Editorial Board

Byeongwoon Song
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology  
University Of California, UNITED STATES
Amjad Khan
Senior Epidemiologist
Epidemiology and Public Health  
Pakistan Kidney And Liver Institute & RC, PAKISTAN
Carmen C Diaconu
Deputy Director
Stefan S Nicolau Institute of Virology               
Romanian Academy, ROMANIA
Beata Kosmider
Associate Professor
Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery  
Temple University, UNITED STATES
Belete Ayele Desimmie
Postdoctoral Fellow
Viral Mutation Section                
Centre For Cancer Research, UNITED STATES
Arturas Razbadauskas
Klaipeda University, LITHUANIA
Mahdi Nasiri
Department of Lung Cancer and Vaccine Research  
Emad Beshir Ata
Department of Parasitology and Animal Diseases  
National Research Centre, EGYPT
Purav Patel
Assistant Professor
Department of Microbiology  
GMERS Medical College& Hospital, INDIA
Richard D Dix
Department of Biology
Georgia State University, UNITED STATES
Elham Shirvani Dastgerdi
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Department of Hepatitis Delta virus
Princeton University, UNITED STATES
Haitao Guo
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology and Immunology  
Indiana University School Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Vladimir F Yamshchikov
Senior Scientist
Department of Biochemistry  
Southern Research Institute, UNITED STATES
Luwen Zhang
School of Biological Sciences
Nebraska Center for Virology       
University Of Nebraska, UNITED STATES
Pramila Walpita
Assistant Professor
Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology  
University Of Hawaii, UNITED STATES
Moji Christianah Adeyeye
Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug Product Evaluation
College of Pharmacy  
Roosevelt University, UNITED STATES
Krisztina Hanley
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology  
Emory University Hospital, UNITED STATES
Julio A Gutierrez
Assistant Professor
Department of Hepatology  
Texas Liver Institute , UNITED STATES
Guangshun Wang
Associate Professor    
Department of Pathology and Microbiology  
University Of Nebraska Medical Center, UNITED STATES
Farshad Guirakhoo
Senior Vice President
Department of Research and Development
Mehulkumar K Kanadiya
Department of Social and Public Health  
Ohio University, UNITED STATES
Tian Renmao
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology  
University Of Oklahoma, UNITED STATES
Mohamed Abd El Hameed Shalaby
Department of Virology
Faculty of Vererinary Medicine  
Cairo University, EGYPT
Mohamed Abdel Mohsen
Assistant Professor  
The Wistar Institute, UNITED STATES
Xinyong Liu
Department of Medicinal Chemistry   
Shandong University, CHINA
Ramendra K Singh
Department of Chemistry  
University Of Allahabad, INDIA
Gatikrushna Singh
Research Associate
Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
University Of Minnesota, UNITED STATES
Shuang Xi Gu
Associate professor
School of Chemical Engineering & Pharmacy  
Wuhan Institute Of Technology, CHINA
Mahmoud YM Taha
Professor of Virology
Department of Dental Basic Sciences
College of Dentistry    
Mosul University, IRAQ
Mohamed NF Shaheen
Environmental Research Division  
National Research Center, EGYPT
Veeranoot Nissapatorn
Associate Professor
School of Allied Health Sciences  
Walailak University, THAILAND
Sulbha Choudhari
Staff Bioinformatician
Department: Bioinformatics Core  
Purdue University, UNITED STATES
Shikha Shrivastava
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Institute of Human Virology  
University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, UNITED STATES
Neeta Mathuria
Study Director
Zoology (Toxicology)    
Gujarat University, INDIA
Mahmoud El Morsy
ID & Drug Information Clinical Pharmacist.  
EBG Hospital Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Maruti Jayram Dhanavade
Assistant Professor
Department of Microbiology  
University Of Shivaji, INDIA
Mitesh Dwivedi
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science  
Uka Tarsadia University, INDIA
Swagnik Roy
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology  
KPC Medical College And Hospital, INDIA
Vasudevan Achuthan
Molecular Biologist
Department of Virology  
Harvard Medical School, UNITED STATES

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