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Journal of Nephrology & Renal Therapy with the International Standard Serial Number ISSN: 2473-7313 is an online journal which process articles by strict double blind peer review process and publishes in open access model. With the expertise and skills, nephrologists use strategic ideas to convert the primary laboratory discoveries to subsequent advanced therapies to treat renal failure patients. This is the best forum to enhance the cutting edge research of these nephrologists besides providing comprehensive information and detailed discussion on the most critical areas relating to nephrology and renal therapy.

Journal of Nephrology & Renal Therapy outlined to emphasize the recent research of the scientists, nephrologists, physicians. This research work is published by the support of editorial board of this journal, which is formed by renowned nephrologists who provide a thoughtful forum for contemporary issues and challenges in nephrology & renal therapy. The periodicals of this journal are indexed in Google scholar, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), J-Gate and also members of Crossref, ORCID and publons. Readers can access and download the articles freely. Accessing and downloading the articles will increase the journal impact factor, as the impact factor is the evaluating factor for the journal quality.

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Journal of Nephrology & Renal Therapy covers all the aspects of Renal Hypertension; Chronic Kidney Disease; Dialysis Paediatric Nephrology; Clinical Nephrology; Kidney Graft Failure; Haemodialysis; Renal Transplantation; Renal Management; Renal Insufficiency; Kidney Cysts; End Stage Renal Disease; Lupus Nephritis; Glomerulonephritis; Graft Loss and Graft Function; Nephrosclerosis; Diabetic Nephropathy; Diabetic Kidney Disease; Nephrology; Dialysis; Albuminuria; Nephropathy; Nephrotoxicity; Renal Disease; Renal Medicine; Renal Tract; Renal Transplantation; Peritoneal Dialysis; Nephrotic Syndrome and Nephritis; Pediatric Nephrology; Polycystic Kidneys Diseases; Dialysis and its Long Term Complications; Proteinuria; Glomerular Hyperfiltration; Hydronephrosis; Kidney and Bladder Stones; Tubulointerstitial Diseases; ICU Nephrology; Acute Renal Failure; Renal Calculi; Renal Diseases; Renal Colic; Renal Infarction; Renal Cell Carcinoma; Renal cancer; Renal Diet; Kidney Transplantation; Chronic Kidney Diseases; Hemodialysis; Clinical Nephrology; Kidney Diseases and Disorders; Prerenal Failure; Renal pathology; Peritoneal Dialysis; Renovascular disease; Kidney Cancer; Kidney Disease; Kidney Infections; Kidney Stones; Chronic Renal Failure; Polycystic Kidney; Onco-Nephrology; Renal Osteodystrophy; Transplant Glomerulopathy; Polycystic Kidney Disease; Kidney Biopsy; Autoimmune Diseases Including Lupus Vasculitis Etc.

Current Issue

Category: Clinical
Article Type: Review Article
IgG4-Related Kidney Disease: An Overview

Author(s): Círia Sousa, José Francisco, Pedro Reis Pereira, Bárbara Rodrigues, Mariana Freitas, João Borges, Beatriz Pereira, Marta Costa, Teresa Morgado

Category: Clinical
Article Type: Case Report
Treatment of Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy (IMN)

Author(s): Maria Carmen Prados Soler, Isabel María Villegas Pérez, Maria Dolores Salmerón Rodriguez, Marta Panadero Moya, Francisco Javier González Martínez

Category: Clinical
Article Type: Case Report
Relapse of P-ANCA Positive Vasculitis with Pulmonary Hemorrhage in Hemodialysis Patient. Therapeutic Challenge

Author(s): María Carmen Prados Soler, María Eugenia Palacios Gómez, María Dolores Salmerón Rodríguez, Isabel Maria Villegas Pérez, Francisco Javier González Martínez

Category: Clinical
Article Type: Case Report
Renal involvement in IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD). Why is it so Important?

Author(s): María Carmen Prados Soler, María Dolores Salmerón Rodríguez, Isabel María Villegas Pérez, Marta Panadero Moya, Francisco Javier González Martínez

Category: Clinical
Article Type: Research Article
Hypertension among ‘Healthy’ Health Workers at Aba, South-East Nigeria

Author(s): Nneka Chioma Okoronkwo, Chikezie JA, Onwuchekwa UN, Nkpozi MO

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