Aim and Scope

Aim and Scope


Forensic sciences touch everyday world in multiple ways. This journal is designed to cover the wider aspects of forensic science, including the law, science, medicine. Articles published in this journal provide a variety of approaches to the areas under discussion with reviews of current knowledge, information on substantial changes and pointers to the future that the readers should be aware of.


The scope and depth of the forensic science grows daily as new technologies are discovered. This journal helps forensic sciences and legal medicine become more efficient and of better quality bringing benefits to this field.

Forensic science & legal medicine Journal offers an up-to-date view on various facets of legal medical interventions. It is a repository of valuable knowledge and guidance, transmitting different interpretations and points of view which stimulate reflection in the field of forensic medicine, hence it is an essential companion for qualified specialist intervention, which always require the careful weighing up of different interpretive possibilities and perspectives.

Highly recommended not only for students and practitioners of legal medicine, but also for anyone who, directly or indirectly, has an interest in forensic sciences and legal medicine issues. Articles published in this journal give readers great satisfaction and provide stimulating food of thought, as well as guidance for professional practice.