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Creating Artificial Awareness and its Dimension in Social Life

Adam Adamski1*
1 Department of ethnology and educational science in cieszyn, University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland

*Corresponding Author(s):
Adam Adamski
Department Of Ethnology And Educational Science In Cieszyn, University Of Silesia In Katowice, Poland
Tel:+48 512919626,

Received Date: Jan 01, 2020
Accepted Date: Jan 04, 2020
Published Date: Jan 11, 2020


Bioelectronic processes occurring in the human biological system play an important role in shaping sensual perception and human mental functions. The discovery of the piezoelectric, pyroelectric effect, as well as semi conductivity in biological tissues shed new light on the human biological system. This created the opportunity to search for new interpretative routes for the functioning of mental processes. This means that the biochemical process conditioning ionic conductivity is not the only process in the biological system, which is why the biochemical model of life is insufficient to describe the nature of mental processes.


Artificial awareness: Bioelectronic processes:Bioplasma:Biocomputer: Bose-Einstein condensate


In bioelectronic terms, the body is understood as an integrated system of biological piezo, pyroelectrics, ferromagnetics and semiconductors, filled with bioplasm managed quantum processes electronically. The presence of semiconductors in a biological system is synonymous with the presence of an electronic integrated device, which is why a living organism can be seen as a complex electronic device, analogous to technical devices. In the biological system, information is superior to mass and energy. It affects all psychobiological processes and is responsible for their structure, function and their entire development [1]. 

Due to the properties of semiconductor proteins and melanins, electrons can travel long distances without wasting energy. Ion currents extinguish at short distances because ions are much larger than electrons. In protein semiconductors, the electron energy would be saved and transmitted as information. In bioelectronic terms, the biological system has several information channels - electron, proton, soliton, electromagnetic, acoustic, torsion and bioplasmic channels through which life is constantly identifying and continuing, and in essence is unchanging despite evolution [2,3]. 

In this new bioelectronic approach, quantum psychology begins to appear showing human cognition in the aspect of quantum processes. In this psychology it is postulated to present the man in a quantum way together with an electronic personality. Its biological system is made of bioelectronic material and some biological structures are treated as natural molecular electronic devices - not only biomolecules (e.g. DNA, RNA, proteins, pigments), but also specific biological structures e.g. cellular microtubules, cytoskeleton and neurons as biological microprocessors [4], and enzymes as natural transistors,nanocomputers [5,6]. 

Thus, biological and psychological life shou`ld be considered not only in the material and energy aspect, but also in the information aspect. Mental effects are to depend on the information transmitted, not on the amount of energy. The application of information theory shows that information influences play an important role in mental processes, followed by processes. According to the author, melanin biocomputers are responsible for processing soliton material collected from space, in conscious, unconscious, subconscious states, in dreams and in different states of consciousness [7]. 

The human biological system has the ability not only to receive solitons from space, but it can also produce them in Bose-Einstein condensate. Solitons generated from the human body are transferred to the Cosmos [8].


Attempts to understand the functioning of the senses, brain and consciousness are often based on Newton's physics, which closes reality to three spatial dimensions; length, width and height, but many natural phenomena in our universe exceed these dimensions. David Bohm's theory developed in 1980 states that there is a "hidden order" in the universe that is guided by specific laws and principles. This "hidden order" unites the whole of existence and all spheres of the world are dependent on each other. All this creates a universal flow of information, both local and non-local processes, operating at all levels of the universe, which are responsible for the self-organization of consciousness, intelligence and spirituality in the human mind [9]. 

 In Bohm's view, consciousness is a global phenomenon that occurs in the brain, but also throughout the body and the cosmos. So the cosmos consists of material life and consciousness, which determine the operation of every being on Earth [10]. 

Quantum reality has revealed its most amazing feature: allocation. In interference, one physical object actually passes through two slits simultaneously. Such unusual behavior of the wave function, called decoherence, is not explained in quantum mechanics and is one of the greatest mysteries of modern physics, as well as a source of heated philosophical discussions [11].


Melanin is a semiconductor and piezoelectric, which allows it to transform various types of energy into electricity associated with an electric field. Causes the electric field in the piezoelectric produces Electrostriction, and this in turn triggers the phonons, which is acoustic wave. The biological system has transducers, are the transmitter of electromagnetic energy in an electrical impulse (sense of sight), the thermal energy into electricity (pyroelectric- temperature-sense), the mechanical energy into electricity and vice versa (the sense of touch, sound energy in electrical impulse (sense of hearing). System biological in different ways provides the appropriate density bioplasma state; thanks melanin combines a wide range of fields and elementary particles. The brain converts the received electromagnetic wavelength of the colors and shades of colors. An analogous situation occurs when receiving audio experience in the sense of hearing. Here certain intensity acoustic wave is converted into an immersive audio experience. This entire process is handled based on bioplasma, located at in concentrated form in melanin and neuromelanin [12]. 

