Aims & Scope


The Journal of Hematology, Blood Disorders & Transfusion, an academic journal, concentrates on all aspects of blood related infections like etiology, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention, which influences the production of blood and its components and presents to every one of them under one head. The journal embarks upon the enlistment of diseases and the current advances made with respect to blood, spleen and lymph, educating the common man about the quality of the blood products, compatibility and safety to any recipient.


Blood forms a prime pivotal component in every living form but the risks associated with it can be deadly too. The journal tries its level best to keep at par with the current state of research in the field of transfusion medicine and all concepts of hematology like the most recent being the blood substitute technology. It paves to be an international platform for sharing laboratory and clinical discoveries in an open access format among laboratory scientists, medical practitioner researchers and hematologists.

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