Global Dissemination at Herald
  • A Pioneer open access publisher spanning scientific information over the wide range of Medical, Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences field, intrigued with a portfolio of 73 peer-reviewed journals.
  • The primary subject area covered by Herald Scholarly Open Access is presently Medical, Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, and yet we are enlarging our inventory with the point of incorporating new academic fields.
  • Following the Open Access initiative, Herald Scholarly Open Access guarantees academic scholarly information to be distributed globally and online access instantly after publication that helps heading scholastics to make their work visible and approachable to different new groups of onlookers around the globe, at truly no expense to the spectator.
  • Providing access to critical, current information and support that ends up completely reconciled into the worldwide research community.
  • Maximizes the chance for publications to be perused and for authors to be recognized for their dedication and commitment in their chosen field and beyond, accelerating research and learning process.
  • Aimed at carrying globally eminent researchers vis-a-vis the scientific community, in essence permit us a more stupendous adaptability and responsiveness to authors and readers.
  • Combining the most noteworthy editorial standards with the “best new publishing technologies.”
  • We plan to incorporate the readership of all the most paramount players in the scholarly groups: scientists, university and college professors, research experts, students and users of scholastic libraries, giving more terrific worldwide presentation. With experienced editorial groups and specialists pander to all levels and fields of publications and additionally works nearly with authors and users through concrete editorial improvement processes.
  • Herald Scholarly Open Access, has opted an open access methodology for distribution of research view as an agreeable undertaking between authors, editors, review officials and bookworms


Herald’s website

Each journal gets a unique and enhanced prominence through its own website. We develop and maintain a professional and sophisticated, yet easy to use electronic edition for each journal. These online journals catch the attention of medical and scientific community worldwide as they are browsed and keenly followed.


Highlighting Features at Herald

  • Publishing 73 esteemed online, peer-reviewed Open Access journals in Medical, Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences.
  • 21 Days rapid review process.
  • Immediate publication after acceptance of the manuscript.
  • Quality and brisk publication.
  • Articles with high quality PDF & HTML adaptations for book lovers.

Herald Scholarly Open Access is a leading, internationally publishing house in the fields of Science. Our mission is to provide an access to knowledge globally.

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