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The Scientific Search for the Soul in the Higgs Field

Shantilal Gangadas Goradia1*
1 President, Gravity Research Institute, Shantiniketan1, 983 David Walker Drive, Tavares, FL, United states

*Corresponding Author(s):
Shantilal Gangadas Goradia
President, Gravity Research Institute, Shantiniketan1, 983 David Walker Drive, Tavares, FL, United States

Received Date: Oct 28, 2020
Accepted Date: Nov 04, 2020
Published Date: Nov 11, 2020


Science faces the hard problem of consciousness. Gravity does not unify with other forces. We do not know what dark matter is. Entanglement is observed but not theorized. Carl Jung’s century old life-time assertion of synchronicity has no accepted cause. Physics does not connect to biology which is full of information. Physics defines the TOE without biology. The fundamental deterministic source is unknown. What is observed is the God Particle, not gravitons. Religions connect to the invisibles; invisibles do not connect to science. We endeavored to suggest a probabilistic theory of quantum gravity for solving multiples of such problems. We derived ALPHA. Here, we go deeper.


Higgs field; Quantum gravity; Alzheimer’s; Consciousness; Synchronicity


To go deeper we divide the universe into two realms (1) visible and (2) invisible. We find that the problem lies in the inability of mathematics to analyze the invisible realm of the universe. We feel the invisible realms of the universe are connected among themselves and create the hard problem of not only consciousness, but also all invisibles. We suggest the invisible soul at fundamental scale is linked to the invisible Higgs field. We address the body/mind debate for an elementary particle at the fundamental scale of a particle. We do this with all due respect to the Nobel Laureate Francis Crick’s 1994 book, “The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul” [1]. Our work is an extension of our 2011 book [2] showing synonymy of nuclear force and gravity consistent with Einstein’s 1919 paper. Here, we avail the 2012 discovery of Higgs Boson, God Particle. We add other related tidbits.


The universe must be made of two realms, the visible and invisible, consistent with our body/mind oral presentation at the Hindu University in Florida this millennium, where body means the material body of the elementary particles. Last millennium Shri Aurobindo’s interpretation of Rig Veda linked gravitation to mind, both linked to a group of invisibles. Elementary particles do behave as if they have their own minds, displaying THE famous uncertainty principle about their position and velocity, swinging the visible material particles around. Having related the mind to consciousness here, among the other profound implication of the entire universe as experiencing a subjective mind, we refer to our 2011 book and later article with Vedic references, “Quantum Consciousness – The Road to Reality”, Journal of Life Sciences 10: 1-4 (2016) [2]. The above idea was initially expressed in the 9/20 issue of [3].

We put mind, soul, spirit, consciousness, and Higgs field in the invisible realm, and all the elementary particles and bosons in the visible realm. It must be the mind, preexistent in the Higgs field, that must have caused the Higgs field wavy generating the Higgs boson to give them mass. We cannot connect mind, soul, spirit, and consciousness to science without one of the invisibles that has clear cut connection to science, making us include the scientific Higgs field in the list of invisibles, while invisible it is. This logic leads us to say that the mind came first and the body later with an open mind to the opposite view on this side topic. Regardless, we consider that mind is analogous to soul; they are both invisible. Therefore, the soul must be created in the Higgs field.


Having talked about multiple existences of the same particle, entanglement, synchronicity, spooky dark matter and Feynman’s 1957 explicit view on record in [4] and [5], an open access article and prerequisite for this article, we wonder about the fundamental cause of the multiple existences of a particle. In short, if a particle exists in multiple places at the same time, its soul must exist in multiple places at the same time or branches off to multiple places like a tree trunk. If mathematics cannot help us, we must resort to religion. If Crick did not go by Schrödinger’s views, just because he referred to a religion as in [6,7], we may not have the marvel of the DNA, making it necessary for a scientist to check out if one or more religions support such branching off of the soul like a tree trunk. We leave this as an exercise with a hint: search our past papers.


We prepared this for layman’s understanding of our 2019 research of [5]. If you pick up some powder with a needle point and pierce (deposit) it inside the cell phone, the cell phone memory will be affected. The brain is like a complex cell phone disturbed by age related deposits of Amyloid Plaques and tau tangles. These deposits disturb the information exchanges between the elementary subatomic particles of the brain.


Our article [5] in conjunction with Journal Nature’s article [8] brings out the possibility that the cats in the nursing homes are experiencing the probabilistic ON and OFF positions of the life switches outside the terminal patients for the cat to predict the patient’s death. Since we cannot experience those invisible switches, we are forced to open the Schrödinger’s box to verify if the cat is alive or dead. Considering the information aspect of our probabilistic gravity, the scenario is potentially like this crude example: The Emails replying “yes” or “no” to your question you see in the computer is what the routers pull from the outside. You cannot see the outside information until you start the computer and look in it. If true, it combines with article [8] in the famous Journal Nature for profound implications on life.


Slime mold [Physarum Polycephalum] substantiates our quantum gravity [9]. It is a single neuron, a biological entity with no nervous system. Therefore, there cannot be any synaptic firing between neurons for information exchange. However, it exhibits memory, intelligence, consciousness and builds complex expanding structures somewhat like the inflationary universe. We can explain the spread of information without the synaptic firing since the elementary particles are extending and exchanging information per our quantum gravity.

Nobel Laureate Feynman’s mystical number 137 derived by us using Nobel Laureate Schrödinger’s entropy approach based on the informatory aspect of gravity for the age of the universe links to the ATP/ADP aspect of energy exchange in biology illustrating that attempts to find the theory of everything must include biology.


The hard problem of consciousness, so termed by David Chambers, must be the hard problem of invisibles including the soul deep rooted in the Higgs field. The invisible cannot be analyzed by mathematics, not due to lack of mathematical ability of the most famous mathematicians, but because science is beyond mathematics now shown by the coronavirus. The wonderful book on synchronicity [10] has no fundamental basis for synchronicity. Our probabilistic gravity [9] can fill the gap.


Citation: Goradia SG (2020) The Scientific Search for the Soul in the Higgs Field. J Alzheimer’s Neurodegener Dis 6: 049.

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