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Herald Scholarly Open Access, is a publishing platform that publishes articles in the Open Access model, which aids the readers and researchers to view, download, share, disseminate and print any article without a subscription. We believe that the articles submitted to Herald Scholarly Open Access Journals will be under open access model.

In the Open Access model, we process the article with strict double-blind peer review process under the editorial board supervision. After the process completion, an invoice will be raised for the author to publish the manuscript. The charges will be applicable only for accepted articles. There is no separate charge for submission of the manuscript.

Waiver Policy

Authors are encouraged to publish their work with us and we don’t wish the publication charges will become a barrier for the authors who are unable to pay. For those authors, we provide a range of waiver or discounts in the publication charges. In order to provide these discounts and waiver, we follow the World Bank Country Classification.

The authors, who receive support and funding for their work will be asked to pay the full charges and are not liable for the discounts. The publication charges of the respective journals are given below:

Publication Charges

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Journal ISSN Publication Charges (USD)
Journal of Addiction & Addictive Disorders (AAD) 2578-7276 925
Advances in Microbiology Research (AMR)   499
Advances in Industrial Biotechnology (AIB) 2639-5665 799
Journal of Agronomy & Agricultural Science (AAS)   1150
Journal of AIDS Clinical Research & STDs (ACRS) 2572-7370 799
Journal of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse & Substance Dependence (ADSD) 2572-9594 699
Journal of Allergy Disorders & Therapy (ADT) 2470-749X 925
Journal of Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine (ACIM) 2470-7562 1375
Journal of Alzheimer's & Neurodegenerative Diseases (AND) 2572-9608 1150
Journal of Anesthesia & Clinical Care (ACC) 2378-8879 1375
Journal of Angiology & Vascular Surgery (AVS) 2572-7397 925
Journal of Animal Research & Veterinary Science (ARVS) 2639-3751 1150
Archives of Zoological Studies (AZS) 2640-7779 925
Archives of Urology(AOU)   799
Journal of Atmospheric & Earth-Sciences (AES)   599
Journal of Aquaculture & Fisheries 2576-5523 799
Journal of Biotech Research & Biochemistry (BRB)   699
Journal of Brain & Neuroscience Research (BNR)   925
Journal of Cancer Biology & Treatment (CBT) 2470-7546 499
Journal of Cardiology: Study & Research(CSR) 2640-768X 699
Journal of Cell Biology & Cell Metabolism (CBCM) 2381-1943 699
Journal of Clinical Dermatology & Therapy (CDT) 2378-8771 499
Journal of Clinical Immunology & Immunotherapy (CIIT) 2378-8844 499
Journal of Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports (CSMC) 2378-8801 925
Journal of Community Medicine & Public Health Care (CMPH) 2381-1978 1375
Current Trends: Medical & Biological Engineering (CTMB)   599
Journal of Cytology & Tissue Biology (CTB) 2378-9107 925
Journal of Dentistry: Oral Health & Cosmesis (DOHC) 2473-6783 799
Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders (DMD) 2381-201X 599
Journal of Dairy Research & Technology (DRT)   499
Journal of Emergency Medicine Trauma & Surgical Care (ETS) 2378-8798 925
Journal of Environmental Science: Current Research (ESCR)   925
Journal of Food Science & Nutrition (FSN) 2470-1076 1375
Journal of Forensic, Legal & Investigative Sciences (FLIS) 2473-733X 925
Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Research (GHR) 2574-2566 1150
Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine (GGM) 2381-8662 1375
Journal of Genetics & Genomic Sciences (GGS) 2574-2485 1150
Journal of Hematology, Blood Transfusion & Disorders (HBTD) 2572-2999 799
Journal of Human Endocrinology (HE) 2572-9640 699
Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medical Care(HPMC)   499
Journal of Internal Medicine & Primary Healthcare (IMPH) 2574-2493 925
Journal of Infectious & Non Infectious Diseases (INID) 2381-8654 799
Journal of Light & Laser: Current Trends (LLCT)   499
Journal of Modern Chemical Sciences (MCS)   499
Journal of Medicine: Study & Research (MSR) 2639-5657 799
Journal of Nanotechnology: Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology (NTMB) 2381-2044 699
Journal of Neonatology & Clinical Pediatrics (NCP) 2378-878X 925
Journal of Nephrology & Renal Therapy (NRT) 2473-7313 799
Journal of Non Invasive Vascular Investigation (NIVI) 2572-7400 599
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Radiology & Radiation Therapy (NMRR) 2572-7419 799
Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss (OWL) 2473-7372 799
Journal of Ophthalmology & Clinical Research (OCR) 2378-8887 925
Journal of Orthopedic Research & Physiotherapy (ORP) 2381-2052 925
Journal of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery (OHNS) 2573-010X 1375
Journal of Pathology Clinical & Medical Research (PCMR)   599
Journal of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics & Pharmacovigilance 2639-5649 499
Journal of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Disabilities (PMRD) 2381-8670 1150
Journal of Plant Science: Current Research (PSCR) 2639-3743 1150
Journal of Psychiatry, Depression & Anxiety (PDA) 2573-0150 1375
Journal of Pulmonary Medicine & Respiratory Research (PMRR) 2573-0177 1375
Journal of Practical & Professional Nursing (PPN) 2639-5681 1150
Journal of Protein Research & Bioinformatics   699
Journal of Reproductive Medicine, Gynaecology & Obstetrics (RMGO) 2574-2574 1150
Journal of Stem Cells Research, Development & Therapy (SRDT) 2381-2060 799
Journal of Surgery: Current Trends & Innovations (SCTI) 2578-7284 1150
Journal of Toxicology: Current Research (TCR) 2639-3735 499
Journal of Translational Science and Research (TSR)   499
Trends in Anatomy & Physiology 2640-7752 1150
Journal of Vaccines Research & Vaccination (VRV) 2573-0193 499
Journal of Virology & Antivirals (VA)   499
Archives of Surgery and Surgical Education (ASSE)   1150
Sports Medicine and Injury Care Journal (SMIC)   1150
International Journal of Case Reports and Therapeutic Studies (CRTS)   1150

Manuscript withdrawl policy:

Herald Scholarly Open Access is an international online open access publishing house which aims to publish high-quality articles with strict processing. We anticipate the authors to follow the publications ethics in the article quality management and support the Journal.

Some authors will withdraw the manuscript right after the submission, or during the publication process or after publishing. The precious time of editors, reviewers and editorial staff which are used for the manuscript processing will become purposeless. So we request the authors to check carefully prior the submission and proceed with the submission. withdrawl of the manuscript is only allowed in unavoidable situations.

Article withdrawl will be confirmed only by submitting a letter of withdrawl to the editorial office with the signatures of all the authors and need to get confirmation from the editorial office.

If the author paid the charges and then withdrawn the article after publishing, then the charges which are already paid is not refunded.

Unethical withdrawl is not acceptable by the Journal. If the authors appeal for withdrawl right after submission or during peer review process or at the end of processing or after the completion of processing (If the article is given a pdf number and DOI), they need to pay penalty for withdrawl.

Herald Scholarly Open Access announces withdrawl charges are applicable.