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The Value of Ultrasound in the Assessment – Prediction of Difficult Intubation

Flampouraris Vasileios1*, Frakgouli Ioanna1, Nikolopoulou Maria-Zozefina1, Kandreviotou Stella1 and Kokolaki Maria1
1 Sismanoglio- Amalia Fleming General Hospital, Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Athens, Greece

*Corresponding Author(s):
Flampouraris Vasileios
Sismanoglio- Amalia Fleming General Hospital, Department Of Anaesthesiology And Pain Medicine, Athens, Greece

Received Date: Aug 11, 2023
Accepted Date: Aug 21, 2023
Published Date: Aug 26, 2023


Ultrasound; Intubation


Recently, the value of ultrasound  has been recognized as a promising non-invasive method of predicting the difficult airway.This is a real fact when ultrasound is combined with Mallampatti score.


We studied the value of some ultrasound’s markers in patients with Mallampatti score III, IV, in order to predict preoperatively a difficult airway.

Materials and Methods

We conducted a study of six female patients , aged  between 48-60 years old , ASA II , BMI 35 – 45, four of which with Mallampatti score III and two with Mallampatti score IV [1] .None of them had received neck radiotherapy [2,3]. The thyrohyod distance of all patients was less than six centimeters. Ultrasonically studied

  • DSE : Distance from Skin to Epiglottis
  • HMD : Distance between Mandible/chin and Hyoid bone.
  • Tongue thickness


The distance  from skin to epiglottis measured less than 4.8 cm. Submandibular/hyoid bone was less than 5.3 cm, and tongue thickness 6.13 mm. Patients during laryngoscopy,  were classified as IIIb  according to Cormack-Lehane  grading and intubated by using an Airtraq optical laryngoscope.


Ultrasound combined with clinical predictors of difficult airway can be a valuable adjunct tool in airway assessment and management .The study continues.


Citation: Vasileios F (2023) The Value of Ultrasound in the Assessment – Prediction of  Difficult  Intubation. J Anesth Clin Care 10: 081.

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