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Medical Hypnosis is an Alternative to Reduce the Consumption of Anesthetics

Ibtissem Makdouli1*
1 Hospital habib thameur, University Hospital in Tunis, Tunisia

*Corresponding Author(s):
Ibtissem Makdouli
Hospital Habib Thameur, University Hospital In Tunis, Tunisia

Received Date: May 01, 2019
Accepted Date: May 02, 2019
Published Date: May 09, 2019


Medical Hypnosis, Anesthetics


Limiting the risks of general anesthesia, that’s what makes hypnosis, this ancient technique used for at least 200 years in Western societies for care is back today, it proves more effective in many treatments.

The hypnotic state is an altered state of consciousness intermediate between alertness and sleep, it is caused by suggestions, physical or mechanical action, or hypnotic drugs. The so hypnosis is neither sleep nor relaxation is a state of altered consciousness in which the patient remains conscious, hears and understands everything. In fact the hypnotic state is a natural state that occurs naturally in a subject focused elsewhere, the hypnotherapist acts as a protective guide during a hypnosis session, its role is to help the person concerned to enter and out calmly of this universe that belongs to it.

Currently, hypnosis is the target of several studies in order to analyze its effectiveness in some of its details as: 

• The hypnosedation: it is a method that couples hypnosis for anesthetics
• The hypnoanalgesia: this is a method of analgesia used in childbirth and certain surgical interventions
• Hypnotherapy: it’s a method referred to psychotherapy
• Some functional pathologies
• The tobacco cessation
• Weight loss
• The concentration, intellectual and sports performance
• Treatment of obesity and eating disorders

From the scientific point of view, some studies show the effectiveness of hypnosis in some situations, primarily for pain and anxiety during surgical procedures of short duration. Therefore hypnosis plays a very important role in the decline in consumption of medicinal products.

According to its characteristics, hypnosis seems very effective in practice anesthetists personal where it leads to the anesthetics consumption and decreases its side effects and therefore lower perioperative complications.

So hypnosis can be a good alternative especially for subjects sensitive to anesthetics they can now accomplish their safe care by a simple and effective technique.



Citation: Makdouli I (2019) Medical Hypnosis is an Alternative to Reduce the Consumption of Anesthetics. J Anesth Clin Care 6: 34.

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