Aims & Scope


Nursing, as an evidence-based area of practice, has been developing since the time of Florence Nightingale to the present day, where many nurses now work as researchers based in universities as well as in the health care setting. The Journal adheres to journalistic standards that require transparency of real and potential conflicts of interests that authors and editors may have. This journal caters the needs of nursing community by providing first class information on various issues in the form of  evidence based clinical application papers and descriptions of best clinical practices, original research and QI reports, case studies, narratives, commentaries, and other manuscripts on a variety of clinical and professional topics.

Scope and Focus

Professional Health Information for Physicians, Nurses, Specialized Clinicians, Changes in Patient Health Outcomes from Admission to Discharge in Acute Care, Explores the Relationships between Nursing Interventions, Patient Health Outcomes, Patient Safety, Military and Veteran Health care, Perspectives on Palliative Nursing, Holistic Nursing, Emerging Infections, Responding to Disasters, Palliative Care, Ethics of Nursing, Professional Development, Leadership and Scholarship.

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