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Case Study
False Positive ANA Testing in the Setting of Hypovitaminosis D
Bridget Martinez, Donald M Harker, Ashley Robinson, Philip V Peplow
Research Article
Clinical Effect of Montelukast in Asthmatic Patients with Allergic Rhinitis Treated with Intranasal Corticosteroids or Oral Antihistamines. A Real-Life Cohort Study
Guillermo Sánchez Vanegas, Diana Buitrago, Carlos Castro
Research Article
Home Hospitalization (HH): An Alternative for the Initiation and Control of Mechanical Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV)
Rosalía Doménech-Clar, Luís Compte-Torrero, Elisa Soriano-Melchor, Montserrat León-Fábregas, Vicente Ruiz-García, Bernardo Valdivieso-Martínez
Case Report
Masked Uterine Rupture after Myomectomy Occluded by the Fetus: A Case Report
Keita Yatsugi, Koichiro Kido, Masahiro Shiba, Eiji Ryo, Takuya Ayabe
Research Article
Cloning, Expression, and Purification of the rE2 Protein Human Papillomavirus type 16
Gándara Mireles Jesús Alonso, Frías Zepeda María Estela, Lares-Asseff Ismael, Loera Castañeda Verónica, Ríos Bañuelos José Luis, Padilla Mendiola Adolfo, Vazquez-Alaniz Fernando, Pérez-Salas Juan Luis, Saucedo Mendiola María Leticia
Research Article
Risk factors for Depression in Chinese youth population with untreated GD-A Retrospective Observational Study
Sumon Rahman Chowdhury, Rezaul Haider Chowdhury, Tasnuva Tanzil, Satyajit Mallick, Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Sun Lei
Short Commentary
Caring for Healthcare Professionals during COVID-19 Crisis: Integrating Simulation Training with Hospital System towards Actualizing Occupational Safety, Health and Well-being
Victor Kai-Lam Cheung, Eric Hang-Kwong So, Avis Siu-Ha Leung, Nam-Hung Chia
Research Article
Phytochemical Investigation, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and Anti-Diabetic Potential of Guiera Senegalensis Leaves Extracts
Hatim M. Y. Hamadnalla, Misry Adam Berma Hamad, Awad Abdelrahman Ishaq Adam