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Journal of Virology & Antivirals is an online international Journal for the virologists to publish articles under open access model. Among all the infections, viral infection is one of the most easily contagious and dreadful which leads to mass deaths. Combining the disciplines like basic science, medical, clinical and epidemiological research, virologists are striving hard to control the viral infection and speeding their discovery of new treatments and techniques with their cutting edge proficiency.

Researchers step up not only to eradicate viral diseases but also use the same virus as tools to develop several therapeutic applications, which are some of the scientific milestones in viral research. This Journal is the best forum to present both the information regarding the viral infection and also these breakthroughs as articles.

Journal of Virology & Antivirals distribute state-of-art and authoritative knowledge by publishing articles in all aspects of virology including human, plant, animal and microbes. The journal is dedicated to publish articles like research, review, opinion, perspective, case reports etc., which helps advancement of scientific research. With the support of eminent scholars as editorial board, the journal strives to become a source of information on the viral study and antiviral research.

Journal aims to disseminate this diverse viral research globally. Hence the periodicals of this journal are indexed in Google scholar, J-Gate and also members of Crossref, ORCID and publons. Readers can access and download the articles freely. Accessing and downloading the articles will increase the journal impact factor, as the impact factor is the evaluating factor for the journal quality.

This journal accepts articles from wide range of fields in its discipline which includes: COVID-19; General Virology; Plant Virology; Human Virology; Animal Virology; Microbial Virology; Virus Biology; Viral Diseases; Clinical Virology; Viral Immunology; Antivirals; Virotherapy; Antiviral Research; Antiviral Drugs; Antiviral Agents; Antiviral Herbs; Antiviral Therapy; Viral Pathogenesis; Viral Evolution; Virus Replication; Ebola Virus; Growth in Cultures; Gene editing; Clinical or Medical Virology; DNA Repair; Influenza; Hepatitis B Virus; HIV Latency; Viral Infection; Papilloma Virus; Rubella; Measles; Phage virology; Sequencing of Viral Genomes; Herpes Simplex Viruses; Parvovirus; Adenovirus; Serology; Retrovirus; Tobacco Mosaic Virus; Veterinary Virology; HIV & AIDS; Plant Virology; Agricultural Virology; Viral Biochemistry; Insect Virology; Fungal Virology; Respiratory Viral Infections; Neurovirology; Viral Vaccines.

Viruses have been used as tools for therapeutic applications and probes for understanding fundamental aspects of biological processes in cells.

Current Issue

Category: Medical
Article Type: Research Article
MHC genes in Echinodermata (Invertebrates)

Author(s): Michel Leclerc, Ariane Jolly, Pierre de la Grange

Category: Medical
Article Type: Research Article
Identification of Vector Borne Blood Protozoa in Cattle and Sheep in Bangladesh

Author(s): Md Zakir Hassan, Md Giasuddin, Md Mamunur Rahman, Md Ershaduzzaman, Mahmudul Hasan, Md Abu Hadi Noor Ali Khan

Category: Medical
Article Type: Case Report
Needle Stick Injuries: ContinuousSurveillance is Essential Task

Author(s): Avinash Kumar, Palash Das, Vipin V Nair, Georaj P, Rakhi T Raj, Vikas Johns

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