Melanin and neuromelanin are free radicals and meet important in the process of writing information to the nucleus. Free radicals, formed upon irradiation of UV melanin, are able to influence you to change settings nuclear spins, and make a permanent record of information in the nucleus, which is contained in the biological structure [13]. 

Free radicals are also responsible for the formation of the quantum states of entangled nuclear particles, or the entire structure of information and images produced in the bioplasma melanin and neuromelanin. Changing the nuclear spins associated with the change of the field strength of the spin or solitons field, which is attributed responsibility for the nature of mental processes. Entanglement is a phenomenon in which there is a combination of two or more objects that are interrelated. In the process of splicing occurs bilateral link objects, a description of them can be implemented without simultaneously taking into account the other. This leads to a correlation between the physical properties of objects, even when I'm objects apart. This phenomenon is known in the scientific world as the EPR paradox. The phenomenon of quantum entanglement can occur for a wide variety of micro-world objects, like atoms, elementary particles, or spin-entangled electrons. Entanglement is a phenomenon of spontaneous, without the time, the distance between objects does not matter the form of mutual ties. For example, when two electrons are entangled, the quantum state making changes to one instantly changes the quantum state to another. By analogy, it can be assumed that two quantum computers, whose memory is composed of electrons tangled with each other has the ability to bilateral communication in non-dimensional space time. Such a system action can serve as a galactic Internet. A method of transferring information using quantum entanglement in physics is known, and is based on the schema quantum teleportation and dense coding [14]. 

Teleport allows you to transfer messages stored in the form of the quantum state of the system, while the dense coding can increase channel capacity through the exchange of quantum information. Since teleportation scheme can be extended to multiple qubits can be transmitted in this way longer messages [15]. 

According to the author braided quantum states are used in sensory perception - especially in the sense of sight, but also in the creation of an act of consciousness. When light falls photoreception the iris of the eye, which is filled with melanin. The melanin activated free radicals that have an impact on the setting of nuclear spins. Change spins makes a record of information in the nucleus, at the same time create entangled quantum states led by bioplasma in neuromelanin brain. Information received by the brain neuromelanin is a conscious act that allows people to function. The increase in the field strength of the spin, and various quantum states of braided, affects the density bioplasma and create continuous acts of consciousness. It should be recognized that during the lighting of melanin and neuromelanin done pumping spins to bioplasma, which is important for the size of the resolution in the biocomputers spin qubits. Unlike traditional computer logic characterized by a zero - Ones, which represent bits in computers spin, except zero and one, there are intermediate states. The computers spin valid type fuzy logic, which symbolize the qubits. Number of computers in the intermediate states of spin depends on the resolution and size of the resolution in turn is dependent on the density of bioplasma. In a traditional computer operating in binary data transfer is based on the existence of states of high and low voltage. Denotes the logical states 0 or 1, are the result of complex systems of the transistor included in the processor. Melanin directs the reduction of free radicals in a biological system, which consequently leads to a reduction and increase pumping spins to bioplasma, which is responsible for submitting information in strings and strings of data in biocomputers. Melanin spins outside the pumping function, also has the ability to acceleration or deceleration of photons, which is used in forming the information in the language biocomputers spin [16]. 

Quantum biocomputer that is powered by the electric field resulting from the photoconductivity, piezo and pyroelectric properties of biological structures as well as from the quantum entangled states, processes and organizesthe perceptual image and then transmits it to bioplasma. In bioplasma, the perceptual image is skinned by soliton content giving it a pattern of behavior or way of thinking and of emotional responsiveness. 

Soliton image from the space acquired by bioplasma is evaluated and compared with its own pattern. Then, bioplasma corrects this image and creates a uniuqness of the organism with its energetic and informative balance, which is responsible for the structure of personality. Bioplasma determines the age , state of health, disease , ways of thinking and human behavior . Human biological system has the ability not only to adopt the solitons from the cosmos, but it can also produce them thanks to free radicals, spin fields and bio plasma. Solitons generated from the human body are transferred to the cosmos, as well as to the brains of different people in the form of messages or directives. In psychology, this phenomenon is known and referred to as telepathy It is also noticeable in everyday life when one speaks of someone and that person at that time appears in the group of people that talk about them [8,17].


Quantum computing is a field of science on the borderline of theoretical computing and quantum mechanics, dealing with the use of the unique properties of miniature systems subject to the laws of quantum physics. This computer science shows that such phenomena as: interference of wave functions, quantum parallelism, superposition of states, quantum entanglement and coherence can be used for computational calculations in quantum computers [18]. 

Spintronics - in addition to the electron charge, also includes its spin and deals with the construction of electronic components with a planned spin structure. Elemental particles are endowed with electric charge, mass and spin. 

