute law of motion of the universe as a whole. 

The distinction between yin and yang emerges in the process of the movement of objective things. Therefore, the application of yin and yang and their laws of motion is based on the reality of the movement of objective things. The universe, nature and human beings follow the law of movement of yin and yang in opposition to each other. There is non-repetition in the movement, thus promoting the generation, growth, aging and extinction, forming the natural turnover and evolution, the same way, the formation of human metabolism and the law of life.

Yin and Yang Illustrate the Transformation of Energy

In various processes that occur in nature, energy is transferred from one form to another, and so on. And this process is repeated over and over again. According to the law of conservation of energy, energy neither arises nor disappears for no reason. Natural plants receive solar energy to convert into bioenergy and promote growth, which belongs to yin before gaining energy and belongs to yang after gaining energy. 

Everything in the universe is always in operation, and the loss of energy in an object is not the same as the loss of energy, but the transfer of energy conversion to other objects. The universe, natural things, and human life are constantly changing, and aging things individuals tend to die, followed by the emergence of new individuals. Endless changes and movements occur among natural things, evolving the natural phenomena and even the vast and infinite universe.

Yin and Yang Explain the Objective Properties of Natural Things

Yin and Yang are used to describe the change of objective things. The yin and yang properties are determined by the movement in nature, the change of state of reality, and the results of development. The category properties of yin and yang are not absolutely constant. The category properties change as the natural evolution of yin and yang, with results depending on time, conditions, and state. 

Computer binary can simulate various experiments in the real world according to the given conditions, no matter how complex the changes are, its origin is just "0" and "1", through different combinations and reorganization, simulating a colorful virtual world. However, "0" and "1" in the computer can only operate according to the conditions given by people, and can not fully replicate all the characteristics and laws of the real world. In the real world, the universe, nature and the human body are characterized by non-repetitive and flexible material state changes, physical movements and energy transfer processes as yin and yang constantly change and form complex changes.

Yin and Yang Illustrate the Inevitable Start of New Things

There is a movement of opposites and mutualization between yin and yang. If an object starts with yin, it is constantly moving toward yang, and if it starts with yang, it is constantly moving toward yin. The yin and yang properties of natural things change and transform in motion. If an object belongs to yang, it will transform into yin when it reaches the extreme, which is the process of yang turning into yin. In terms of overall properties, although it belongs to Yang, as the transformation of Yang into Yin continues to occur, it will eventually realize the essential transformation from Yang to Yin. 

In the overall cosmic change, the natural cycle, neither the initial beginning nor the final end can be found. The change of yin and yang has no beginning and no end. In the case of things and individuals, there are stages and a history of existence. Everything, when it has a beginning, evolves towards extinction and reaches its inevitable end. However, it does not mean the cessation of the overall movement and change of the universe. Therefore, the beginning of new thing is inevitable. In the midst of the change of things, the movement of yin and yang and the transfer of energy are constantly in progress.

Yin and Yang Illustrate the Oneness of Nature and Human

There is unity between the universe, nature and human, and there are consistent laws and patterns in the movement, which is called the unity of nature and human. In the movement of the celestial and human body, man can inspire the discovery of the human body by discovering the changes in nature and the universe, and also parse the discoveries of nature and the universe by the changes in the human body. The Yin-Yang movements of the human body, the Yin-Yang movements of nature, and the Yin-Yang movements of the universe are interconnected, echoing and influencing each other. 

Cognition, learning and application of Yin-Yang can facilitate service to people, in terms of scientific and technological research, humanistic progress and health care. Applying yin-yang to grasp the objective laws of the universe and everything in nature as well as the natural laws of human life, putting forth efforts to achieve creation, will propel human civilization forward to the ultimate goal of continuous development.


So far, mankind has made outstanding achievements in the advancement of material and even spiritual civilization. However, there are still many unknown spaces and things to be explored in the vast and infinite universe and the everlasting nature. Even in the life sciences of the human body, there are much unexplored. When we identify the science of macroscopic laws, we can use the methods of Yin and Yang to unlock the secrets of human life, reveal the laws of natural movement, and explore the universe as a whole, so as to parse the ultimate content of the universe, nature and human in a feasible way.

Citation: Song W, Cao H (2022) Yin-Yang -- a Method to Analyze the Universe, Nature and Human. J Altern Complement Integr Med 8: 285.

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