Volume-1, Issue-1
Category: Medical
Article Type: Research Article
Radiochemical Technology for Production of Preparations of Technetium - 99m on Extraction Centrifugal Semi-Countercurrent Generator

Author(s): Filyanin AT, Tsivadze A Yu, Filyanin OA, Avetisyan AE, Zykov MP, Kodina GE, Malysheva AO, Romanovsky VN, Tkachuk DA, Zverev AV

Category: Medical
Article Type: Commentary
X-Ray Tubes Quality Control in the Optimization of Doses to Patients and Personnel in Conventional Radiology

Author(s): Anhum Konan, Idrissa Garba, Olivier Tra-Bi, Firmin Inago, Alionou Schécheou, Abdoulaye Touré, Ali Coulibaly, N\'goran Kouamé, Anne-marie N\'goan-Domoua

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