Aims & Scope


Despite of many accomplishments in vaccine research over the years, much remains to be done. This journal supports research on new and improved vaccines and is a worldwide leader in publishing the basic immunology research articles that underpins all vaccine research and development.


This Journal is dedicated to publish and disseminate the latest and exceptional research articles, case reports, letters and reviews in all areas of clinical field of vaccine research, which is very helpful for the upcoming researchers for doing their research in an organized way. It also offers a venue for scientists, researchers, clinicians, healthcare professionals and trainees, vaccine manufacturers, and public health officials to exchange the ideas across a broad range of disciplines.

The scope of the journals covers the following topics:

  • Identification of new vaccines to prevent diseases for which no vaccines currently exist.
  • Design novel vaccine approach, such as new delivery system and adjuvants.
  • Improving the safety and efficiency of existing vaccines.

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