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Journal of Pathology: Clinical & Medical Research is an international online open access peer reviewed journal that aims to present clinical, medical and experimental pathological study and research. The journal refines and embraces basic to advance research in the fields of pathology. To reinforce the research and study, the journal plays the central role in publishing up-to-date information on pathology alongside disseminating the published content globally. Published information of the journal enhances researchers to train and gain expertise.

This journal publishes worthy and studiously peer-reviewed manuscripts focusing diagnosis, treatment and management of an increasing range of clinical pathology research and various medical conditions. Pathologists play key role in the design and execution of disease treatment trials, with special attention to the eligibility, stratification and evaluation of response to therapy. Pathology services are the core of health care services provided to patients and the community. Hence Journal of Pathology: Clinical & Medical Research is initiated to publish manuscripts emphasizing the importance of the role of pathology in prevention, detection and treatment of many of the leading causes of disease.

Journal of Pathology: Clinical & Medical Research archives the published content in periodicals. These periodicals are indexed in Google scholar and J-Gate, and the Journal is one of the members of Crossref, ORCID and publons. Readers can access and download the articles freely. Accessing and downloading the articles will increase the journal impact factor, as the impact factor is the evaluating factor of the journal quality.

Wide arena of the journal includes but not limited to:

Anatomic Pathology; General Pathology; Automated Tissue Image Analysis; Cellular Pathology; Chemical Pathology; Clinical Biochemistry; Clinical Forensic Pathology; Clinical Microbiology; Clinical Pathology; Cooperative Human Tissue Network; Cytogenetics; Cytopathology; Dermatopathology; Experimental Pathology; Forensic Pathology; Hematology; Hematopathology; Histopathology; Immunopathology; Medical Microbiology; Molecular Genetics Pathology; Molecular Pathology; Neuropathology; Parasitology; Phytopathology; Renal Pathology; Surgical Pathology; Transplant Pathology; Virology; Clinical & Medical Diagnosis; Infectious Diseases; Research Ethics; Research Methodology; Laboratory Medicine; Medical Ethics

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Category: Medical
Article Type: Review Article
Role of Chamomile in Cancer Treatment

Author(s): Thalluri Gouri Sai Kiran, Raj Kiran Kolakota

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