Herald's Key Strengths

Benefits of Open Access with Herald Scholarly Open Access

  • Quality: Relentless focus on the quality of the journal is given prior importance
  • The primary subject area covered by Herald Scholarly Open Access is presently Medical, Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, and yet we are enlarging our inventory with the point of incorporating new academic fields.
  • Great standing with internet searchers empowering individuals to discover your webpage.
  • Publication time: Speed of publication as a priority with timely delivery along with the quality as prime focus.
  • Efficient peer review: Fast turnaround times of peer review processing.
  • Electronic manuscript framework: Dispensing with utilization of postal or hard duplicate submissions, this online docility and transforming of articles has brought about impressive abatement in the accommodation to choice (turnaround) time.
  • Quick Track Publishing System: Within 12 days.
  • Quickened finding: With online learning systems, any analysts can read and expand the discoveries of others without confinement and paying any charge, which quickens authors’ discoveries among all masses worldwide in quick manner along with possible citations for authors work.
  • Improved instruction: Open access implies that educators and their learners have entry to the most recent exploration discoveries, as far and wide as possible.
  • No duplication: Open Access helps in imparting the exploration work in the particular fields done, to other people who are beginners to a research pertaining to the same topic, so in turn, avoids duplication of already endeavored data.
  • Reference benefits: The primary inspiration for most authors to be ready to publish in open-access journal is expanded perceivability and at last a citation/reference advantage.
  • Scope area: Serves the worldwide scholastic communities and helps the advancement and requisition of science, by conveying prevalent scientific publications that empower progression in scientific research.
  • Impact rate: Articles accessible online by means of Open Access have higher effect and citation rates than restrictive online and print articles.
  • Recognition and publicity: Authors’ work get full distinguishment among intellectual scientific community without any stipulations, with reputation and acknowledgement in exploratory world.

Herald Scholarly Open Access is a leading, internationally publishing house in the fields of Science. Our mission is to provide an access to knowledge globally.

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