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Journal of Biotech Research & Biochemistry is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal with the ISSN: 2694-0019, that provides cutting edge original research articles from the fields of biochemistry and biotech research. Every day, biotechnologist’s findings are critical to research and application in health, industrial, agricultural and environmental sciences.

Biotechnologists combine the techniques of microbiology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, physics, and ecology; On the other hand the scope of biochemistry includes studies on the chemical, physical, mechanistic, and/or structural basis of biological or cell function, and encompasses the fields of chemical biology, synthetic biology, disease biology, cell biology, nucleic acid biology, neuroscience, structural biology, and biophysics. This journal aims to bridge the gap between the biochemistry frontiers and biotech research.

The Biotech Research & Biochemistry journal publishes papers on recent research in biochemistry and new innovations in biotechnology. The journal is indexed in Google Scholar, DOI and J-Gate. This biotechnology and biochemistry journal articles can be freely accessed and downloaded by the readers, which eventually increases the impact factor.

The broad arena of topics in this journal include:

Biochemistry of the Living Cell; Biochemistry Issues; Current Research in Biochemistry; Bioenergetics; Inorganic Biochemistry; Embryology; Cell Biology; Chemical Engineering; Bioprocess Engineering; Biorobotics; Microbial Biotechnology; Plant Biotechnology; Animal Biotechnology; Marine Biotechnology; Environmental Biotechnology; Genetic Engineering; Cell- and Tissue Culture Technologies; Genetics; Microbiology; Animal Cell Culture; Molecular Biology; Enzymology; Bioinformatics; Innovation in Biotechnology and Bio-ethics; Biotechnology in the developed and developing world; Management and Economics of Biotechnology

Current Issue

Category: Biotechnology
Article Type: Research Article
Antimicrobial activity of borassus flabellifer l. Root

Author(s): B Arirudran, Vincent Raja Anthoni, Kumar G, K Anbarasu, E Shalini

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