Aims & Scope


Journal of Orthopedic Research and Physiotherapy is an effectively sorted out collection which gives inventive and imperative information to advance musculoskeletal and sports-related practice globally, and all aspects of evidence-based research and clinical cases in musculoskeletal health and rehabilitation, including non-intrusive treatment, orthopaedics, sports medicine and biomechanics, subsequently providing guidance for appropriate selection launch and catch up of treatment.


The developing occurrence of orthopaedic dysfunctions every year, requires the progression of new and more compelling frameworks for both the diagnosis and the treatment, while guaranteeing better results and improvising on a worldwide healthcare groundwork. An invaluable novel journal particularly lay out as a forum for evaluating, discussing and distributing the latest information about physical therapists and others in the health care community by giving reliable arrangement of free survey articles demonstrating its adequacy.

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