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Journal of Obesity and Weight Loss is limitless, open access peer-reviewed online international Journal with the ISSN: 2473-7372. This is the global forum that took initiative to present all the aspects related to Obesity. The Journal mainly intends to present information on weight related risk factors alongside best practices that enhances management and prevention of obesity.

This journal provides an international venue for the scientific exchange of research and scholarly work on the prevention, causes, treatment, pharmacologic management, surgical interventions and implications of obesity, incorporating lifestyle, epidemiology, related approaches for weight loss and the prevention of weight gain among adults, management of the condition including the use of drugs and surgery, and basic science related to the causes and effects of obesity. Journal publishes articles on all aspects of human obesity across the life span.

Journal of Obesity and Weight Loss publishes up-to-date key excellences in fields of weight management. The published articles are freely available for the readers. For the dissemination of this research work, the journal is indexed in Google scholar, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), J-Gate, and also a member of Crossref, ORCID and Publons. Researchers, integrated health professionals, scientists, diabetes educators, physical therapists, metabolic and bariatric surgeons, physicians, yoga and fitness professionals, and readers can advance their work, by accessing these articles. Accessing and downloading the articles will increase the journal impact factor which is the calculating factor of the journal quality.

The Vast arena of the Journal includes but not limited to;

Childhood Obesity; Obesity - Complications and Diagnosis; Obesity Causes, Treatment and BMI; Overweight; Obesity Prevention; Morbid Obesity; Obesity Research; Obesity Management; Abdominal Obesity; Bariatric Surgery; Consequences of Obesity; Obesity - Related Diseases; Causes of Childhood Obesity; Infant Obesity; Obesity and Diabetes; Long Term Weight Loss; DASH Diet; Natural Weight Loss; Diet Plans; Weight Control; Calorie Counting Diet; Fitness Plan; Obesity-Associated Morbidity; Obesity - Type 2 Diabetes; Sedentary Lifestyle; Genetics of Obesity; Social Determinants of Obesity; Infectobesity; Pathophysiology of Obesity; Epidemiology of Obesity; Obese Lifestyle; Obese Behavior Changes; Medical Weight Loss; Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome; Obesity in Pets; Anti-obesity Drugs

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