Editorial Board

Jesse Daniel Shaw
Department of Sports Medicine
VCOM-Auburn University, UNITED STATES
Luiz Augusto Da Silva
Guarapuava, Paraná  
Guairacá College And State University Of The Midwest (UNICENTRO), BRAZIL
Simona Mandini
Department of Biomedical and Specialist Surgical Sciences  
University In Ferrara, ITALY
Zekine Punduk
Physical Education and Sport  
Balikesir University, TURKEY
Ratko Pavlovic
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport  
University Of East Sarajevo, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
Mohamed Mahmoud Abouheif
Department of Orthopedic Surgery  
Alexandria University, EGYPT
Khaled Ebada
Faculty of Physical Education  
Port Said University, EGYPT
Vesna Babic
Faculty of Kinesiology  
University Of Zagreb, CROATIA
Olga Kyselovicova
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport  
Charles University, SLOVAKIA
Nadhir Hammami
High Institute of Sports and Physical Education of Kef  
Jendouba University, TUNISIA
Daniel Almeida Marinho
Research Center in Sports Sciences
Health and Human Development  
University Of Beira Interior, PORTUGAL
Ferruh Taspinar
Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Faculty of Health Science  
Izmir Democracy University, TURKEY
Robert Meves
Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology
Santa Casa Scholl of Medicine
Sao Paulo
Santa Casa Spine Center, BRAZIL

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