Editorial Board

Brenda M Frye
Principle Investigator
Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies
Department of Psychiatry
Collaboration With University Of Minnesota, UNITED STATES
Antonios Kalentzis
Professional Football Team Of Greece, Panachaiki, GREECE
Burton M Altura
Department of Physiology
Pharmacology & Medicine  
State University Of New York, UNITED STATES
Candido J Ingles
Department of Health Psychology  
Miguel Hernandez University Of Elche, SPAIN
Anderson Ribeiro Carvalho
Associate Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience
Department of Science  
University Of The State Of Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
Asa Konradsson Geuken
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences  
Uppsala University, SWEDEN
Mel Pohl
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
University Of Nevada School Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Yury Evgeny Razvodovsky
Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry    
Grodno State Medical University, BELARUS
Somchai Amornyotin
Associate Professor
Department of Anesthesiology  
Mahidol University, THAILAND
Gabriele Fischer
Department for Psychiatry & Psychotherapy  
Medical University Of Vienna, AUSTRIA
Mendelevich Vladimir Davidovich
Department of Medical Psychology and general pedagogy  
Kazan State Medical University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Tang Wai Kwong
Department of Psychiatry  
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Claudia Arlo
NYS Licensed Psychotherapist
Mount Sinai Health System  
Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society, UNITED STATES
Isabel Cristina Cespedes
Associate Professor
Department of Morphology and Genetic  
Federal University Of Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Joshua E Farber
Instructor of Psychiatry
Yale School of Medicine  
Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System, UNITED STATES
Jennifer Lewis
Clinical Associate Professor  
University Of Southern California School Of Social Work, UNITED STATES
Grazyna Biala
Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics
Medical University Of Lublin, POLAND
Roseane Maria Maia Santos
Associate Professor
Department Pharmaceutical Sciences  
South University School Of Pharmacy, UNITED STATES
Samikkannu Thangavel
Assistant Professor
Department of Immunology  
Florida International University, UNITED STATES
Scott E Hemby
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology  
Wake Forest School Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Francisco Lopez Munoz
Department of Pharmacology  
Camilo José Cela University, SPAIN
Gianluigi Tanda
Deputy Director
Medications Development Program (MDP)
Molecular Targets & Medications Discovery Branch  
National Institute On Drug Abuse, UNITED STATES
Lorenzo Di Cesare Mannelli
Dept of Neuroscience  
University Of Florence, ITALY
Livio Luongo
Research Scientist
Department of Experimental Medicine
Division of Pharmacology
Second University Of Naples, ITALY
Edward D French
Department of Pharmacology  
University Of Arizona, UNITED STATES
Mariana Babayeva
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Touro College Of Pharmacy, UNITED STATES
Richard Soper
Center For Behavioral Wellness., UNITED STATES
Tracey Ignatowski
Research Associate Professor 
Department of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences   
State University Of New York, UNITED STATES
Jing Liang
Associate Professor
Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology  
UCLA School Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Marek Schwendt
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology  
University Of Florida, UNITED STATES
Nasser Haddjeri
Research scientist
Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute  
University Of Claude Bernard, FRANCE
Hsien Yuan Lane
Department of Psychiatry  
China Medical University, TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA
Rais Ansari
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Nova Southeastern University, UNITED STATES
Stacie Barkin
Licensed Professional Counselor, UNITED STATES
Sam Vaknin
Department of Psychology  
Southern Federal University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Rammohan Shukla
Assistant Professor
Neurobiology of Depression and Aging
Department of Psychiatry  
University Of Toronto, CANADA
Shahana Ayub
American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology
Drexel University College Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Daniel A Schwarz
Board Certified Addiction Medicine  
The Center For Pain Recovery, UNITED STATES

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