Editorial Board

Bipan Chand
Associate Professor
Department of Surgery
Loyola University Medical Center, UNITED STATES
Alexander G Obukhov
Associate Professor
Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology  
Indiana University School Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Andrea Mario Pompeo Romani
Associate Professor
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
Case Western Reserve University, UNITED STATES
Charles Muscoplat
Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Medicine
University Of Minnesota, UNITED STATES
Jian Yang
Assistant Professor
Scientific Review Branch, NIDDK National Institutes of Health
National Institutes Of Health, UNITED STATES
Donna Wang
Neuroscience Program and Cell and Molecular Biology
Michigan State University, UNITED STATES
Yoshifumi Saisho
Assistant professor
Division of Nephrology Endocrinology and Metabolism
Department of Internal Medicine
Keio University School Of Medicine, JAPAN
Kyuzi Kamoi
Center of Diabetes Mellitus & Endocrine disease
Joetsu General Hospital, JAPAN
Sho Ichi Yamagishi
Professor and Chairman
Department of Pathophysiology and Therapeutics of Diabetic Vascular Complications
Kurume University School Of Medicine, JAPAN
Li Ming Wen
Sydney Medical School
University Of Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Leanne Redman
Associate Professor
Reproductive Endocrinology and Women’s Health Laboratory
Pennington Biomedical Research Center, UNITED STATES
Everson Artifon
Associate Professor
Department of Surgery
Federal University Of Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Florian Kiefer
Principal Investigator
Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
University Of Vienna, AUSTRIA
Olivier Hue
Department of physical activity science
Université Du Québec à Trois-Rivières, CANADA
Chathur Acharya
Assistant professor     
Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, UNITED STATES
Konstantinos Georgios Apostolou
Scientific Associate
Department of Anatomy and Surgical Anatomy
University Of Athens, GREECE
Matthew Durant
Associate Professor
School of Nutrition & Dietetics
Acadia University, CANADA
Haiyan Maier
Department of Nutrition Food and Exercise Sciences
The Florida State University, UNITED STATES
Ling Zhao
The University Of Tennessee, UNITED STATES
Dharambir K Sanghera
Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Section of Genetics
University Of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, UNITED STATES
Konstantinos Dafopoulos
Associate Professor
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University Of Thessalia, GREECE
Radwan Kassir
Department of General and Bariatric surgery
University Hospital Center Of Saint-Étienne, FRANCE
Dimitrios Papazoglou
Department of Internal Medicine
Democritus Univeristy Of Thrace, GREECE
Nianbai Fang
Department of Pediatrics
Division of Developmental Nutrition
University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences, UNITED STATES
Peter Walter Grandjean
Department of Health Human Performance  and Recreation
Baylor University, UNITED STATES
Yunsuk Koh
Assistant Professor
Department of Health Human Performance and Recreation
Baylor University, UNITED STATES
Katsunori Nonogaki
Department of Diabetes Technology
Tohoku University, JAPAN
Qi Wu
Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Baylor College Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Geoffrey Hudson
Assistant Professor
Department of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences
The George Washington University, UNITED STATES
Hoon Ki Sung
Assistant Professor
Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
University Of Toronto, CANADA
Yi Li
Assistant Professor
Department of Human Sciences
Texas A&M University-Kingsville, UNITED STATES
Dr Yongming Simon Sang
Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture
Tennessee State University, UNITED STATES
Manouchehr Mokhtari
Associate Professor
Department of Family Science  
University Of Maryland, UNITED STATES
Farid Menaa
Californian Innovation Corp, BRAZIL

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