Quantum computing is of the opinion that spin properties can be used not only to save information, but also to process and send it. Spintronics show that instead of the level of electric current or light intensity, information can be sent by spin direction (left or right). Synchronization of spins causes memory to occur. The difference from a traditional computer is that the particles can remain in a superposition state, i.e. their spin can be both positive and negative. This means that such a molecule simultaneously has the "0" and "1" states and the entire infinite sequence of values between these states. A traditional computer adds numbers sequentially (one after the other), while a quantum computer can do a huge number of mathematical operations simultaneously. A counting machine consisting of several hundred atoms would be able to perform billions of calculations at the same time [19,20]. 

In the case of studying the nature of consciousness, quantum logic should be the basic research tool, because it takes into account the entangled state of two quantums, which cannot be reduced to describing the states of individual quantum. Bell's theorem means that at the subatomic level, different components of the universe have a direct and immediate relationship independent of time and space. It can be concluded that this relationship can be used in the functioning of human consciousness that cooperates with the Cosmos. Consciousness may be guided by the laws of quantum mechanics and may be in a certain area of space, or may not be there, or its location is unmarked. This uncertainty is significantly different from existence and non-existence, it is self-organizing, without time and without a spatial dimension [21,22].               

This nonlocality can be the main attribute of consciousness and its closer understanding is a challenge for science in the coming years. According to Adam Adamski, consciousness is a dynamic structure of quantum-cybernetic-information processes occurring in the brain, which is in synergic cooperation with biocomputer simulation and light bioplasma, integrated by the emission of coherent light, modulated with the soliton and spin wave [6]. 

The task of biocomputers is to process and organize perceptual images and further transfer them to the bioplasma. In the bioplasma, the perceptual image is imprinted on the content of the bioplasma and is assessed and compared by it with its own pattern. At Jung, this form is full of archetype. He corrects him by giving him a pattern of behavior or way of thinking and emotional response, and creates a unique specificity of the body, with its full energy and information characteristics, creating its personality structure [16]. 

In psychology, there is too little talk about cybernetic-information processes that manage consciousness, as well as about quantum-information processes to which the author assigns a special role in the functioning of mental processes. Good knowledge of bioplasma and measurement correlation with electronic processes in technical devices can provide a better understanding of psychological and physiological mechanisms that can be useful to build artificial awareness [6].


The author concluded that consciousness is the state of dynamic quantum-cybernetic-information processes occurring in the brain, which is in synergic interaction with the biocomputer simulation and light bioplasm, integrated with the emission of coherent light, modulated with a spin wave. 

  • • Consciousness is shaped according to the bioplasm pattern and is assigned to a particular personality.
  • • Consciousness is connected with causal and not causal laws of nature.
  • • Consciousness has human properties and its nature is located in quantum-cybernetic - information processes.
  • • Consciousness has a systemic structure and is governed by the laws of cybernetics.
  • • Consciousness does not create psychic acts, but they are created by bioplasms.
  • • Consciousness only reveals them to the subject.
  • • Consciousness has the ability to transcend - that is, to connect with the cosmos and thus go beyond the perceptual and mental processes and the environment in which it lives man. 

Melanin, neuromelanin and melatonin play an important role in the mental life of man, they are spin generators, and thus a spin wave. They demonstrate the ability to accelerate and delay the movement of photons, phonons, solitons, which is used to create the cellular information language and has an impact on the human psychic life [7]. 

Similar views on the functioning of solitons in the nerve cell are presented by Inchauspe, in his monograph A Cutting-Edge Scientific Proposal Explaining the Mechanisms of Acupuntural Action. He presents the view that solitons are actively involved in nerve transmission. Solitons transmit data through vibrations in biological systems. This means that phonons and solitons play an important role in the transmission of information to the other celland building awareness structures [23]. 

So far scientists have held that electromagnetic waves are the only valid factor in visual perception. The author is of the opinion that it is also spin waves and soliton waves, apart from electromagnetic waves, that play a significant role in producing images of the world. It can be inferred that there is a second centre that produces a structure of the picture of the world and is responsible for the development of human personality. It is melanin and neuromelanin that control the function of this centre. 

Soliton image of the  Cosmos has a huge impact on the development of human mental processes and their social life. Solitons as independent entities form the structure of the consciousness and unconscious, which includes patterns of human actionsandlife programs as well as it is the center of human emotional life. 

More extensive research on the Bose-Einstein condensate in biological systems will allow to understand the existence of solitons in living organisms and their significant role in perception, understanding the nature of mental processes - including specific emotional processes and adaptation to the environment. The level of artificial awareness development depends on the complexity of information processing in the biocomputer: 

  • • High information processing rate in biocomputers and quantum computers.
  • • A well-programmed algorithm for quantum computers.
  • • Coherent light emission cooperating with solitons in bioplasma and in condensate Bose – Einstein.
  • • Absorption of solitons from space, processing and processing them in the bioplasma, Very interesting works are already appearing in this area that concern the use of artificial awareness in robots carried out by [24-26].


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