Editorial Board

Brian Conway
President and Medical Director
Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre    
Vancouver ID Research & Care Centre Society, CANADA
Chief Medical Informatics Officer  
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, UNITED STATES
Apoena De Aguiar Ribeiro
Fluminense Federal University, BRAZIL
C Rodriguez Cerdeira
Medical and Infectious Diseases Nursing Department  
University Of Vigo, SPAIN
Ana Katherine Goncalves
Associate Professor
Obstetrics and Gynecology Department  
Federal University Of Rio Grande Do Norte, BRAZIL
Alcides Troncoso
Professor Department of Infectious Diseases   
Buenos Aires University, ARGENTINA
Longo Mbenza Benjamin
Research Champion Professor
Departments of Health Sciences  
Walter Sisulu University , SOUTH AFRICA
Chris McConville
Senior Lecturer
Department of Pharmacy  
University Of Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM
Joachim Voss
Associate Professor
Biobehavioral Nursing & Health Systems  
University Of Washington, UNITED STATES
Herschel E Knapp
Project Director
United States Department of Veterans Affairs  
V.A. West Los Angeles Healthcare Center, UNITED STATES
Yue Pan
Research Assistant
Department of Public Health Science  
University Of Miami, UNITED STATES
Inge B Corless
School of Nursing  
MGH Institute Of Health Professions, UNITED STATES
Efe Sezgin
Research Associate
Department of Epidemiology  
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health, UNITED STATES
Prema Menezes
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences  
Duke University, UNITED STATES
Giuseppe Murdaca
Department of Internal Medicine  
University Of Genova, ITALY
Khoza Shangase
Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology  
University Of The Witwatersrand, SOUTH AFRICA
La Fleur F Small
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology & Anthropology/ Department of Geriatrics
Boonshoft School of Medicine  
Wright State University, UNITED STATES
Yudong Cai
Institute of Systems Biology  
Shanghai University, CHINA
Ping Du
Assistant Professor
Department of Public Health Sciences  
Penn State Hershey College Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Tatsuaki Tsuruyama
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology  
Kyoto University, UNITED STATES
Vicente Estrada
Associate Professor
Infectious Section Diseases  
Universidad Complutense, SPAIN
Philipos Petros
HIV/AIDS Management Unit  
Civil Services University, ETHIOPIA
Dra. Guadalupe Garcia Elorriaga
Hospital of Infectious Diseases  
Robert R Redfield
Division of Clinical Care and Research
Institute of Human Virology  
University Of Maryland, UNITED STATES
Jeffrey Pudney
Associate Professor
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology  
Boston University School Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Loyda M Melendez Aponte
Department of Microbiology  
University Of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences, UNITED STATES
David E Vance
Associate Professor
Global Center for Craniofacial
Oral and Dental Disorders  
University Of Alabama, UNITED STATES
Richard Novak
Department of Medicine  
University Of Illinois, UNITED STATES
Ruchan Yazan Sertoz
Department of Microbiology  
Ege University Medical, TURKEY
Muki Shey
South African Endpoint Assay Laboratory  
Aeras Global Tuberculosis Vaccine Foundation, SOUTH AFRICA
Subhadra Nandakumar
Research Microbiologist
Division of TB Elimination
Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, UNITED STATES
Myo Nyein Aung
Faculty of Medicine  
Chulalongkorn University, THAILAND
Jean De Dieu Bizimana
Country Manager and Survey expert
DHS program  
Nia Madison
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Miami Dade College, UNITED STATES
Dr. Martin Javier Mazzoglio Y Nabar
Faculty of Medicine
Buenos Aires City  
University Of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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