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Abortion is Unnatural in the Animal Kingdom

Paul T E Cusack 1*
1 BScE, DULE, 23 Park Ave, Saint John, NB E2J1R2, Canada

*Corresponding Author(s):
Paul T E Cusack
BScE, DULE, 23 Park Ave, Saint John, NB E2J1R2, Canada

Received Date: Dec 27, 2023
Accepted Date: Mar 07, 2024
Published Date: Mar 14, 2024

The courts are often called upon to discern the balance between competing rights. This is the situation on so-called Abortion rights issue. There is no mention of an “abortion right” in the Constitution or the Declaration of Human rights. Its no right at all. 

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Common Law US Constitution using the Philosopher Locke as his guide: Everyone has the Right to “Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness.”  According to Jefferson, the Pursuit of happiness was a right to “estate”. Its an economic thing. 

People who are pro abortion frequently claim that “Its my body” That is the Right to Liberty. But how far does that Liberty go?  It goes so far as to protect Life- life at any stage including life as a fetus.  Of course, life begins at conception. If Liberty is curtailed, then there is no Right to Life. So the Liberty must be curtailed to stop at taking a life. In other words, a fetus that is growing as we do our whole lives, ever changing, is protected by the US Constitution. I’m surprized that the US Supreme Court put the issue of abortion back in the States prerogative. It is a Constitutional issue which is Federal. 

We often hear “the right to life” or” the right over my body”. The nature of Law is to tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies. It is really not that complicated. One fellow said, “I don’t want some people telling me with whom I can have sex.”  However, what about having sex with minors?  The Law tells you that you can’t. Based on what? Social norms which that have evolved over thousands of years to have a healthy society. 

I hope Sing and Trudeau don’t force NBers to provide access to Abortion. I won’t vote for a party that doesn’t protect the right to life.  Its a constitutional right. Yes the fetus who can’t speak for herself must have a voice to ensure that her rights are protected.  Shame on Justin Trudeau, a catholic and VJ Sing, a lawyer not to protect the most fundamental right we have: the Right to exist; the Right to Life. Why mothers want to kill their babies for mostly economic reasons is beyond me. That’s the real issue; all in the name of feminism. 

Why all the fuss for something that is so simple? Modern women are selfish to the extreme of killing their own babies. 

I read a news story about a female elephant dug in the dirt for 11 hours to rescue her baby. That is a strong maternal instinct. Are elephants more human than humans? Apparently so. It is not normal for a woman to want to kill her baby.  

Since the Roe v Wade decision was overturned by Trump’s Supreme Cout, population is increasing at the rate of 2-3% in States where abortion is illegal. The West has been suffering from a demographics crisis until now. We are bringing in immigrants to repopulate the West as the older generation dies off. An Empire which doesn’t reproduce itself will not survive. Women are neglecting to do the most important job they have been assigned by God to do reproduce!  Raising children is the most important vocation there is. Feminists don’t want the job. In fact, they don’t want a man. They settle for a woman. 

“What you permit on Earth will be permitted in Heaven. What you prohibit on Earth will be prohibited in Heaven”. That is what Jesus said to Peter (or Cephas which earns =rock) upon which He built His Church. That is the Holy Catholic Church. 

However, the pope shant bless same sex marriages as Francis is trying to do. 

There is a line of popes from the Apostle Peter to the current pope. However, Pope Francis is not the true pope. We haven’t had a visible true pope since before the supposed election John XXIII.  When he was “elected” it was actually Cardinal Siri who was elected pope. The white smoke came out of the chimney and no pope came to the Vatican window for a day and a half. Even the FBI believes the truly elected pope was Cardinal Siri, the pope in red. When he died in 1989, he pasted the papacy on to someone whom I shall not name here. So, basically, we’ve had antipopes since 1958 up to the present “pope” Francis. 

That means that John Paul II was an antipope. He brought the evil Divine Mercy into the Catholic Church when he was Bishop of Crackow and occupied the chair of Peter for 30 years or so. That lead to the installation of the Idol of the Oppressor, aka the Great Abomination, into the Church, “set up in the Holy Place, in the place it should not be.” 

What this all means is that we are in the very last days. Next Pope Francis will be ordaining women. St Malachy’s gave a list of the popes from the 12th century up until the present pope. Francis is the last pretender to the papacy. God is not merciful. He’s a God of Justice. 

You don’t need to obey “Pope “Francis Catholic or not. Disobedience s can be a sign of predestination. Same sex marriages contradicts everything in the Bible. Male and female he created them. A man shall leave his parents and cling to his wife and the two will become one flesh.”  It helps if you actually read your Bible. 

Francis will lead to the greatest split in the Catholic Church in History. He is destroying the Church just as John XXIII did in the 1960 ‘s with Vatican II Council in an effort to make the Church more palatable to protestants. Note that John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI were both at Vatican II. The Church never recovered. Francis’ latest move is the final blow for the Church. Marie Julie Johnny, the Breton Stigmast, said that both the Holy Pope and the Great Catholic Monarch come from the same Royal French Bloodline (L226-RC 127). 

Anything that purports to go against God’s plan for humanity will not stand any length of time. He didn’t make these rules to punish us. Moses was given the fifth commandment on Mt Sini “Thou Shalt Not Kill” for a reason. Abortion is killing. The easiest, cheapest, and readily available action to take to improve neonatal health is stopping Abortion. There is a right to life expressed in the Constitution. There is no right to abortion. There should be no legal abortions for any reason. God calls every human being into existence. You were a fetus once! Abortions destroy not only the baby, but also the mother. Do men have reproductive rights? 

There is a pretty simple way of looking at abortion and the so-called right to choose. Answer the yes or no question: Do men have reproductive rights? 

If we say, of course, they reproduce and are human and they therefore have reproductive rights over their bodies. Some would say but they lose their rights when they have intercourse. That is when they forego their rights. So why not the same for women? 

If we answer no, men do not have reproductive rights, then why do women have reproductive rights and men don’t? 

Men and women have reproductive rights that they forgo when they freely copulate. End of dilemma. 

Every evil can be ferreted out if we apply brain power. Every moral choice is one between good and evil.

Citation: Cusack PTE (2024) Abortion is Unnatural in the Animal Kingdom. J Pract Prof Nurs 8: 052

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